23 September 2016


Since the start of my channel I promised you guy's haul videos. So, here is my 1st one! I hope you liked this kind of video from me and I hope to do some more in ...

hi everyone I'm welcome back and today

I'm straight in with a haul for use now have another one of these on my channel before so this is new and exciting for me and hopefully for you too if you enjoy watch my channel and so basically recently I went to Edinburgh and did a massive Beauty sort of shopping spree haul and I went into boots I was in super jog as in house freezers which is generous and I was also in hi V Nicholls and I picked up a bundle of items which I'm super super chopped with and I haven't used them yet I've been waiting to do this video first and then I was going to use these products and so if there's anything that you want to that you've seen in lists and hold that you want me to do a review on then please just remember to leave a comment down below and with that in it so I'm going to sketch straight in and get started so first off I went to Harvey Nichols and I love this shop and there's just so much in it anyone that doesn't know what hi V Nichols is it's basically like a large department store with lots of designer brands and inside it so it is basically like John Lewis Debenhams etc but I'm more upper market kind of version of it and I don't think there's that many of

them throughout the UK I know Adam definitely has one and I'm sure places like Manchester and London have them too and so yeah I love this shop and they also have a room they're called space Enki and there's various other space and kids there's another space inky in Edinburgh as well and there's one in Glasgow and there's probably more throughout the UK it's all from space inky this is what I got so for ages and ages I even wanting to try it this brands foundation and but my Holy Grail as you maybe already know is s Lauder and I find it so hard to find anything that compares nexor it's got the full coverage of the double wear that's got you know everything that Double Wear I can offer me but I thought I'll bite the bullet and give this one a try like I said I've not tried it yet but I'm really looking forward to trying it it is the gnar luminous and all day luminous weightless foundation and now I got the Barcelona I think it's old this won't actually shoot me right now but when I'm tanned and ready for a night out this one will be perfect so this one is meant

to be the full coverage one out of that is sheer glow and this one so I'm hoping that this one lives up to all the good reviews I've heard and I'm really looking forward to seeing what it's like on my skin and like I said if you want to see more of a an in-depth of unit and a video dedicated justice then please just leave that in the comments below so the next items I got were also from Harvey Nichols and this is what I got I got the Laura Mercier and face lumineer basically a highlighter I seen this on Instagram and I was like oh my god got to have it so they come in I think a limited edition as well but they come in three different sheets I could be wrong I will link everything down below and but this is packaging so sleek and shiny this is the one that I call it seriously little films fellow this is the bomb.com look how shiny that is it's all play and a lovely little mirror as well which is really nice so I'm gonna quickly just swatch this for use and I'm loving this it's hard to see on the back of my hand with the camera there we go catching a bit morning I think the lightened and helped that is super super

shiny glittery everything le nude one I have a highlighter I'm loving it and this is the shade addiction don't know if you can see that um but yeah I love this there's other ones I really really want as well um but we'll stick with this one just now see how we get on so yeah I will link it down below if you video you want to try it or fancy order in it for yourselves next time and I got as well um is Becca Jacqueline Hill champion split and this one is the Prosecco pop and zip Pamplemousse Pamplemousse not sure hate connotes that and but I've seen these because I couldn't get my hands on their big face palette that she done so I thought right you know what I just want the Prosecco pot and maybe one of the blushes so I thought right we'll just buy the split and see how cool I think these are 32 pounds if I remember rightly I will link it down below as well and basically the car in a super sleek gold packaging which is gorgeous well done Jacqueline for that and oh what we disesteem out as well and now you can see Prosecco pop and the blush oh it is a powder blusher just in case anyone's thinking is that a

cream blush oh no it's not got a lot we admit her as well which is really nice and sleek if you're just kind of doing your makeup on the go and I will swatch this highlighter as well for you and we give you the pigment it there we go that's it next the Laura Mercier that are quite similar actually I really do like the golden cleaner highlight or as they are my thing and then the blush row I almost swatch that as well it's very pigmented too that's that there and so I'm super excited to start using that as well so good on Jacqueline Freddy's I think they're really nice so the next part of my ends are a mixture from Oh Mac and drugstore one I just pop them all in the same bag just in case you're wondering so the first item I got was from Superdog and it was the B cosmetics precision blending sponge I had one of these which was tank which I used my clients I loved it so I thought Rachel what I'm going to get them for myself I figured about $4.99 and the latex free for any one's allergic to latex and using a Beauty Blender that can do this for them I would definitely recommend it I love it Romick right so I can't wait

to use it for myself these next items are also from the drugstore again from boots and it is the L'Oreal True Match concealer I have got the shades vanilla which is number two it's quite a light one as well and I see it I think it was a dramatic Mac and recommending least I thought right you know what I'm gonna gonna give it a go and we'll see if it's worth the hype we'll give it a go so yeah that was this one I think it was maybe around about 5:19 I it wasn't too expensive for a concealer so I'm really excited to start using this and the next item I got was again from NYX I love this brand they do so much great products that are affordable places and this is one of their soft matte lip creams and it's meant to be quite a good shoot for the nearly jokey and lip kit by Kylie and so this was the shade Monte Carlo I don't know if the countess than a zoom in on that but yeah I can't wait to get started with that one as well such a pretty color I also got another one of these and Nick's gloss things whatever you want on and it's the intense butter gloss this one's more like a vampy kind of color which I thought would be

perfect for sort of like Halloween time and coming into obviously often nice this would be perfect this is the shade black black cherry tart and again I'll link everything down below seasonal and I can't wait to get using one of these I think their glosses mean beard and put 5 pounds I could be wrong I will try and link it all down below Freya's then these now I've had one of these before and recently posted about it on my Instagram and it was also my facebook as well and so I decided because I got you know such good feedback on them and and also be you liked myself I'd go ahead and buy more from the collection it is the mue and luxe liquid lipsticks and these are like metallic tiny shades and they are like 4 pounds each so I've got the shade blaze which is more like a plum II sort of color again great for a sort of often time I've got this one which is called glint and it's more like a Bruni shimmery one again great for autumn and this one and we can really forward to use them it's called flare and it's like ready orange but it's gonna be great for a Christmas time and I might even try that I opened clients as well so I can't

wait to get started with these no next item is again from Harvey Nichols and I forgot to put this in the bag it is the laura mercier translucent setting powder and probably seen so many youtubers recommend this I've actually never had it myself I thought you know what I'm gonna give it a go claim such like how does it say me again to me and I normally just use the Ben Nye banana powder which i think is really nice and brighten in front I but I can't wait to try out this one it is although it's translucent it's not like a white white powder it's like an off-white creamy color please can see it there and so I want to give us a call and see if it is worth the hype it is around about maybe 20 or 29 pounds - it is a bit expensive for a powder is a high-end product but we're gonna give it a goal and see what I think so these next items are all from Mac I've been wanting these for ages I thought you know I've saved up and Devon you can just go in and get them so first off it is the Mac lip liner in the shade model I have got the word old lipstick and and I really really like it but I think I can get a lot of use out of the lip liner as well with other lipsticks

so I thought right and just go in and get it so this is it here I think it's around 13 pounds or 1250 or something like that and I'll just swatch it very quickly on here and it's a lovely sort of brownie pinkish shade and it looks so nice with so many different lipsticks and I've not used it yet but I've seen on so many different people on Instagram YouTube and there's so much looks you can create with that so definitely thought it was more of like a staple piece that some taking having make it that's gonna be you know get so much use out of it so I bought that and then I got several Google like four lipsticks to go with it from super chocolate so they know that for three flip sticks sorry that I'm super rich off with so the first one is again something that I see non-dramatic Max and Instagram and YouTube channel I really really want it it is creme Cup and it is a cream machine M lipstick so I'm gonna give that a quick swatch next to the lip liner now that's it there it's a lovely pinky shades and and again with the darker outline and the lighter in the middle it's gonna look amazing

so I can't wait to get going with this next one is brave now again this is another one that's highly highly read about on YouTube Instagram etc so I have to have it it's very similar to plan cut in its color scheme and then watch those pinky nude kind of shades so I will swatch that again so that's it next you can cut it's not too too somewhere and again with darker outline it's gonna look amazing and then last but not least this one again same kind of color scheme it is blank tea and this one's of amplified formula there we can roughly see it's a bit more brownish as opposed to pink compared next to the other ones so I'm gonna swatch that there and that's it there this one here blankety so as you see they're very much kind of sandwiches but they're all going to look amazing with that were lip liner now last but not least I get so much people seem to me how do you find the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit is great I'm not gonna lie I do really love it and but it is expensive and and sometimes you can't get the use of all the shades sometimes and so she probably are sometimes cream contouring is by using different concealers and different

etc and so I wanted to give the mac matchmaster concealer ago as a clean contour now I shouldn't see it's a darkish shape so this is more like for carving out the holes of your cheeks around the foreheads along here we're gonna nose and baby bottom chin as well and I'm just gonna please please watch it here so as you can see when you've got a ton etcetera this is going to be really good once it's all blended out and you would normally use just your normal concealer onto the eye so this is just basically to add the shadows and so I think these coming around folks 17 pairs I'll try and link it all down below for use and so I'm going to give these a go and see how I get on again if you want a review on that just leave a comment down below and I will try and get all done for you in a video so that's all for this Edinburgh haul I hope you really liked it and I'm looking to do more holes for you and so if you did enjoy this one please please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more videos from me in general just give this one a subscribe and I hope you enjoyed what I have for you today thank you bye