09 April 2019


Hello guys! These are the products i used: I-White Aqua Moisturizer Tiara Girl Premium Cushion Foundation (natural 02) Nami Cosmetics Concealer Stick ...


hello guys welcome to my youtube channel i make a VESA and this is gonna be my first beauty blog to do undergo me official super light convince a super PAC Napa later NSA open the high meaning trips god-given natural peridot gamete Valentina my shadows so first I'm going to use since summer in a yard under the mythical moisturizer i am i white aqua moisturize so high Lama ee no makeup phenomenon waste right after that let it dry for a few seconds but about sometimes I even follow your name pin up a primary moisturizer so after applying moisturizer next L foundation demands this time under the meeting home foundation I fear a girl premium cushion foundation Matson we are a girl so this one is made in Japan cushion shock so when I pay insurance like I'm a clinician before and aluminium polish on SPF 50 guys Nabokov and Angela young chopper so sa Marichal spm protect you oh hi Natasha let's press in Ohio and this am worried about Quebec be really gonna make up we knew you might ask me ergonomic Qunari new formulas a Beth

Noveck cooking for Mia super Lambert in the decimal by though he betrayed me - yes natural you're a girl from de genève natural [Music] a few moments later so the personal information about X is concealer in a man so Papa Bear the dark so now that we see her is nama cosmetics it's like number UNITA cosmetics meekly sponge so this sponge is from very soft chocolate all right so wait for a few seconds para absorbs a face you make up 10 in the time and next it's powder foundation so for the base makeup under the meeting I Maybelline fit me foundation in natural beige sorry Larry dum-dum-dum is omega tried the young face so guys our next na gagawin nothing comfort let again an eyebrow is a face to cyber number nothing pero bug we own mug like a unit Iona it bum a smoke Atreyu lips not is super unit I mean I'm gonna leave them I apologize up in pretty piece so I'm paying a gagawin the nati name la Laguna taina

kita I've been a crucial quarried Nani some makeup I applied again and he liked to live in among historian Ella had one o'clock I'm gonna Kiki beep ing life param hello la Mona super bass-o-matic 9 so that I love a love song for you guys have a magical attire alright when I'm wearing a la popa let's begin so for the brush under the meat and quite young fashion 21 I broke brush the gusto and Cuccia nobility shahar pe'er sm department store NSA money bees long shiny gonna impound garage okay so I gotta be thinkin I bro Sherpa I am Bros on click rose on flick the Nabeel equation shop me for 190 peso sleep inertia will brush better in the past been 20 personnel so this one is for me if you try ecological similar desde arriba although engine again McCullough metallic eye pencil eyebrow pencil so it might be yeah so lazy for me to make eruption implica see Alicia Belafonte a dramatic Esther McGee McGee now you ready this shop finally tomotommy luckily a Apanui nakamura-san

illegal Shinichi casino Indian Commerce move beyond the processor so by Celia so in Abby's uncommon cleanness of abundance at aha and then covered major arena are gonna kill a known is being Anisha Vanessa get na Russia chiffon [Music] please auctioneering eruption e ignite pair now cornellà Ganesha fatty liver condition natural a few moments later okay so that was the die sake light Joey Tony on I broke pomade so Adama demonstrate looks natural River Valley baggage is a hair color so you know frozen flip in dark from Sonic's elegant I am i shallow so this one I am using the juggling heel ballet the check with my valet the fan so the billikin option shocked me because sure so first I'm gonna use this one this one belong [Music]

okay so next year Ella gay I'm gonna simmer it's a base call another meeting for I am make hope of powder blush so this is one is this one is eyeshadow also so this one is gift for me Bustamante pigmented Shari smack OH Nelligan identity so next is Melania Geetanjali darker shape so evening for us [Music] this one [Music] blending brush this one is my blending brush vdl my destiny bro we eat then you should start a sharpie [Music] then lastly now a lump in yanaka line vanillin actually you my shadow my lastly platinum or shine shining down on water meeting who are using a lighter she [Music] Oh [Music] so as you can see gay side shadows in the American cities they make up and fresh by a judge so next yes eyeliner but I may consume

for dining liner I'm going to use of Paul and fuller where are the knives shakers in the geeks and eyeliner Columba be on trend and a guy like her from UC and leading all finally with a hater okay then leggy like nothing she saw oh yeah [Music] and then Gaga Madonna brush from smudge much [Music] now go over them dark inside shower though I think I got mental home now [Music] in general and again the endogenous amenity element of 111 in Allahabad is a long shaft under half lounger by the initial shadow till next the dial and again and eyeliner in excess eyelash curler [Music] so for Dash's after the meeting by Maybelline New York flash sensational and water [Music] listen you know major Mahabad knowledge in Spanish informative so why not only the selection school that I don't write down your lashes

cover our page let's proceed to Russia okay so despite the manipulations shall be and this was parodied by London like make the best better for me and then when you compare she has some local branch nominees are sagging okay so up I'll enjoy media hello me maybe League of oscillator hampers a pilot will make three sheets share of his end and other meeting quiet [Music] now public meniscus in Yamaha noggin Donahoe and next like night long without putting light so what's your guys I'm using PBL ROG my destiny bro I am a clink I'll finish our Iranian gotcha mm shadow okay and last but not the least I am lipstick so now I'm going to use my favorite lipstick my favorite shade of lipstick me why scatter in good vibes matte lipstick Carrabelle eally [Music] he buys cosmetics and carrot bells all right II again so all right so this is my my god i'm estefanía powder blush it me

I think Obama domineering in everything sponge so Maya okay so you guys suppose the dial in the DOMA result now make up for entity [Music] [Music] [Music] my natural look make-up and danisha no makeup makeup natural dismissed signature fabric apart so sample of this was a sample important good for baby daily makeup it all for daily makeup with the hide no supermarket or a box of us obvious I am good so I I don't know [Applause] and please support me by clicking like and subscribe YouTube channel for me cabeza y mi cabeza because besa is very loud that is my very name so he heard palapa so guys thank you so much suffer no no oil no beauty blog for and at GUI my suggestion for you can message me on my youtube account you can comment down below if agawa like makeup for great vision or anything so i thank you so much and see you on my next vlog bye [Music]