29 May 2017

EDC Makeup Tips! 24 Hour Makeup!

Heres some times to help make your makeup last longer during the summer!

Alaric's you close my door

I'm start talking hey everyone welcome to my channel if this is your first time being here thank you for being here my name is Gloria and if you've been here already and you're already subscribed thank you for watching my videos and being subscribed I really do appreciate it you know I don't have a lot of following like it's always good to know that you know people who are subscribed to me they do Karen they actually do care bolla about what I want to say and like blah blah blah blah blah anyway so today I'm doing a video on how to make your makeup last as long as possible especially if you're going to a DC I'm going to be there I know the typeface is open for nearly almost 12 hours and someone message me it was the 12 hours pretty shirts well yes almost twelve hours it starts from 7:00 p.m. all the way till 5:30 a.m. so it's very long and I'm pretty sure a lot of you girls do want to know some tips on how to make your makeup last as long as possible so here we go the first tip I do have is to start with a primer not just any primer try to stay away from silicone primer especially and

stick to something that's a little bit more luxury this one is the one that I've been using this one is by Smashbox is the photo finish primer this one right here is kind of like lotion you just rub it on and it feels pretty much exactly like lotion it's a little bit matte too so that's great yeah stick away from silicone primers because those tend to make your makeup like slip and slide off your face if you ever use the silicone primer you're going to see that if you touch your face and you go like this it will transfer off or once you start sweating this road is ahead of purpose once you start sweating and stuff like that you'll see that it starts lighting off a bit so try to stick away from silicones and primers especially get something that's a little bit more lush any type of feel and you're just for primer once you start moving onto foundation I do suggest for you to try using an eyeshadow primer before putting on foundation typically right here on your nose area and a little bit on your mouth area and your forehead because that's where your makeup starts to like separate and split it looks a little cakey try using an

eyeshadow primer I did try this one this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer it works pretty good but once again this one's kind of like a silicone II fill so um it did look really great but the thing was that it did slip off um just a tad bit or I'm not sure if I didn't put it on my eye or what no I did I did put it on right it just started like sliding again so I'm going to try to figure out which eyeshadow primer to use but I have heard that if you dude and eyeshadow primer around your nose area in two places where your makeup tends to like split and stuff then it does work really well so try that out okay so next for foundations get yourself a 24 hour lasting foundation the one that I've been using is by Lancome it's really good this is it right here this is the Lancome 24 hour makeup foundation it's very great I love it I've been using that for the summer and let me tell you we're so frickin good I love that thing so I do recommend that one if not then you can always get like a drugstore one if you want if you don't want to spend a lot of money on any of these products you don't have to I'm just saying these other ones

that I've used then it alternative for the primer by the way I've tried one from um white and while that one's really good the lotion II one that was good try that one out and then a 24 hour foundation that I have news from the drugstore would be the l'oreal ones it's black and it has red lettering turn that one out that one's really good I do recommend that one I've used it as well so get yourself a 24 hour foundation that is going to help you tremendously after you're done putting on your foundation what I do recommend for you to do next is get yourself a loose powder and powder your entire face and set your foundation the trick is to set your foundation make sure it's locked in place so bake your face take your under eye make sure you bake the hell out of your nose so it doesn't like split or whatever and then powder the rest your your face that way it's set make sure you do this her like just everything goes to with your foundation trust me like your datian is going to look like afterwards just try at least like try doing it please it will thank you for I browse for eyebrows I'm not sure like

how this is going to work out and I just ordered it I've heard so many things about the Wonder brow and if you don't know what Wonder brow is this right here is Wonder brow and I've heard so many good things about it I'm going to be trying this it's shipping to me right now I still haven't received it so as soon as it comes maybe I'll do a review on it it's basically like a waterproof eyebrow gel or eyebrow stuff or whatever you know and do your eyebrows and stuff and it's going to last you for up to three days which i think is ridiculous how probably touch up obviously but try this it's waterproof so you know if your eyebrows not going to smear off but if you don't want to spend the money on getting that or whatever and you already have eyebrow gel and you pontoons that or whatever you're going to do set your eyebrows with powder after using your eyebrow gel the eyebrow gel that i've been using if you're curious this one's by other stuffs yeah it's the dip brow shade evany i don't need to do a close-up on it i don't think so here is your everyone else what it is and i use the shade evany and afterwards i always get some powder um you know obviously

the color i get it powder that's closest in the color of that and i set my eyebrows that way they don't look smear off because they do sooner off or if they don't transfer whatever cousin someone you accidentally well ship big my from probably one of the biggest tips that i could give you is eyelash extensions alright so for this for whatever number i'm on eyelash extensions are the way to go please invest in some eyelash extensions if you want to go get them done go get them done but if you can do mieux self i could you not like it's not that expensive to buy all this stuff it's only like ten dollars i want to say get yourself some of this stuff this is what I've been using this is clear but I heard that the black one works a little bit better so get clear black whichever one you want to use I mean obviously you don't have to do it but you know it's better than wearing falsies with regular glue and having them like freakin fall off and be like on the Verge's like like I've seen so many girls in the crowd and I'm just like what do you thing like growing some eyelash glue I've even had it happen to myself the

other day I was like oh my god my eyelash is falling off from the inner corner of my eye but trust me if you can invest in some eyelash extensions to go get them done or to do it yourself and do them yourself so this is what I've been using this adhesive you can find it at Sally's or Target I saw it at Target as well and then you get yourself in the bees these are singles by Ardell you can use these by anything like this you can use as well just make sure you like clip them on into sections and you put them on separately do not put the whole eyelash pen I've never tried that and I don't think you should try it that's probably a really bad idea plus if you mess up there's always eyelash glue remover it's right next to all these products that I just showed you wherever you're in the store it should be right next to it there's eyelash glue remover I bought that as well sometimes I mess up you know it happens and you could just you have to like let it sit there for awhile and then like slowly like try taking it off but don't ever pull off your eyelashes your falsies because literally they will rip your frickin real eyelashes off don't do it and

lastly my last tip and it really does work is setting spray obviously you want to do settings great especially because your face is all powdery and stuff like that but setting spray will save your life but not just any setting spray invest in an oil control setting spray this is a Dee slick setting spray by Urban Decay just more so good you guys so so good I recommend this one so much I don't know that any other ones that are like drugstore if you don't want to spend the money on this but this is one that I use and it literally keeps my face matte all day I do not look oily and gross the regular Urban Decay all nighter it does make your makeup last longer but it will not prevent you from getting oily this one will this Foreman will prevent your face from getting oily and that's what's going to make the rest of your makeup last longer too so mine is one destined one that's oil controlled because a lot of us since we're really young our face tends to get oily and that's when our foundation starts separating and starts looking caking and stuff like that and you don't want that so those are my tips on how to make your makeup

last as long as possible at EDC or anywhere in general acceptable whatever and that's it I hope you guys like this video hope my tips helped you somewhat if they do let me know because this really works for me this is like my all-time like this is it this is really it this is what I do for the summer and I kid you not to my makeup will left for parking as far anyways hope you like this video if you do give a thumbs up support my video it'll help me umm if you could do that that'd be great like I'm not gonna beg you to do it but it'd be great if you can do it just give this video a thumbs up and if you're new subscribed I'm going to be posting more festival related stuff especially since EDC's coming up I'm going to do some trick tips and tricks on all that good stuff for newbies and just anyone in general so yeah if you're going to EDC hope to see you there my name is Gloria thank you for watching and bye peace out guys