30 October 2018

Easy Half Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial (Using Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection) | MACKENZIE ANNE

Hey Guys! This is an easy Halloween half-skull makeup tutorial. If you have further questions, go ahead and comment them below! Don't forget to... LIKE AND ...


hey everybody welcome back to my channel so today for the half school I'm starting off with the Maybelline fit me foundation in shade 110 porcelain I'm just putting that all over my face with a damn 80 blender now I'm going in with the Maybelline master conceal in the shade 10 which is fair just under my left eye because the other side is gonna be for the skull it doesn't need to look as nice I'm now going in with my makeup forever setting powder I'm just gonna set down the concealer I just please [Music] now I'm going in with my Kat Von D shade and light palette I'm using that bottom middle shade to contour my cheekbones and the forehead and a little bit of my jawline with whatever product is left on the brush now I'm going in with my morphe blush palette using that second shade it's kind of more of a peachy pink now I'm going in with the color pop flexitarian highlighter I'm just gonna highlight my cheekbones a little bit of my nose Cupid's bow and my brow bone maybe it may be a little on the forehead too [Music] now I'm going in with the shade access

from the pallet armed and gorgeous from Jacqueline Hills vault collection and I'm just gonna put that in my crease and kind of blend it up toward my eye brown a little bit towards the outer corner and then I'm gonna go in with secure yeah I'm gonna put that a little bit lower than the access and now I'm going in with the sparks and I'm putting that on the outer corner just to kind of Arkin that I don't know what's on my brush right there that freaks me out that I was using that though now I'm going in with my morphe blending brush continuing to pack on the spark shade [Music] now I'm going in with gala trip I'm gonna use my finger to put it on just because I feel like it works a lot better for the shimmer shades I haven't found any luck using a brush to put these on hung in with sparks again just adding a little more now that I put the shimmer shade on top and then I'll go back in with the secure in the center between the glitter and the sparks just to kind of blend the two together and then I'll go in with access again now I'm going in with prowl in the outer corner just to darken up where I put the

sparks [Music] I'm back in right there with secured [Music] going in with the VIP shade from the armed and gorgeous palette and I'm highlighting my inner corner and my brow bone [Music] and then off-camera I filled in that brow and did the mascara now I'm using the NYX nude pencil I think it's what it's called to kind of draw out the lines for the face of the skeleton just so I can have kind of like a rough draft before I go in with the harsh liner now I'm going in with an angled brush and the elf liquid liner it's actually really great for this kind of makeup [Music] [Music] now I'm using the same angled brush with the extra product on it just to kind of smudge up those lines just so they're not super harsh right off the bat now I'm drawing in the teeth so you're just gonna start with a longer line starting in the center of your top lip and then down on the bottom and then you'll taper them out so they're getting shorter and

shorter or at the end [Music] and now I'm filling in the center part of my lips and then I'm kind of just completing the outer line with a kind of more sharp line and adding another set of teeth right there now I'm taking the actual liner brush from the elf liquid liner to kind of sharpen up the edges of those teeth and then I'm drawing a little little cracks on my forehead [Music] now I'm going in with temptress and I'm just gonna follow those lines that I put down and then after I finished that I go back in with secret from the ring the alarm palette and I kind of just blend that with the black now I'm going in with the guilt trip it's gonna be the first highlight shade for the teeth now I'm going in with a little bit more of that secret color just to kind of blend it a little more like I think I went in with a little bit of sparks on top of it [Music] now I'm going in with secure on top of the sparks and secret I'm just kind of blending that out I'm using the same shades that I use for my eye eye shadow [Music]

now I'm going in with VIP to go right above the harsh line on my cheekbone and I kind of just go a little far with it honestly I start going down my next to my lips and toward my nose and then up on my forehead now I'm going in with VIP to go on top of guilt trip on the teeth and then I'm going in with a little bit of sparks and secret and I'm just kind of like really lightly dusting it on the opposite side so it looks like a little more fleshy and then I go a little tiny bit of temptress just to kind of blend it with the harsh black line that is the tutorial so I hope you guys enjoyed I hope you guys have a great Halloween I will be posting at least one more tutorial before Halloween I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and a safe Halloween and I will see you in the next one