19 December 2018

DUPE OR DONT? PRIMARK VS HUDA BEAUTY palettes and lip sets | DramaticMAC

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today I'm gonna be doing a pennies video like a dupes video I'm not really sure if these are even dupes I just saw these products when I was in pennies the other day and I was like I'll just pick them up and put them to the test and see do they work out so I'm gonna start out with my foundation on today because the products I'm testing are lip products and I products so I'm talking about their eyeshadow palettes and their little lip kit so this little palette here with nine eyeshadows in it and I already owned the hooda more Bob session polish which looks like this and I thought that the whole concept behind these two palettes was quite similar now I think it's pretty obvious from looking at them that the color scheme is very very similar but obviously the colors are not identical however I want to see can I make a look using this palette and this one to create something like similar on the eye and looking at them side-by-side there are a few shadows that definitely could be do pible I don't know if you want to call that a word do pible I'm just gonna just say that word there anyway and then the other products I picked up were the

liquid mash the nude ettus and they looked very similar to these these are the huda beauty nude love collection liquid matte minis and I just thought that the two products were very very similar in concept and obviously in appearance so I said I would pick up both these products to give them a test today on my channel to see what way they work out and I thought maybe we might be able to find a few dupes in there and if we did how amazing with a fee but it just kind of stood out to me that these products looked extremely similar I got sent one of these pallets and thought nothing of it until I saw this one I was like oh my god it's totally trying to dupe this product so let's try it all out on my eyes and my lips today and see how we get on okay so I'm gonna first off start with the Penny's eyeshadow look I shadow look I shadow polish and I'm gonna take the center shade here the rest of the shades are kind of shimmery or there's like a sheen off them so I don't know how exactly I'm gonna work this out I gonna pop that through my crease on this I just gonna use the mirror and this just so I can see what I'm doing it definitely

comes across a lot Pinker then it looks in the palate and excuse the fact if you can see like a little mark on my eye I got my eyebrows waxed the other day and the girl burnt me so I actually really like that I shadow color because I think it's quite pigmented for you know a 350 eyeshadow palette I think it looks quite nice actually do you know what I'm gonna wipe off this brush and I'm gonna go in with this shade up here and take a lighter hand with this one because I feel like it's a little bit deeper than the center shade but I'm just trying to create and I look that's slightly similar not identical but just think that you could kind of pull it off is the same thing oh my god I'm actually the stupidest person ever I'm trying to use the mirror here and I'm like what is wrong with this mirror it's very foggy I still have the sticky thing over mm-hmm that is so much better so don't take a lighter hand with this shade here and let's pop that into this crease I never really got on with this mauve obsessions polish tbh I just thought that it was a little bit I don't know a bit patchy on my eyes and I wasn't like overly keen honest but I've worked with it a few

times since my initial reaction to it and I'm still kind of like on the fence about it okay so I'm just gonna build this up into my crease I don't know I think I achieved like the same kind of look I might actually zoom in for you guys would be a bit easier for you to see it's really weird because I thought this shade here in the center was way lighter than this one I mean it is but they come across nearly identical on the eyes okay I'm gonna start on this side this time and I'm gonna use this deep shade up here in the corner it's like a maroon shade and I'm just going to use this to add a bit of dimension to the eye look it's gonna pop that through my crease and kind of to the outer corner of the eye this is my issue with this palette I feel like everything gets a bit splotchy with it and all the eyeshadows kind of merge into one I don't know what it is about this eyeshadow palette and me we just have never got on but I'm gonna work work my magic with it hopefully and now from the Penny's palette I'm gonna take this shade down here I know it's like shimmery and the other one is kind of matte but I'm just gonna see what I

can do it I'm just taking this on a different brush maybe not too much this has a slight sheen to it which is obviously very different to the matte side here the shade is a little bit deeper so I might just add something else onto this side to deepen it oh I'm gonna go in with this shade here okay so I think they're kind of looking the same this palette oh I just never never ever ever got on with it so wanna add a bit of like shimmer into the inner corner corner and I have these two colors here so this one and this one which look at the state of my hand so this one is a little bit more pinky in the top one and the only other shade that I can kind of replicate a two is this one here watch that underneath I think this one and the top shade are the closest together that is this shade here and not shade there and that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put obviously the pennies one on this eye here that into the inner part of my eye and next I'm gonna go into the huda beauty one and take this shade up here and just pop that into our third this shuttles a little bit chunkier but ultimately they're kind of the same color okay I think this is all I can

kind of do with the eye shadows because nothing else really matches there's like a white icy shade in there and we've got a cream shade in here might just take that icy shade and just pop it underneath my eyebrow see well there's like not that much shimmer that actually came off that it doesn't even look shimmery he's gonna take this shades then as well and pop that on underneath like they're not too dissimilar I still feel like the choppiness on this is just awful I'm gonna go with my concealer now and just go ahead and clean off and fill in my eyebrows and do the rest of my makeup and then come back and do the lips and what kind of discuss where we're at I'm just gonna finish off the under eye area I'm gonna go with this shade and this shade here I'm just gonna pop that underneath I'm a little mirror again pop that underneath their lower lashline I know they're not like identical and all they're not dupes but I just feel like you can get a similar look it's gonna clean this brush off cuz I want to take that shadow with it and I just think it's the perfect brush so I'll be back in a moment okay so now I'm just gonna pop this shade and then

finally I'm gonna use this shade here and then from this palette we're gonna go in with that shade that I used in the inner portion okay I'm gonna add some liner and lashes and we'll come back and talk about the lip products then exciting okay guys so I have actually gone through the whole experiment in of swatch and these for you I'm gonna talk through the colors so on this side we have the hoodie beauty and on this side we have the pennies so I'm gonna start at the top there on this side and the color at the top is crushed then next we have girlfriend then sugar mama then wifey at the bottom the ones from Penny's do not have any names at all so I just kind of swatched them beside the shades that I thought they might have matched and I think the first three are not that dissimilar definitely not these ones like this is way too dark it's actually a beautiful shade it's like the really deep dark shade so I'm gonna try and find a dupe in these this one is a little bit more pinky than that one but I thought that they might be the closest and now I'm looking at them I'm thinking this one might match that one instead definitely these two

are the closest and then them too but yeah maybe this one matches that one a bit better this has a lot more peach in it like they're not like miles and worlds apart which is a very interesting okay so the dupes that I'm gonna try and go for our D shade white V which is this shade down here at the bottom and then this shade up here at the top which has no name obviously but it was the obviously the first color that i swatched from penny so they are the most similar now I don't know what way they come in the pack like obviously they don't have any names or anything like that but I'm sure you could pick out the shade that I'm talking about here because it's like the lightest so what I'm gonna do is I've already lined my lips with the NYX suede lip liner in Toulouse and go with pennies on this side and huda beauty on this side so this is wyfy which is kind of the whole reason why I bought this like quad of liquid lipsticks because I've been wanting it for a long time I'm not gonna lie and I just heard the greatest things about it's such a pretty nude oh and now I'm gonna go in with the liquid lipstick from Penny's and just apply it to this

side maybe once they're dry there won't be too different I mean they're not worlds apart like you wouldn't be like oh my god that girls wearing two different lip products but I'm just gonna wait for them to dry and then I'm gonna like feather on my lip liner again just to kind of like I don't know make the lip product look about matter or I got let's discuss okay so first of all the formula is a little bit different from Penny's to her to Beauty naturally because they are two different products I don't expect them to have the same formula the huda beauty is a lot more liquidy in formula and then the liquid lipsticks from Penny's are a bit more whipped I think they've changed the formula I feel like they never used to be like this before and I actually preferred the new formula so I'm feeling like there's no stickiness from this side the new the old formula I definitely left like a sticky tacky feel to the lips also these dry a lot quicker than the huda beauty just putting that out there I am actually really content with this little dupe I feel like maybe it's not identical identical but you're not like

honestly gonna notice well I won't notice that I was wearing two different lip products unless I looked really close and then I would be like oh yeah add a little bit of a difference but nothing kind of crazy and I think if you pop bought the Penny's version you're definitely getting at least two very similar liquid lipsticks and they look really pretty on like this looks really nice I'm really happy with this so I would definitely pick up the pennies when they're a fiver for four so that is like what 125 each pretty liquid lipstick which is amazing where is the hood of beauty air like 36 I'll actually get the proper price then link it down below but they're a lot more expensive and you're getting a very similar look on the lips now I just want to kind of discuss the palettes because I do feel like obviously I would never in a million years be under the illusion that these palettes are do I mean I'm not blind it's pretty obvious that they're not complete dupes but I managed to make and eyeshadow look so similar to the mauve obsessions that I am happy enough to leave my house wearing this because I'm going ice skating in about two hours

and I will wear this ice skating I am under no illusion that they are identical identical but they are souls are possible like I've looked really close at my eyes I'm just after looking in the mirror right there right honestly can't tell the difference other than I just did this myself I won't know which palette I used on which eye and I'm really really happy with the law this 350 eyeshadow palette was better than the majority of the eyeshadow palettes I - pennies in the past I feel like this blended really well I really like it on my eyes I feel once I kind of use concealer and cleaned up the outside edges it looked great and I've never really gotten on that well with the hooded beauty's Marvel sessions in the past I'm still not gonna say I absolutely love it I prefer to have this palette to be honest cuz I can create like kind of a similar look and I didn't have as much problem with like choppiness or anything like that I know so many you guys watching this get on really really well with these huda beauty little palettes I haven't had the best experience with this one but I'm willing to try maybe more in the future

to see how you know they work on my own that is my two cents on these eyeshadow palettes and on the liquid lipsticks I feel like definitely the pennies liquid lipsticks are worth every single cent they were super affordable where's the other one gone they're super affordable they have beautiful colors like I'm dying to try this dark brown and from these swatches I mean you guys can see that there are clearly similarities and I will definitely pick up more of these pennies ones because I don't think I would bother getting any more of the hood of beauty what liquid lipsticks I think I'm sash I have the nude ones and they're kind of like all I was ever really doubt interesting both of them Medusa liquid lipstick it's like bomb calm I absolutely love that and if you want to save yourself some moolah on the hood of beauty one single pick up pennies happy dates or Primark as it's known everywhere else in the world when I say pennies people are like what are you talking about girl anyway that is enough for me today I hope you guys enjoy today's Beauty Beauty video I don't know what trying to say there haha

I will have a new video for you guys very very soon please stay tuned if you're not already hit that subscribe button time to talk to all you guys in my next video bye