27 November 2018

Easy Makeup under 20 min | Natural Makeup look

Suuup people :) Now, before i say anything else...i would like to acknowledge the shitty lighting in this video, as you might now...WINTER IS COMING!!!!! And that ...

hello everyone and welcome back to my

channel once again and today I will do a makeup look when you know you're in a rush you overslept your alarm didn't go off whatever in whatever case scenario you are in a rush you don't have a lot of time to get ready in the morning but you still trying to want to look put together or presentable because you work you know an environment where you can't just turn up looking like this or actually actually know I disagree with that you could turn up like this because men don't wear makeup so why should you right but if you decide to wear makeup or that is just part of your locally image or whatever or if you simply don't feel comfortable going out without any makeup I will show you a really quick look that I do when I oversleep or you know so yeah we only gonna need a few products and we will jump right into it okay so now you're a little bit closer because I kind of want you to see what I'm doing there are only a few products and only a few steps that you're gonna need to do for this also I will be actually timing it on the phone how long it takes me that is why I won't really be talking

while I'm doing this look because I wanna have a you know accurate presentation on how long it actually will take if you would to recreate this look so okay what you gonna need let's just go through this before I actually get started so I kind of have idea of the product that you might need so you've got any it's a few brushes you gotta need a lipstick of choice now if I know that I'm not gonna have a lot happening my eyes I do like to go for a bold or darker lipstick this is in hello stranger from colour-pop it looks like this it's absolutely beautiful you're gonna need a eyeliner or some swords this is the Catrice i matic the planner in waterproof even though I mean I'm gonna have to throw it away so because this then I'm using the Marc Jacobs velvet no major Volume Mascara in 10 la now I'm just presenting the products i'll be using however obviously you can use any mascara any liquid eyeliner and lipstick you know I'm just showing you what I'm using just in case you're interested the eyeshadow base I'm using is the idea core I shadow base like an every video I will be also using

a highlight now if you are in a rush I would assume this would be perhaps the stuff you would skip because it's the least necessary however I do feel like it does give you a more you know healthy awake look if you have this on then you're gonna need a moisturizer or a makeup remover probably about two cotton buds just in case you have any fallout and you quickly want to fix it and then today I will be actually using my Z palette because I realized that because with the amount of makeup I have I usually overlook the eyeshadows that I have in my Z palettes because the pallets are just more convenient even though it's all in one place so all you're gonna need for today's look is a combination of problems what I'm using particularly is a set that I actually deported out of a Miss Lin trio a shadow palette which is this trio here at the bottom so these three colors here they're absolutely beautiful now as you saw the last one is pretty much gone because it is my favorite color you will see why so I'll be definitely using this color here I don't think that obviously I don't think you can see the way it's actually going

to look it's almost like set in quite a pale color hmm I will try to find it online this color again I don't think you can see it much because there is not much less but I really want to use it up because it's actually really good and it is a shame to not have it anymore but it's also time to kind of get rid of it this eye shadow that I have not actually bought that long ago but it seems to be going very quickly even though I'm not really using it that often and it's baby face from makeup geek so all we're gonna need is basically those three eyeshadows now of course if you don't feel comfortable leaving the house without foundation then you can obviously add that stop and then a setting powder and then in that case I would also use a setting spray just to keep everything in place starting like this obviously if I might fast-forward the part of me getting ready if but I will try to put the timer on the screen or every so often just where we are timewise but yeah guys I'm really excited also I'm running out of time because the Sun is setting already and my grandma just got up and so yeah let's just start [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so 17 minutes for this now I'm just gonna say um I don't know if you saw however I wasn't really you know rushing to get this done so let's say I have about one hour in this hour I have breakfast I have a shower a brush my teeth and I do my makeup so out of the hour I would say I usually spend a half an hour doing my makeup but this is the kind of look where I probably would get up I know half an hour before I actually need to leave because I slept in so I would take out of the half an hour 17 minutes to do this makeup which I'm pretty sure I mean this could be almost like a daily makeup as well now if the lipstick is too much you can obviously it just exchange it with a more new dish color however you like

that because the eyes are quite minimal it just just looks right when I pulled lipstick 17 minutes is more than enough time to create this look now obviously if it was actually morning and I was in a rush I would probably do it a lot quicker also because the products I'm using don't really have fallout I was completely able to skip the step with the moisturizer because I don't have any fallout so half an hour in the morning to get ready this is the kind of look I would create if I had 15 minutes that means I'll have probably about 8 minutes to do my makeup which means I would do mascara eyeliner and lipstick and that's it because I feel like those three things have the most impact and yeah guys this is it I do that you have enjoyed it I know it was a really easy quick I don't know kind of a video I know it's not a very exciting look however this is just my go-to if I am in a rush and yeah also please let me know I'm actually considering a part two of the Manic Panic hair color and I think I have figured out now like the ratio and what colors combination work for me so as you can see the ends are pretty much blunt at this point I might

leave it for another week or two but after that I really would want to film that video for you guys if you want to see what colors are used and how it turns out and after that I'm actually considering to try the arctic fox colors because there's this one orange it looks amazing so yeah I actually won't experiment I really want to try that out as well so let me know if that's something you are interested in also I know this is not makeup related either but my nails are so long I'm actually considering doing a nail art tutorial video I'm no professional but because they are so nice and long I think it would be just a waste so let's do something with them so let me know if you have any ideas for that and yeah okay okay I'm gonna stop okay so guys thank you so much for watching this week's video I hope that you have enjoyed it and hopefully you have taken something from this I hope you're doing well no matter when you're watching this maybe in the morning afternoon evening or night and I'll see you in my next video after inside the pictures that I forgot to mention again because you know I'm a genius so I'll be

inserting the pictures now probably that I'm talking because it's not like I'm doing anything else anyway the day that much to see these people but yeah guys I will see you in my - video hopefully by