19 March 2019

Elphaba Makeup Tutorial | Wicked the Musical | Madi2theMax

I'm Defying Gravity as I transform into Elphaba with this cosplay makeup tutorial. What is your favorite song from Wicked? What other makeup tutorials should I ...

hello my beautiful Maddy squad my name

is Madison brunella also known as Maddy to the max and today I am doing a makeup tutorial hence you seeing my actual skin right now and today I am going to be doing a makeup tutorial showing you how to transform into alpha from wicked I love this show so much like seriously I've seen it six times live it's amazing I've got backstage it's fantastic it's my favorite show ever and last December I got the chance to see it again and I was like third row and it was amazing and I loved it and I'm telling you all this because being that close made me go hmm I want to try and do that makeup look and I'm not gonna lie I mainly I'm doing this video just so that I can make tick-tocks as alpha buff because I want to come with me on this journey as I transform into something wicked I'm already wearing my wig I'm already wearing my costume and I'm just gonna pull it back so that I'm not getting in my way so I'm gonna start with paying myself Green and this is a split cake that I made but the original is from Paradise makeup I mainly get it from a site called silly farm calm I'm gonna start with primer priming my eyelid I know this looks like cover-up but it's

not cover-up it's primer so it doesn't go into those creases because we wouldn't want that thing I look like Wednesday Addams at the moment I'm just figuring this out as I go along you guys you're here on the journey with me and now we're taking this is just water I think you gotta have wet wipes very important they soak up a lot of the excess water in your brush and also help clean up any mistakes really nicely I'm only using the light green half of this because the other green half is metallic and I don't want metallic I don't want to look super shiny it's not what I'm wanting I'm just gonna start spray your brush I'm just gonna pull that back out of my way [Music] looks like the cabbage is steamed just everything green I actually had the opportunity to follow or shadow the makeup artist on wicked follow her throughout performance of wicked so I got to follow her as she painted alphabet green why am i telling you guys this because I'm not just wanting to brag no I do like bragging about that particular thing I remember she told me that being a makeup artist is 30%

putting on makeup and 70% being their therapist so I just thought that was always something very fun and interesting to think about because it's not just putting on makeup you also have to be a good person and listen to people's problems my point is you don't want this to be super wet you want it to be pretty dry so it doesn't come off blotchy you don't want it to be blotchy because you want this to look like it's her actual skin tone like a froggy fairy cabbage the baby it's all about the layers like an ogre or Photoshop notice how I'm not filling in my lips and my eyes and my eyebrows because those are gonna have other things go on top of them so there's no need to put a layer there now contour I've seen a lot of people do this where they'll just slap some green on their face and call it a day and I don't think that's a good idea and it's just it looks very flat like right now I look very flat because it's just one color okay now I'm taking the dark green I want our feet to have a very sharp no see what I do I lift my eyebrows cause when I do this this part right here this part becomes thinner so

if I don't contour it with my eyebrows up it looks really weird and you're gonna start where your eyebrows end and you're gonna pull your way forward now I'm wanting to have a very thin sharp nose Alfie is not your typical hero she looks like the villain because in most stories she is the villain except in this one which is the actual story because that's how I think of it I just pull it forward see now you set up this very natural-looking look right to the natural so you're gonna clean off the most of the excess on the brush and went barely not wet at all like me drag drag this color it's called dry brushing usually you have a dry brush to do it with my brush is too wet so I'm trying to dry it off you want the contouring to blend and you don't want a super sharp line because then people are gonna be like hey that's contour because what you're doing is you're creating an artificial shadow the trick the eye into thinking it's not an artificial shadow I'm gonna take this Mac white this is a technical term we're about to do right here this is called putting your finger in the white and dragging it up your nose again we are creating an illusion

here this is where the light is actually hitting we're gonna take this fluffy brush I've never actually used this brush for anything that's why I'm using it for this because I don't care if I never can use it for anything else except the green again so wet that up nice and good you're gonna wet the dark green the dark green here you want to cut in some cheekbones now that you've put that all in place you're going to attempt to dry off this brush and you're gonna attempt to dry it off blend in the cheekbones I'm gonna take a little bit of the light green I'm just kind of try and blend a little bit more there like I said I'm figuring this out along with you guys so we're going on this adventure together again using the very technical skills of a finger we're gonna just highlight them cheekbones you're gonna try and use a setting powder this is a max setting powder just trying to get rid of some of the shine here I'm pretty sure that did nothing okay eyebrow pencil this is a very little eyebrow pencil and I'm just going to alphabets I browse whatever I'm a cosplayer I'm a little nuts I think

we've established this I want to make her eyebrows pretty sharp cuz again everyone thinks she's the villain and they're wrong I'm guessing if you watching this video that means you've either seen wicked or just really loved the soundtrack which is awesome so question what is your favorite song from wicked mine is defying gravity because it changed my world wicked changed my musical world I had seen you know rent and listen to the music for rent and I was kind of like this is pretty bad music I don't like this this isn't good music I like the opening number but that's it everything else is pretty bad I don't like it I don't see what my people like this so much I then saw wicked and it rocked my world it completely changed my musical taste and I didn't know that it had changed it at the time but then I heard the soundtrack for rent again and I was like oh my gosh this is amazing how did I not like this music before it's fantastic well I love stories in general that will completely change my viewpoint on characters especially things like wicked about the villain where it's like um ya know they're not actually the bad guy or

shows like twisted it's this dark is musical which I love that's why even though a lot of people seem to really not like the Maleficent movie I love that I love getting to know the villain and realizing oh yeah no they're not the villain no I care about okay I'm gonna pull my wig down now because I'm done with these skin what I'm using for this is mud makeup design I have black and brown it's a very small amount but I got it years ago and I use it all the time and it's not run out black and brown so he got this light brush right here and you're just gonna lightly spray it you're gonna pick up the black with the black then you're gonna put that on the edges you're gonna put it right on the edge of your eye kind of going up a little bit and then bringing it into the crease and it doesn't need to be perfect right now cuz we're gonna mess with it and make it look good right now we're just putting the color on there because we're going to be dry brushing it and blending it in that's the moral of this makeup tutorial dry brushing and blending in clean the brush clean the brush and you're going to do the same thing you're

gonna do the inside of where you just painted and again you're just kind of slapping it on there right now we're gonna blend it in you want this fluffy but wet gonna take this highlight again and this time using the brush you are going to dab it in the corners of your eyes because well alpha but is not hero looking she is very bright and she is extremely smart and that should reflect her here's me trying to be all philosophical about the makeup and why I'm doing it I'm doing it because it looks good that's why and that is her eye shadow i'm gonna use this big eyeliner pencil i'm gonna outline because right now we can see that i have pink and does not have beautiful no matter what they say and the words can't bring her down because she's defying gravity we're gonna take our liquid eyeliner and do a little bit of a winged liner because she needs wings to fly well know her monkeys need wings to fly and she needs a broom and some magic an eyeliner can be very magical okay now we're gonna do a mascara say a funny story about frozen so I had been a big fan of wicked for a very long time so of course I know who idina menzel was

but the thing is I had her C D I knew she was I'd listened to her music all the time I knew her from wicked and her own personal album but I didn't know what her talking voice was so when she was in frozen I didn't know who was playing Elsa but when she started singing I was like wait my voice sounds really familiar and that last note of let it go I was like that is definitely idina menzel and then in the credits it was like a date immense I was like I knew it curl your lashes because it does something apparently I'm gonna add false lashes these are false eyelashes they can get like the 99-cent store and I actually cut them in half because I don't think you need the full thing it looks a little weird and I have black eyelash glue which i think is genius because white eyelash glue dries and it's white and you can see it and it looks weird so having black it'll just dry black the color of your eyeliner nothing matters but knowing nothing matters it's just life so keep dancing through in the stage show she has black lips but on the potion she has red lips the classic you

know red lip thing so I can't decide between the two so I am I actually going to use both I start I'm having all right in the middle and blend it out and there you have it we're gonna move on to the hands and this is very similar to just what you did with the face get the green wet brush just brush it on when I shadowed the makeup artist for wicked she actually let me paint one of alphas hands and it was so cool actually got a little bit on my finger and I did not wash that hand for a week just layers lots of layers here's the first hand honey I'm not ambidextrous this much is obvious now both my hands are painted green what we're gonna do is we're gonna take a little bit of baby powder we take baby powder right rub it all over there because for some reason the baby powder absorbs absorb is that enough so it doesn't rub off on absolutely everything it's really um sharp don't you think you know black this year's pink thank you all so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this elphaba makeup tutorial please let me know if there are some other makeup tutorials that you

would like to see me do down in the comments maybe something from Steven universe or I am definitely considering doing my raela makeup from the dragon prints please let me know if you would like to see that like I said I mainly did this makeup so that I could film alphabetic talks so be sure to check out my tik-tok page for more Elphaba goodness or wickedness you can also check me out on all of these social medias you can subscribe if you want to I make new fun videos every week please let me know what is your favorite musical mine is wicked I just I can't get enough of it and from now until next time don't you forget to keep smiling let's do this and hope nothing breaks because I plan things out you know I just didn't want to have this entire video of me just wearing a wig cap because that would look weird and we don't want to look weird if you want to do this you have to be a talkative person it's not just like let me make you look pretty and shut up