08 July 2019

Essence New Eyeshadow Palette Crystal Iced - Navy Blue And Red Eyeshadow Tutorial

Essence New Eyeshadow Palette Crystal Iced 2019 - navy blue and red eyeshadow tutorial. I'm using one of the new Essence Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes ...

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I

have a silly key and in this video I'm going to show you how to do this navy blue and the red eye shadow look I decided to blend together two colors that I don't usually use and this is what I came up with I hope that you like it for today's video I have used this palette by yes and this is the crystal eyes eye shadow palette and in this one we have warm eyeshadows and some very beautiful blue shades share this video with a friend that likes blue or red eye shadow looks and let me know in the comments below whether that eyelids you want me to do I want to start with my brow bone highlight that I'm going to use this one by essence this is from the collection sun sand and golden rainbows and I have the shade chasing the Sun I'm going to take the lightest this one here with an eyeshadow brush by bellapierre I'm pressing that on my brow bone now it's time for the crystallized palette I'm taking this light beige matte eyeshadow and with an Islander brush by essence I'm diffusing this in the crease after that I'm picking up the shape here this is a nude coral matte eyeshadow with brush 2 to 5 by zoeva I'm blending that in the outer crease

without any product on my brush I continue blending the inner crease I'm taking a smaller blending brush by BH Cosmetics this is number five and this eyeshadow here in the corner the red one it is called frozen I think and this one is a new dead red marune eyeshadow with a matte finish I'm buffing that into the crease closer to the eyelid with circular washes I'm also blending the two colors together and I'm trying to stay as close as possible to the eyelid I don't want to bring the red eyeshadow closer to my brow bone I wanted to be more noticeable in this area here now I want to start with the blue eye shadows I'm a little bit nervous because I have never done an eye look with the red and blue eye shadows let's continue with this navy blue matte eyeshadow it is called ice queen with an eyeshadow brush by ASUS I'm pressing that on the outer part of my eyelid and with the tip of the brush I'm blending the blue eyeshadow into the crease very lightly I don't want to bring the blue eyeshadow very far up into the red eyeshadow and I'm also blending the edges of the blue eyeshadow on the eyelid for the inner eyelid I'm taking this

eyeshadow this is colada and it is a light blue matte eyeshadow with some very very fine silver micro glitter that are only visible when you swatch the eyeshadow on the eyes it looks completely mad to give definition on the other part of my lower lashes I'm going to take this navy blue eyeshadow with a smaller brush by Urban Decay I'm trying to stay as close as possible to the roots of the lashes with the same brush very lightly I'm blending the edges with the same brush I'm going to take this minty green blue eyeshadow it has a shimmery finish and the name is iceberg super shiny and beautiful I'm smudging that on the inner part of my lower lash line I'm also blending that in the inner corner I'm dipping again in this eyeshadow here and I'm going over the edges of the lower lash line I'm taking a little bit of this eye shadow as well I'm pressing that only in the outer part of the lower lash line I'm taking the red eye shadow again for my waterline I'm going to use this smart I pencil by Kiko cosmetics in the shade 807 I have applied false lashes and eyeliner I will list everything in the description box and let me know if you

want to see and now that I look with this palette I'm going to post my review in a couple of days and I can do another eye look for that video so let me know do you want to say something specific I need a haircut ASAP it is so warm my hair associa and most probably I will get highlights again and I'm going to chop you have to contour my face I'm going to use the hoola bronzer by benefit this is an oldie but a goodie I'm taking the brush 3 by BH Cosmetics and this little guy here for my nose I'm going to take the brush 7 by BH Cosmetics and the Kula bronzer again this is the mini size for the hoola bronzer and I love testing products that they are a little bit more expensive in a mini size because this way I'm not going to cry if something doesn't work for me you know what I mean this one is a bronzer but it has a matte finish it blends beautiful on the skin it is one of the products that you can use if you are a beginner in contouring or bronzing you can take a big fluffy brush to bronze your skin with this one or a smaller brush like I have them today for a blush I'm going to use this broken one by essence I broke it I

didn't buy it like that and this is the matte touch blush in the shade pitch me out I'm going to use it with the brush to buy beach cosmetics I'm taking again the same highlighter and the shade that we have in the center for my lips I want to use something neutral because I think I have a lot of color on my eyes and I don't want to look like a clown so I'm going to use that this is my lipstick by essence in the shade L'Oreal you can watch here another eye look with blue eyeshadows if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up don't forget subscribe and also click on the notification well and I will see you in my next video bye [Music]