04 June 2019

Easy Natural Makeup Tutorial | Tina K

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hey guys welcome back to my channel this

was supposed to be an IG TV I took too long and now it's gonna be a YouTube video so if you're new here welcome to my channel if you're not welcome back today's video is the no makeup makeup look and if you're interested in this and all you have to do is keep watching it's just a simple makeup tutorial on how to get your face kind of cleaned up glammed fresh-looking but without doing a full full glam it is so easy to do it took me less than 10 minutes so if you want to learn how to do this right here then please keep watching today I'm going to be doing my no makeup makeup look and I'm doing air quotes because there's obviously a lot of makeup that's going to be applied to my face now before we get started I did my brows so do your brows first however your routine is and I love sculpting my brows I don't know if this makes it less natural but I just think it looks so clean when you do your brows first and then sculpt them out so I did that now I'm gonna move on to the actual routine so first prime your skin now I've already moisturized it's so important to moisturize first and that will really give you the longevity in your makeup and really make

you look younger I can't tell you how many people I meet that don't properly moisturize and then wonder why their makeup doesn't look good so first Moisture it's a lot I love the ponds dry skin cream but pick up whichever one that you like it's just more affordable and for primer I'm gonna be using the Ginza color plus face tone up primer it's an essential glow 8 super blacks essence I don't know but they sent me a press kit and I've been loving this primer it is so beautiful so I'm gonna add that to my face as well it really just fills in your pores and still leaves your skin really hydrated which is what I love a lot of pore filling primer is kind of dry out your face I don't know about you but that doesn't work for me I need something that keeps my skin really supple and juicy because I like looking as young as possible and usually with this makeup look I get a lot of compliments on my skin and this is just my go-to if I'm working not office job but if I'm freelancing if I'm just running errands through the day this is what I like to do it takes me only a few minutes and it looks really pretty and it's not to toot lamb I don't

wear this to the office because it actually takes too long for the office I have a totally different routine for that you let me know if you want to see it next I go in with n color correct this is my ELF color corrector it looks so beat up because I lost the cap but I just put it over any blemishes I have my under eyes have such a difference if I don't use this using my fingertips I'll just dab it out a little bit but I don't do too much because I don't want it to lose pigmentation if you have a deeper skin tone you can go for a deeper orange that way it doesn't give you a chalky look they have a deeper deeper orange as well or you can use orange lipstick or red lipstick so this routine really works for everyone you just need different color choices so I have a few different foundations for this look today I'm going to be using my favorite Estee Lauder Double Wear water'd fresh makeup SPF 30 this is for my older friends now if you're younger this will work for you as well but if you want to look younger if you around my age range or a little bit older this is the foundation for you because it makes you look so beautiful and so much

younger and it's not heavy but you get a beautiful coverage and I'm going to show you how to get the coverage right now anyways looking for my foundation brush this is the it cosmetics buffing foundation brush it's an old one but I absolutely love it so I just go in and lightly dab it into my skin if you still see blemishes underneath don't worry about that don't feel like you need to keep piling it on the purpose of foundation is to even your skin tone it's not to be a mask on your face less is definitely more especially when you want to look really really flawless and really just like almost Botox and retouched less foundation is definitely more always take it down your neck I'm a little bit pale right now so take it down your neck and onto your ears especially if you're doing a bun everything will wash off later it's not like a foundation that's never gonna come off your skin you could wash everything off later so you could still see some blemishes shining through which is okay do not pile on barn stop where you are as long as your skin tone is mostly even just like how you see here you're fine let's move on to concealer

my favorite concealer is the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro total coverage concealer I'm shape 106 I've been pushing this down your throat for ever because I absolutely love it I think it works for everyone I have it in my kit I have it for myself I have backup colors because I usually sell out of my favorite so I have about 20 of my favorite shade right now and now you take a Beauty Blender you have some on your Beauty Blender and then you blend it in don't just put it right here you have to bring it down into an upside down triangle shape with any excess even out your face bring it up words and your forehead if you have a bigger forehead don't do too much keep it low if you have a smaller forehead bring it out where it's like I have a really pinched forehead so I can actually bring mine out a little bit more also balance out your chin here if you have a small chin open it up wide if you have a big chin which is not really too common in women but just keep it small here any excess I just dab around the face that way there's no harsh lines see it's super easy it's super easy when you see it

done a certain way now before I go in and set you have to look up make sure you have no creases already formed take off any extra excess and then you go in with setting powder and sorry for the noise you know I live in New York City there's just like no quiet areas that exist here ok my friends throw out that Laura Mercier powder I'm sorry but it is not the best you have to use our CMA especially for my older gals I'm telling you you will look so much younger when you switch to this powder take a little brush this is just like a little BH blending brush but access into your palm and then dab it to set your under eyes any excess I tap into my t-zone where I tend to get a little bit more oily but I avoid any line so right up here I have a few creases I just keep it low right here into the sides sorry I'm looking at the viewfinder so I can navigate where I'm pressing and then definitely on the chin but don't get into any lines here do not set your whole face it's not necessary take some over your lids show you why in a moment but you definitely want to set those lids now for contouring elf cosmetics foundation palette ok I tried to pick out my most

affordable products in my day to day life I really do use that high-end unless it's extremely worth it I'm definitely a type of saber I'm really smart with my money I love things for less I'm obsessed with elf cosmetics I actually have to talk myself off of the website and being like I don't need more makeup but I just love how much you can get for the price and how good the products are for the price so my favorite contour one of them is the elf cosmetics foundation palette it is so good so I get the shade medium dark because it's a foundation palette so if there if your skin tone is medium dark you can wear this foundation for me it's a good contour shade because they're warm there's some cool tones in here but I stick to the warm shades that's why they look the most abused I literally just take a smaller duo fiber brush and go right into the foundation and with a light hand I started sculpting out my face because it's cream it looks so much softer and so much more it just looks a lot better on the skin to look more natural because your face isn't naturally powdered up your face doesn't naturally look matte

it naturally looks like it has oils to it so when you use cream products instead of a lot of powders you will look more natural I just add it where the Sun would naturally hit which is right up here if you get a little messy don't be concerned I'm gonna show you how to clean up because I do the same exact thing I'm very much an artist that will lay down my products and then blend it out rather than building it in I kind of do a mixture of both but I love I love to lay down where I want it and then kind of blend it in okay so I lay down my contour and now you could already see after these couple of layers a lot more of my blemishes or anything that was showing through the skin are getting covered because once you start adding more dimensions adding some concealer things will get covered naturally you don't need to keep adding foundation but I'm gonna go back in with my foundation brush and with any excess I'm gonna go right over where I contoured if it was the winter I would just put on blush and leave it this way put on my lipstick and just leave everything alone but because it's this summer we're getting into the months

where we're gonna be sweating more than just producing natural oils so I'm gonna be going in and layering stuff with more powders first going in with bronzer I'm using wet and wild color icon sir and this is the shade where is the shade ticket to Brazil taking a bronzer brush we go in and just go right over where I lay down the contour you don't want to go all over your face because that's how you get more of an older look more you'll get like a bronzer mustache I see this on people all the time so stick to where you lay down the contour and work in circular motions with a light hand if you naturally have a heavy hand hold it at the end of the brush don't hold it really light over here now taking an eye brush go back into your bronzer add it to your crease bring it down the bridge of the nose but not all the way down I don't believe in strong heavy nose contouring I think a lot of people do it wrong and they wind up making their nose look bigger you don't need it everyone's nose is perfect you know this is fine if you want it to look slightly slimmer and just bring down here and that's it and leave it alone leave it alone

you look fine which is a whole other conversation I want to have with you guys about beauty standards and how women compare themselves it's just something I've been noticing even when I talk to women or when I talk to clients like which are mostly women it's ridiculous it's like nauseating how much a lot of people don't even realize what's face tuned and what isn't so I definitely need to blow exactly don't blow the cover off of that because there are so many things facetune and odo shops and Botox and surgery that you guys think are natural which is not now I'm gonna do my blush this blush palette guys so beautiful it's la girl blushed babe I like the one oh I think this one is called blush babe but they came out with it like a range of lush palettes I like a few of them but I love blushed Bay because of the pinks I love a pink pink pink blush and lately I've been loving a dual fibre brush to put on my blush don't be concerned about going too heavy because blush wears off really fast so you probably won't notice that and I'll show you how to blend it in too to blend it in more and go back in with your bronzer

blush and just go over it you don't need to add more bronzer now I'm gonna spray it down I love the Olay ultimate hydration and essence energizing vitamin C and bergamot oils all I missed so it's their version of setting spree but I like that it's hydrating with vitamin C who knows what's really in it I'm sure the ingredients are no I don't know but I really like it oh it smells so good spray your face down and then try not to move let it dry up before you touch it Oh in and curl lashes or if you have lash extensions this look is gorgeous with just lash extensions holy so pretty I'm using the Kevyn Aucoin lash curler good lash curler really makes a difference I know they sell them for a dollar two dollars five dollars at a lot of places but I found with research and trying expensive lash curlers they make a huge difference so if you've been trying lash curlers and none of them curl your lashes but you've never tried high-end just try a high-end one once and you'll see an incredible difference I have no mascara on and it worked so well so now I'm

gonna go in and do my lips so as predicted I'm using NYX rose brown liner I like wearing a peachy lipstick like Anastasio Beverly Hills peachy is a matte lipstick it is so beautiful the way but lipstick on is so ugly but I don't like have a pretty smile and so I just look crazy and then to keep the whole dewy look together I'm just gonna go over it with this peach blush it's called peach diet peach daiquiri by buxom and it also plumps your lips so your lips look a lot fuller and that's it guys that is my no makeup makeup look let me know if you want to see my work makeup look because it's similar but it is not as heavy and it takes me all of 5 to 10 minutes like super fast super easy let me know if you want to see that and for everything I used today I will link it down below you can check the description bar and if you try this out let me know I want to know how it works for you if this is reasonable or if it's still too hard or if you have your own favorite products let me know in the comments down below so thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe before you leave 77 percent of the people who watch my videos are not

subscribed but you keep coming back so just hit the subscribe button it is free and I hope to see you next time [Music] [Music]