03 June 2019

EID 2019 Glam Makeup Look || Riya Beauty

Hi Everyone! This is a glam makeup tutorial for Eid 2019. I've used all drugstore products to achieve this look. PRODUCTS USED: ~~ Humiderm Moisturizer ...

hey guys the tria and welcome back to my

channel so in this video I'm gonna be doing this either makeup look that I created and I think it's so beautiful I just love the combination of the eyes and the lips so you guys you wanna know how to create this look right here then please keep on watching so to prep my skin I'm using a moisturizer and I'm applying it all over my face very generously so that my skin looks nice and dewy to protect my skin from the Sun I'm using mama earth ultra light Indian sunscreen especially formulated for Indian skin and this contains SPF 53 a triple plus which is an amazing amount of sun protection and it contains carrot seed and turmeric which really help in as your skin in history from parabens and silicone Sun is supplying a pea-sized is all over my face I love using mama earth products because they are chemical free and all natural and they recycle more plastic than what they use so it's a very environment friendly brand this sunscreen videos for peace 499 for 80 ml of product and in case we use my coupon code rst are twenty then you can achieve a 20% off on mama earth dot in and a partner is also available on Amazon and naica number four I do my

base makeup I'm gonna move on to eyes and firstly I'm gonna apply a concealer all over my lid [Music] I'm gonna set my idol in place using that solo moving on to that light orange color I'm gonna pick it up and apply it in my transition area right above my crease [Music] next time I'm using a small tapered brush and picking up the pink color and applying it in my crease are also to the outer corners of my eyes [Music] [Music] now I'm going to cut my crease just halfway and set it in place with powder next up for my lid I'm using that beautiful gold color right there and applying it on the area where we concealed I'm going to use the pink color again and blend out the edges of the pink and the coral I'm gonna put on a pair of falsies and come back and math with lashes now moving on to the base makeup I'm going to be using a foundation this one is in the shade golden beige next up I'm using a concealer in the shade light/medium

beige and I'm only applying it on my under eye region and to set my base in place I'm using a powder from and this palette for bronzing up my face I'm using the same palette and a fluffy brush and I'm only applying the bronze on my cheeks I'm cleaning the brush on the back of my hand and then picking up the blush from the same palette applying it on my cheeks [Music] and now using a golden tone highlighter where this is one of my favorite highlighters of all times I'm just applying it to the high points of my face [Music] [Music] also using the same highlighter with a pencil brush and highlighting the inner corners of my eyes [Music] smoking out my lower lashline using the same pink color [Music] so I wore some earrings or the putter and I did my Rose off-camera and I'm finally moving on to lipstick I'm going to be using a pink lipstick

because I think it adds a little bit of color on to the face since the eyes are pink and gold I think a pink lipstick would be best suited [Music] [Music] so yes that's my version of Eid makeup I think a lock turned out to be so pretty I love the dramatic eyes and the lips I love the combination of the colors are abused let me know in the comment section below what you guys think about this look and in case if you're planning on recreating it then do to have me on your Instagram recreations I would love to check them out and hear if you enjoy watching this video and if you found it helpful please give it a big thumbs up and share it with all of your friends and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and hear when that is a wrap for today this is free I signing off goodbye