27 November 2018


Part 1: Everyday Glam using only drugstore products https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRqlXmj1_YU&t=1s A lot of these products I traded for using Bunz.

welcome back to part 2 of my everyday

glam series or at least that's what I'm calling it last year I uploaded my everyday glam look with just drugstore products so now I'm going to be using all hi and fancy schmancy products starting here with my primer which is called a radiance activator from Estee edit r.i.p the brand I don't think exists anymore they've been clearing out all their products it's supposed to be the kind of youth oriented arm of Estee Lauder I actually kind of liked a lot of the products I tried from them so I'm trying to snatch them up in the clearance aisle and what you're seeing now is I've dotted my foundation all over my face this has become one of my all-time favorite foundations it is the Giorgio Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation in the shade 3 it took me a long time to find the correct shade for me lots of trips to the whole tranferred makeup counter to get as many free samples as I could I just didn't want to commit to buying it for so long because it's so expensive that's like 60 or 70 dollars but once I did find my shade I I splurged

after years of wanting to try it and I was so disappointed at first I could not get this foundation to work on my skin whatsoever every time I tried it it looked horrible it was not luminous it was like not covering it was sticking to dry patches which you wouldn't think it would because it's a luminous foundation but then I tried using it with a damp Beauty Blender or any kind of damp makeup sponge and it worked and I loved it it makes my skin look like skin but it covers up the redness that I have on my chin and cheeks and now I love to use it whenever I want to look pants yeah so it didn't work for me with my fingers or a foundation brush but a damp sponge works great during my eyebrows now you've seen me use this product a bunch now and videos but it's the Shu Uemura hard formula 9 in seal Brown it slows about 30 dollars which is a lot for a single pencil but I swear it has already lasted me a few years it's so huge and I expected a lasts most of my lifetime and once I fill in my brows I'm saying them with the glossy a boy brow in the shade blonde and this I think as I mentioned in my glossier

overview video is the best bang for your buck from that brand and yeah I think it's 20 dollars which is still a lot for just an eyebrow gel but it does the job moving on now to eyes I'm doing something I like to do a lot which is put a cream eyeshadow all over my eyes as a base before then blending it out further and adding some details with powder eyeshadow this is a NARS stick shadow and a kind of bronze a coppery color and I got this eyeshadow in a buns trade so it technically didn't cost me anything which is great um and speaking of buns I ended up getting by Giorgio Armani luminous silk in my shade on buns as well whoops I forgot to put on lip balm so I'm doing that now and in the spirit of the video I'm using my or one of my fanciest lip balms that's the Dior creme de Rose lip balm it's not the best lip balm in the world and it's very expensive but it smells really nice and it makes you feel good about yourself so I'm blending the edges of that cream eyeshadow out with a Mac two one seven brush and the darkest shade in the Charlotte Tilbury dolce vita palette and now I didn't buy this just because my name is Vita in fact I didn't buy it I

also got this in a bun straight and yeah I traded the Gwen Stefani Urban Decay eyeshadow palette for for this one and I've gotten actually a lot more use out of this one then I did that palette so I'm taking the shade again and kind of smoking out my bottom lash and just deepening and defining the crease a bit more I don't use this palette or the shades within it equally which is the case for most palettes but I'd say I use this shade and the lightest shade the most now I'm putting on some Clarins instant concealer this is one of my all-time favorite concealers it is quite moisturizing and creamy but still full coverage which you don't find too often this is the lightest shade shade one it's kind of peachy and salmony so I wouldn't use it for blemishes but I like it under the eye and to do some highlighting this was yet another Samantha Chapman inspired pixie woo purchase and I love it it's great I use it all the time and it lasts for a forever really this is it often and I've only bought my second one recently after a few years going over that with my Beauty Blender it mostly blended well with my finger but just to get those

edges clean I'll go back over it and just covering up a little bit of the redness that is shown through on my chin this this foundation is what I'd call probably a light medium coverage it's just like a very natural coverage coverage okay so for blush I'm using a cream blush which is sadly discontinued from Estee Lauder I have just like a little bit left in the pan which is pretty sad to me it goes on really nice with your fingers and it's just a subtle shimmery shimmery pink so I'm almost done with my complexion I will take a teeny bit of powder under my under eyes because as I mentioned it's a very creamy creamy concealer so this is another clearance powder sorry product and it's a mineral loose powder I'm putting that on with a Real Techniques contour brush under the eyes and through the t-zone I don't think this foundation needs to be powdered I'm just putting powder where I have put concealer as well as on my forehead because it does tend to get a little oily tongue to her come to her so don't come for me but this is a color pop contour stick and I say don't come for

me because it's not high-end per se but at the time it was the only non drugstore cream highlighter I had so that's why I used it if I fast forward to today I would have used my Fenty contour stick but color pop it is like I said it's affordable but it's not drugstore so here it is and I'm deepening the cream contour by going over it with a powder contour and that's the contour shade from the Smashbox contour palette that comes with a highlighter bronzer and contour shade and I pretty much only use the contour shape and I'm putting a little bit of that on my jaw line just to connect to my chin as I like to do here we go if this is maybe the single most expensive makeup item I've ever purchased this is the Tom Ford shade and illuminate cream contour and highlight I only really use the highlight because yeah the contour shade is just a little too orange for me it would probably work on a deeper skin tone but on me you know I just kind of skip it but the highlight oh my god I love it because it doesn't disturb my foundation underneath and it just gives that like wet look shine that I just

really love and it doesn't really add color either which I like and a cheaper alternative I mean you can use the RMS living Luminizer but it's still not cheap it's like $50 but that Tom for product is $100 Oh but I'm only about halfway through my first one and I found another one on buns oh my god so I traged someone for it who had never used to it so it was still new in the box okay I flew through mascara there but I used a Clinique mascara and a Mac mascara and Here I am showcasing another Tom Ford product this is a lipstick it was given to me as a gift a birthday present and I really appreciate it because it's incredibly expensive and it is a really really lovely lipstick you're mostly paying for the packaging of course which is gorgeous the shade is called Casablanca and I like it it's a it's a nude for me you know like it's it's quite pink and rosy but for me I think it looks kind of neutral which I like um so I like to push it on my lips and then blend it in a bit with my fingers and it's very comfortable it is referred to as a matte lipstick but I think it's more of like a cream or satin

and there it is even though it is creamy it does last quite quite well and yeah that's pretty much the finished look I'm gonna do some slo-mo hair tossing here put my glasses back on so I see what's happening there you go this was actually more difficult for me um in terms of putting all the products together because I do tend to use like quite a combination of drugstore and high-end products so it was hard to just only use high-end or only use drugstore but pretty happy with this look as I mentioned it's an everyday glam so it's an everyday makeup but it's a little bit more done up but not over-the-top thanks so much for watching bye bye [Music]