09 December 2017


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what's up you guys welcome back today

I'm sitting a little bit further away I feel so far from you guys but I'm good to be able to fit in this ginormous box I still can't even fit it in into the frame today because we are gonna be filming with the new elf Holiday Collection of their holiday capes I am literally so excited you guys so if you guys don't tell me on Instagram you gotta follow me on Instagram because I literally do so many giveaways on there all the time it's at Kelly underscore Jane xx I'll put it somewhere on the screen so you guys can see but basically what I ask you guys to do to enter this giveaway for this box is to let me know what kind of look you guys wanted to see me film with the holiday kit so I'm going to put the three winners on the screen right here they'd already been contacted but these are the three winners and the looks that they came up with and the look that I'm going to be doing today with the alcohol nakeds is the new year new me we're gonna be testing out the kids and doing a look there are so many awesome kits in the collection and this isn't even all of them you guys you can get them at Target this box is heavy I'm gonna try it open

it here are the kids just so you guys can see it in the box you guys this is literally full so I'm gonna put it down and show you each individual kit so the kids that we're gonna be testing out today are the three-piece highlighter kit the beauty sponge trio and I'm gonna unbox all these in the video you guys I'm just showing you guys the kids now I'm never gonna get into actually testing them and you guys will see everything inside the 50 piece eyeshadow set the 10 piece to do brush set and the 4 piece of matte lipstick set and elf was kind enough to send me this bedazzled a brush I guess is a little gift for partner you together this is like the cutest thing I will treasure this forever I love anything bedazzled so thank you so much so like I said you guys can get these kids at Target target.com as well as elf cosmetics comm target has like so many elf products and these kits specifically I'm pretty sure the most expensive one is $20 most of them around the $10 price point so honestly they make like fabulous holiday gifts so there'll be a link in the description box where you guys can get them if you're interested be sure to

subscribe to my channel if you guys have not already it'll be the first link right down below in the description box and without further ado let's go ahead and get started alright you guys let's go ahead and get started we're gonna start with primer and I'm gonna be using the elf poreless face primer today I love the packaging on the elf primers I feel like they're so sleek looking like this looks like a high-end primary you know what I'm saying so just work this in on my face like so ooh I forgot how good this product smells ooh it's like very wintry yeah obviously as a next step we're gonna go in with foundation and concealer but we are gonna be using one of the holiday kits to be able to do that one of the holiday kits has three of these beauty sponges in it so let's go ahead and check it out so in this kit you're gonna get three sponges a black a gray and a white I think I'm gonna use the black one today I am going to be using this damp I went ahead and already ran it under some water and it did get quite a bit bigger and also quite a bit softer once put under the water and for our foundation

we're gonna be using this guy right here this is the elf oil-free a flawless finish foundation in the shade sand I'm just going to kind of apply it to my face with my fingers like I normally do with my foundations and then blend it out with the sponge that's two pumps so we're gonna go in and see how that work just pounced this on our face like so seems to be blending out super easily which is an A+ and if this is the first video of mind that you're watching I feel like I always repeat myself but I always get comments about it so I'm sorry for the people that always watch my videos and already know but my body is self tan I do not apply self-tanner to my face so that is what my face is so much lighter than my neck which is why I always use a bit of a darker foundation because I got to match my face to my neck so there's that this actually blends out the foundation like so quickly because the bottom of this is like so big so it's really easy I'm just using the flat part on the bottom to blend everything out and then when I go in and do this concealer I can use kind of a point D or smaller part of the top all righty

so that is all blended out and now we are gonna jump in with concealer and I have the HD lifting concealer in the shade light so I'm gonna go ahead and pop this into my under eyes into I guess it's on top of on top of the under eyes but just to go ahead and conceal out that area you know the drill get rid of all those bags at mama hat and now I'm gonna use the little pointy tip at the bottom to go ahead and blend that out on my under eyes like so I always make the ugliest faces in the entire we're all in a blending out under-eye concealer so excuse me I forgot about this nice blemish that I have down here on my chin thank you to the airplane so I'm gonna just go and pop some concealer on those two blushes as well does anybody else always break out everytime they go on an airplane every time alrighty we have our base down so we are ready to jump into the eyes and we are gonna jump into it my personal favorite piece from the holiday set and this is the 50 piece i shadow sets you're gonna get this whole set of eyeshadows as well as brushes but there's also a 10 piece brush kit so we're gonna test both of these out I'm

gonna unbox this one first and then it will assess what kind of brushes we need alrighty so this is what it looks like on the inside so you do that the two brushes and then the little kit which does fold over so that it closes and then when you open it you have all of the different shadows so since for this look I'm gonna be doing something that's a little different a little bit out of my comfort zone and since this palette as a whole is pretty much in my comfort zone as far as like warm tone neutrals go you guys know that's my thing but we do have some pops of color in this palette which normally honestly I would never go for and a palette filled with my favorite kind of colors but since we're gonna go out of my comfort zone today we're gonna use some of the bright pops of color so I'm gonna go in and kind of do like a greenish eye today I'm pretty excited about it I am gonna go ahead and open up the 10 piece of brush kit though because I think we're gonna need some of these brushes as well to complete the eyes so let's check out what we get in here alright so we have tons of options we got face brushes we have eye brushes we

have everything in here so I should be able to complete the entire eye look by just using these guys alright so first things first I'm gonna go in with this blending brush right here and I'm gonna jump in with this color right here as a neutral transition shade and what's bond to is that there is a mirror in here so I can use that when I'm doing my eyelid which makes it so much easier alright so I'm just gonna go in with that color on my crease just to set down a neutral transition shade I feel like you guys already know that I always do this but just in case you don't I want to start to build up the crease a bit so I'm going to go in with this brown shade right here you guys you have no idea how many times it took me to say that I could not say I'm going to start to build up the crease of it now I can say and I'm just going to go on with that same blending brush to do that so we're just going to begin to kind of build that crease up make this into a smoky eye again I promise I'm gonna go in with green and things that are out of my comfort zone but I did just want to build up the crease first using some neutrals the way this blending brush is

shaped it's like perfect for my eye makes everything blend out exactly as I want it to now I'm gonna jump in with this smudge brush and I'm actually gonna cut the crease a little bit I think that's what I want to do kind of like a cut crease since that's also out of my comfort zone and then do the green all over the lid so to cut the crease I'm gonna go in with this super deep kind of brown shade this is like a very muted like cool toad dark brown and we are just gonna kind of cut that crease out this does not have to be perfect because we will clean it up we're just gonna go in and kind of get that base line in there my crease is kind of weird so it is kind of hard for me to do a cut crease but I'm just gonna do try and work with it you guys because it's a new year new me I feel the trick when music when doing a cut crease is kind of like getting the brush in your crease while your eye is kind of like open still wait does that make sense does anyone know what I'm talking about I feel like that's kind of the key because when your eyes closed you feel I feel like you can't really like tell where your true creases at

least for me I don't know I'm probably not making any sense at all all right now to really clean up that cut crease I'm gonna go in with this tiny little guy this is the small precision brush a little bit of a concealer that we used before and clean everything up I just hit myself in the nose we're just gonna put a little bit of concealer right on the brush directly and then go in and really make that a sharper size line like so this really helps to pull everything together make it look really sharp [Music] now as promised we're gonna jump in all over the lid with a green color so I'm gonna go in with this this is actually concealer brush this is perfect for packing color all over the lid and we're gonna pack on this hunter green color or right here and this is a matte green shade in case you guys are wondering how stunning oh my god this is so pretty I am obsessed how pretty is this color and now I am gonna leave that inner corner area open because I am gonna go in with a different shade in there so I'm just gonna leave that open for right now and now I'm just smudging on my lower lash

line with that same darker brown shade and a smudge brush just to smoke it out and then in my inner corner to brighten it up I'm gonna go in with the champagne gold we are just gonna pack that on there it's a nice bright pop yes girl they said go out of your comfort zone so that is what I'm doing you guys this look though is still like super wearable you could totally rock this for like a holiday party - so then I'm gonna use the elf intense ink liner to do up my winged Alana recently I have not been doing wings so that's why I'm gonna do winged today because it's a little different this has always been one of my favorite liner pens I just think it's so so easy to work with and it does not fray in my waterline which is a major key and then last not least to complete the eyelid I'm gonna go in with these dramatic lashes just gonna go in and pop those boys these are so easy because they're so lightweight now that her eyes are done we're gonna go in and finish off the rest of my face so I am going to use this small stipple brush and the elf of Prime and stay finishing powder and medium dark to bronze up my skin you guys know that I like to bronze so I'm

just going to bronze up my skin today whoo this blending brush is so soft I'm just gonna take a little bit extra to contour out of them cheekbones all righty we're done bronzing I always try to take it a little too far with the bronzer but we're gonna stop it right there and we're gonna highlight which you guys know is my favorite part and we have this 3-piece complete highlighting set so you get three different products in here let's check it out so you get a highlighter palette a liquid highlighter and a helot or brush and inside of the highlighter palette you get four different highlight shapes so this is like awesome let's go ahead and do a little swatch she's Watchi yes girl so I'm actually gonna go in first with the liquid highlight so I really want my highlight there to pop so if we put the liquid down and then the powder on top it's going to be it's so pretty oh my god just this on its own is so pretty Wow I don't know that I've ever tried liquid highlighters from ELF before wow this is so pretty and it blends out so easily with the finger too and for the highlight palette and mixed together these two right here

and we are gonna highlight and glow to the gods yes so pretty oh my god gonna go with a little bit of that lighter one I just really amp it up yes oh my god Wow and then last but certainly not least we have the 4-piece matte lipstick set so inside you get four different full-size matte lip crayon so you get a nude a red a berry and a wine so let's go ahead and swatch all of them and then I'll decide which one to use alright so first we have the nude very true true nude very creamy then we have the berry shade ooh that's really pretty too red oh that's like a classic bright red then we have the more wine type shade OH oh my god I have to go in with the wine I love that actually now that I'm looking at just because I have so much going on with my eyes I love that red but I'm like maybe I should go with the nude just because I did such a bold look where ever I used more neutral colors in this palette I would do the wine so I might do the nude just as I feel like a super bold eye and lip might be a little bit too much least for the holidays so I'm gonna go in and like line my lips with this and then fill them in that's why I love these lip crayons because you

can do both pretty nude - these are so creamy - Wow I'm obsessed without creamy this feels on my lips like it feels so nice but it's mad obsessed already you guys so this is the completed look I hope that you did enjoy this video if you did please be sure to give it a thumbs up and also subscribe to my channel right down below if you guys have not already also in the description box I will have a list of all the products that I use as well as links to where you can get them thank you guys so so much for watching I love you so much and I'll see you very soon in my next video bye