27 November 2018


Welcome back to my channel! UPDATE: I DID FORGET TO SHOW YOU GUYS TWO OF THE LIPSTICKS I BOUGHT (MY BEST ONES): 1. Tom Ford Beauty Lip ...


hi guys what's up welcome back to my channel this video was a long time coming I did actually film this video once and the sound quality was completely messed up so I could not upload that so here I am reforming this again and at this time I've made sure that everything is in place so in today's video I'm gonna show you everything I bought at the Estee Lauder warehouse sale or as people call it the Mac warehouse sale so a little bit about the sale this is basically Estee Lauder companies owns a lot of these brands namely origins Mac Smashbox Estee Lauder of course Clinique DKNY Michael Kors Tom Ford Beauty Becca cosmetics so basically all of these fall under se lot of companies and four times a year they have this massive warehouse sale that where they showcase a lot of the products now they're not necessarily the new collections in fact very rarely the new collections their products from their old collections and just discontinued products even so a lot of these go on massive massive massive discounts and the tickets to the sale are by invite only I was lucky enough to know someone who had extra tickets which

is why I could go to this sale and let's get right into it as always before we start please do subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and give this video a thumbs up if you do like it definitely hit that notification bells let you never miss a video from me and do do do follow me on Instagram I do a lot of many tutorials tips and tricks and things like that on them so if you don't already and definitely do follow me on Instagram let's get right into it just a little side note all the prices that I'm gonna talk about are in Canadian dollars and I'm gonna list everything in the description box as well starting off the first product I want to talk about is this origins mask primer so the thing is that I actually made a boo-boo when I bought this I thought that this product is like a primer mist that you spray before wearing your makeup but actually it is a primer mist that you spray on your face before you a mosque but yeah definitely let you guys know how this works out so the thing is that I've got two of these for $10 which was like a steal I guess it is their 295 ml bottles for $10 so I guess

that was also one of the reasons why I just picked it up without even checking it properly the next five products that I'm gonna talk about are in the ten dollar category so each and every one of these next five five four five products are for ten dollars each so the first one is this SD edit fluid metal eyeshadow in the shade cut it bad so this is what it looks like and it's basically a liquid called eyeshadow that is super glittery super glossy and basically once it sets it does not budge and it's got these little particles in it and I just thought it is I love goals I love neutrals and it's a beautiful shadow and I got it for ten dollars so why not the next product that I got in the ten dollar category is something that I would never voluntarily pay full price for just because there's something that you do not wear commonly at all but the color was just so beautiful so I had to it is this Mac loose glitter in this fluorescent green shade so that is what the clutter looks like as you can see it is so super stunning the next product in the ten dollar category is this lip pencil from Mac it is a very pretty

bubblegummy pink shade and I did not own this color lip pencil which is why I picked it up as soon as I saw it the next product in this category are these two casual pencils from Estee Lauder this is part of their Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder collection so what I got two of these for $10 which is freaking amazing because the quality of these Kajal pencils are absolutely phenomenal so they are two-sided in fact so it's as good as I've got for casual pencils for ten dollars which is fantastic so it's got a black color on one side and it's got a vanilla shake on the other side which is a very nice moon which is great to put in your waterline when you are not wearing Kajal so definitely best best best steal ever in fact I'm gonna be using one of these pencils in my upcoming videos so watch out for this one the final product in the $10.00 category was again something really stupid that I just picked up without looking but they are these are Clooney cleansing brushes you know you guys must have seen Clarisonic and the like kind of brushes so these are basically the heads that go on to those kind of machines but in any case they're

quite easy to hold on to and I got two of these for $10 they're very smooth and I've always wanted something like this I've never used something like this to cleanse my skin so I'm really excited to try this out especially with the next product that I'm gonna talk about so the next product that I was talking about is this Clinique 7-days scrub cream this was for ten dollars and it is like a full-size it is 100 ml too you basically just apply this on your face directly you don't need to have your face dampened and then you just kind of massage it into your skin and then either you wipe it off with a wipe or you can just rinse it off so I didn't really own a scrub right now as of this moment which is why when I saw this I did not even hesitate to pick it up so I'm really excited to use this with those brushes from Clinique and I'm very excited to use this just in general because I needed a scrub desperately in my life the next product that I'm going to talk about is something I was super duper excited when I saw at the scale they are these SD edit dissolves the drama long wear makeup remover wipes and each of

these packets have 30 sheets in them so two of these packets combined was for nine dollars which is super duper fantastic and because I do so much makeup on a daily basis when I'm shooting my videos and everything it is very important it's not even funny how easily I got so many of these cleansing wipes on a daily basis so when I saw this I kind of ended up picking up two of these packets so I basically got four wipe packets for a in dollars since we're talking about wipes I also did end up picking up one more packet of wipes this is the Clinique step start quick cleansing wipes these are fifty towelettes for $9.50 so this again I am super excited to use because I've heard a lot about the clinics pep start line and yeah I guess I'm I just need a lot of whites moving on we're gonna be talking about the four dollar category now these are all products that were kept in massive corrugated boxes and you just literally had to go and dive right in and pick these up so here they are I bought two mascaras from Mac these are mini travel size mascaras again this is something that I would not pay full

price for because I do not wear colored mascaras that often but sometimes when I'm in the morning when I want to do some creative looks these are four then so there's a brown color mascara and a gray color mascara and I haven't actually even tried these on yet but when I you know what I probably tried on Instagram stories and you guys can let me know what you think of them so the next photo of the product is this lipgloss from Mac it is basically a sheer lip gloss it is called clear water and it is just to add shine on top of any lipstick that you wear or to wear it alone like you can see it is super duper shiny and it has shimmer glitter particles in it so I did not own a clear lip gloss which is why when I saw this for $10 sorry not Ted $4 I decided to pick it up next for dollar product is a skin care product this is a mini size of the estilo de new dimension sculpt plus glow mas this is basically a mask to be worn overnight so you can use it two or three times in a week and you just basically apply the mask if you apply a lot of food then you might wanna take some off but you can apply a thin layer of it and just leave it on all night the

next three things that I'm gonna talk about are in the twelfth dollar category they're all three lipsticks so here goes the first one is by clinic now just wanna say I actually all of these came in boxes but I threw a lot of them out just because I thought I had filmed and I didn't need them anymore and I had a lot of boxes lying around so anyways technique this lipstick from Clinique is called rose pop it is a matte lipstick it is so gorgeous I have already worn this in one of my videos here is a swatch of the lipstick it is such a beautiful color the next one is the most beautiful beautiful beautiful shade that I got it is an ST Lauder liquid lipstick it is their pure color envy range and the shade is extreme nude so that right there is the swatch of this it is such a beautiful nude a brown nude for me especially and the fact that it is glossy is just so perfect because I've started wearing a glossy lips a lot especially when I'm wearing smoky eyes and I don't want to wear something matte on my face or my lips I generally end up wearing a matte lipstick and then I ended up end up

putting gloss over it like a matte nude which is why this lipstick is perfect because it's a it's a nude and it's called soma Pegman tation and I got it for $12 so hello why not the last lipstick in this category is again something that I would not have spent full price on and it is something that has been a long time coming I've always been thinking about it but I've never had the heart to spend a lot of money on this color so basically this is from Mac and it is a black liquid lipstick it is in the shape caviar it is a retro matte liquid lip color so that is a swatch of that liquid lipstick it is dark as hell matte black and I don't know when I'm gonna wear this I was thinking of doing a really cool Instagram look with this one so I might let's see I haven't gotten around to it yet because I've never won black lipstick before but you know what why not but there's a first time for everything right moving on now all of the products that I'm going to talk about are all different price ranges so starting off with this baby Moisture Surge intense from Clinique it is they're very famous moisturize

that has been doing really really well in the markets out there and which is why I really wanted to try it out I have been trying out a lot of skincare of late and I know you guys have asked me about it but I will review things once I have used it for a long enough time I'm excited to use this when I travel because I usually end up carrying my full-size products when I travel and I just thought that this would be a really nice alternative I got this by the way for four dollars and fifty cents which is really good next up is also a skin care product this is the Estee Lauder perfectly clean triple action cleanser toner and makeup remover so this is something really interesting because it is not a face wash you're supposed to use this in the morning or at night on your dry skin you're supposed to massage it onto your skin and then you have to rinse it off so I am exactly really excited to try and use this one because I've heard the Estee Lauder makeup removers in general whatever makeup removing product they come out with is actually very gentle on the skin and is supposed to be very effective in removing makeup so which is why I

decided that I wanted to give this a try so I got this one for 650 and I ended up picking 3 of these bottles because once again I go through a lot of makeup removers and also that they did not have a full-size this is like a 45 ml bottle for six dollars and fifty cents next by that I am super excited about that I've already used in one of my videos you guys have seen how amazing it is is this Clinique beyond perfecting foundation plus concealer I have heard raving reviews about this product and for good reason because it is absolutely phenomenal I mean if you watch my video which I will link below where I have used this foundation you will see just how beautifully it transformed my skin so I got this for $12 yes you heard that right I got this for $12 and they ended up I thought when I saw this on the table I was like err they're just not they're gonna have shades that haven't sold very well or they probably not gonna have it because you know that's just the sort of thing that happens but they had it they had it and they had it at my shade and I'm like killing myself that why did I not buy two bottles

because 12 dollars with this product I mean it's amazing next product that I have used a lot since I have bought it and you have probably seen it in my Instagram videos in my youtube videos and I have started loving it because I don't know what it is what my skin has been looking so nice since I started using this and my makeup has been going on so well I have used it today and as you can see my foundations looking really nice and I I don't know why I just feel that this makes the makeup go on very very very well and it is none other than the Smashbox photo finish primer water so basically spray this before you apply your makeup and it works as a setting spray as well I just have heard so many things about the primers from Smashbox and I never really tried them so this step for $19.50 I thought you know why not give it a try and I am so so so very happy with this next product is also from Smashbox it is their full exports it is their full exposure eyes shadow palette so this is what the palette looks like and from the inside its got these beautiful shimmers and neutral shades amazing for transition shades

it's just a very nice palette I thought it would be to have so I bought this for 31 dollars which is not bad at all and it came with this tiny little photo finish I makeup primer the next product is this amazing highlighter from Mac it is called or darling and it is one of the new skin finish highlighters as you can see super gorgeous super beautiful shades by the way it's the highlighter I am wearing right now so it kind of reminds me of jashub in papaya Becca cosmetics I just think that champagne pop is slightly more pinkish as compared to this this one's a more neutral but at the same time it gives a beautiful glow to the face as you can see wearing it today oh oh and by the way I got the highlighter for $15 next and I think this is the last product but is the bedtime best set from origins it is a skincare set and it comes with all of these products so I'm just going to read out the products really quick it is it comes with the high potency night immense night immense mineral enriched renewal cream second it comes with checks-and-balances frothy face wash third it comes with the original skin retexturizing mask with rose clay which

i am really excited to try and the fourth it comes with a super spot remover which is an acne treatment gel also very excited to try because I've never tried spot healing my acne with products particularly I've tried things like toothpaste and tea tree oil but I haven't really tried this but so I am really excited to try try all of these products in this kit so that was it guys that was pretty much my entire Estee Lauder sale haul I hope I haven't forgotten anything because I did kind of start using some of the products and some of them are in my kit now so I am pretty sure I pulled everything out in case I've forgotten anything I will update it in the description box below and I know this was a long video but thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye [Music]