14 October 2018

Easy Classic Eyeshadow Tut! ABH Soft Glam ⭐️

This look is SO easy & SO wearable! Makeup Details: SIGMA E55 ABH SOFT GLAM - CYPRUS UMBER SIGMA E45 MAC 242 BRUSH BUY HERE: ...

hey guys I wanted to film a pretty

wearable glam look my looks I know they can be a little out there so like I said this look is so wearable it's just like straightforward basic Clem I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think in the comments and let's get into it Hey so I already have my base done and my brows done I'm actually doing foundation first impressions and I thought what a great time to just film a really classic eyeshadow tutorial my kids already have concealer on them the concealer is not set I don't set my concealer so that the shadows can really grab on and stay in place and be really intense the palette I'm using today is the Anastasi of Beverly Hills a soft glam palette this is a staple in my collection it's truly just stunning so the first step is to take a flat eyeshadow brush this is a sigma I shading brush II 55 I'm going to be packing Cyprus ombo all over my lid I'm just dipping in my brush tapping it off and then patting it onto my lid in the shape that I want I'm now switching to a blending brush this is a sigma e25 but I'm going to not add any product to the brush but I'm going to blend the edges okay now that's all blended I'm going to

add another layer of the same shade just to deepen it all up and I'm just blending the edges lightly with a different clean brush now I'm taking my mac 242 brush and I'm going to cut my crease I'm only taking this maybe a third or half way now I'm taking my Mac pigment in the shade of melon and I'm going to be patting that on top of the glitter glue and now I'm going to quickly catch up my other eye so what looks the same okay I finally got my eyes to match I'm now going to be taking some of the shade rustic and blending it underneath my lower lash line now I'm taking a sigma short shader brush and I'm going back to that Cypress on the shade I'm going to press it in really close to my lower lashes I'm going to be fully and nude on my inner corner I'm or resisting the urge to put a blue or green I'm going to keep it nude I want me in a corner nice and bright so I'm taking NYX jumbo pencil in milk and I'm going to blend that into a inner corner and then a layer an eyeshadow on top I've decided I'm going to put oh darling highlight on top of my inner corner right area now I was going to use an eyeshadow but this is just beautiful

the mascara I'm using is by a wire cell this is one of the vinyl Couture mascaras this mascara is expensive but the lashes I'm using are so so cheap I'm pretty sure these were like a dollar maybe a dollar 20 or something I will link them below because I love them okay my eyes are finally done I can't believe how gorgeous these lashes are if you hear my little boy he's downstairs with his dad don't stress he's not alone he's just playing I'm going to move on to the rest of my face now if you're just here for the eyes I totally understand but I'm going to contour put your add some blush and some highlight and lips to apply the bronze I'm using my Mac 129 powder brush this bronzer is so beautiful I just love how it looks on the skin I'm switching to my math 109 brush and I'm going to make my canto a little more intense on my nose for my gosh I'm taking my Big Mac at blush palette and I'm going to be using this shade spring sheet I'm just using that on the same brush and for my highlight I'm taking the shade beaming blush by Mac it's an extra dimension skin finish for my lips I'm going to be using a Mac well lip

pencil with Mac velvet a lipstick on top so this is a finished look I really hope you guys enjoyed I am loving the pairing neutral logs bright looks all kinds of looks with my new hair I'm not sure it took me a while to love it at first but now that I love it I'm really getting into creating makeup looks again so this look was a lot more toned down than my usual makeup looks hopefully you guys have loved it anyways and I will see you in my next video