21 December 2018

Easy Christmas Makeup Look || Easy Simple Christmas Makeup || Himanshi Vashisht ||

Hello my amazing people!! For today's video i have for u a very simple Christmas makeup look. Products used- 1. Primer- Blue...

hi guys welcome back to my channel how

are you all okay now I know I look a little different than the thumbnail so just a little backstory I just forgot to shoot the intro oh that look I got so distracted I just forgot to shoot the intro that doesn't happen like very often but yeah I forgot so yes also this is the beauty that I shot many days ago you know a few months back and I couldn't upload it because of you know I just got distracted and other things you know and other videos but you know I was going through my videos and I saw this is like the perfect video for Christmas you know I think it was destined to go with the Christmas so yeah that's coming on Christmas now so yeah let's go now before jumping in make sure you subscribe to my channel if you like me or you like my videos and press the bell I can get notified whenever I post her video also follow me on social media all the deals and links are given in the channel art press them you will get redirected and just follow me everyone so starting off with the primer first now if you can see this black thing at the end of my tables actually this portion of my meal paint that came off

with the tape and I'll put the primer on my face and I didn't really first start off with the eye makeup maybe not we'll go over the face makeup on I already have my tape on I'm so confused let us start with the eyebrows first let me first do my brows and then we'll move into the other stuff I'm moving on with my essence for all Moscato I'm using the spawns baby cream and we are going to put it using a Beauty Blender I can't decide still if I need to take this day you because our foundation has been extremely light I think we can go with a good coating of concealer so we move into the maybelline fitme concealer over here a little bit because I have blemishes bridge of the nose a little bit on the forehead let's go chin arounds lips then actually gives you a good you know a little bit over help so that we can have like a so using my contour palette from button while we will quickly set the under-eye and everywhere else where we used concealer

- the cornholing shape quickly moving into the highlighter and I am using this instrument room shimmer brick from in Carter and I'm using the top two corners this is an extremely shimmering color and compliments the golden color of my dresser libero sewing yes I've been using this now I am moving in with my lipstick this is from Jersey Girls and this is the fashion color lipstick in number zero 11 and this is the spin color and I am going to put it and of course it never ends here Mars has to come you know how much I love this lipstick okay so four days and they come this palette is what we are going to use is the Buddha beauty of course the fake 1wb the golden sands of course you can see these are the colors this palette has one silver gold red greens and all that stuff so it has so I don't know that I should be using I think I'll go with extreme contrast because I am very orange and gold I can't go for orange and gold it would look extremely over-the-top so I were to rather go for something in contrast like greens and greens

I think reds and I'll go 400 in green contrast so I am actually going to start with this particular palette first because this is this is how we're going to start you can't put glitter directly so we will start with soft beige matte base and then we go to the glitter the transition shade and then next taking a plop your brush and blend in the end with the crease brush and we are going with this particular red color Oh in the crease of course you know we'll have like a v-shape and we're just going in the crease and nowhere else because then we move and do the later and then we blend it with the transitional garage what I will be doing is I'm taking this one along with this to blend this out move into this I think it works enough equally with the brush also it's almost the problem that I can see is this thing is not as opaque as I want I think I'll have to pack a little color beneath it so that it looks opaque I think it would be fine I think the critter needs the eyeshadow so face to realistic and you see though I think first of all let's have the winged liner

so now my plan of action would be we'll start off with this color since this is called color sense this is only where I'm cooking it not in the inner corners so do remember that so I will be putting it I'm using this good lean on this very little eyeliner brush in the inner corners now let's do this can you see this dad this green color fill to the top of my eye because it looks pretty I'll quickly find - Connor and I will do that quickly and I'll put lashes quickly and I'll meet you at the end so let me come back yes guys this is the final look now I didn't put any lashes because lashes were not really going on with the look and they've come from bring me today so I decided not to go over the lashes and I skip the lashes so I am bare lash and that is all and I'll meet you in the next video we are going to try another palette again after a while so you have meet you been