14 July 2017

Drugstore Makeup Favorites!! Some dupes, ALL affordable!

These are my current favorite products from the drugstore! I tried to keep this video all things you can find at your local drugstore, or the drugstore section at Ulta!

hey guys welcome back today I am going

to do a video that I'm super excited about it is my all-time drugstore favorites which I do love my high-end makeup I will not lie about that I do but I do think there are some beautiful hidden gems at the drugstore and I am going to share my favourites with you today so Alyssa so first for our face is this L'Oreal beauty sponge now I have the Beauty Blender the Real Techniques Beauty sponge and this one and this is by far my favorite it's so squishy and it just really it's just perfect I just love it it's so soft and it gets in there it's just great I just love it it's everything you need this you need this I really love this L'Oreal magic Lumi I put this all over my face just to give me that nice healthy glow and fantastic and then for my problem areas with pores on my cheeks on my t-zone I like to go in with this NYX pore filler it is it's really dry but I do find that it really fills in the pores and like if you have any little scarring or anything like that it really works so that's where I go next so then moving on to foundation my number one favorite drugstore foundation of all time is the

Milani conceal and perfect I think it is so great right now for the summertime it is water resistant sweat proof so it stays on it gives you a good full coverage and doesn't slide off when you're getting sweaty in the hot summer if you can find your shade in this highly recommend it because it is great and it has a nice like natural finish it's not too dry which is a big deal for it being full coverage so sticking with the water-resistant sweat proof theme this is one I don't hear people talk about much at all this is the rim Finnish 25-hour with comfort serum yada yada yada anyway it's a lot more of a tacky dewy finish than the Milani but I do find that when I set it down it stays really well bit more dry and I want a little bit more of a dewy luminous finish I love the L'Oreal True Match Lumi cushion now this one is not as full of coverage but it is a decently full coverage for a luminous finish and the shade n2 is perfect for me in the winter months when I don't have a tan going on at all I really I really love this and you do

get a surprisingly good amount in this little cushion on two concealers before I found Tarte shape tape I loved the Maybelline instant age rewind and the shade neutralizer is absolutely perfect for my skin it really brightens up the under-eye it really highlights the center of the face it's really great and it's really full coverage but yet thinner and lighter at the same time so it's very comfortable to wear for another favorite for concealer is the Maybelline fit me concealer I use the shade deep to contour and then the shade sand is a pretty good skin match for me in the summer time especially it is a little bit too dark to highlight with but I do mix it with a lighter shade of Tarte shape tape next we have setting powders MRCA and the cover FX perfect setting powder is my number one favorite but for drugstore I really like the Cody airspun to set the under eyes and the highlighted areas and I you really use this in my t-zone in the summer especially to really lock everything down and bake and then to kick that off and set the rest of my face I love the fit me set this is a set and smooth one this is not the matte and poreless I

love this one because it does set the rest of my face but it gives me more of a like a natural finish it's not as and dry it's more of a natural more hydrated more supple looking finish for a powder that's really great okay so moving on to contouring and bronzing the NYX contour palette this is a powder contour and highlight palette is really really good this shade right here is a perfect cool tone contour shade I use it every day it's basically the only one that looks like it's ever been touched which it isn't but it looks that way and then I really love to mix the banana shade and then this lighter color to set my under eyes and highlight my face when I need to but it serves a variety of skin tones and I think it is really really good quality especially for the price number one favorite bronzer of all time not just drugstore ever is the Physicians Formula butter Brun everyday that's my favorite part of doing my makeup is getting to put this on and smell it I even have a hit pan on it I'm so sad I'm gonna have to go buy a backup and a backup for my backup because I love this stuff and I love how it has just the

most subtle glow to it that gives your skin such a Sunkist natural kind of glowy look it is perfection bring on to blush now this is no surprise to anyone I love the Milani Luminoso blush I have used this on several different skin tones and it looks beautiful on every single one now I love the more Coralie peachy beautiful color of it and the gold Sheen that it has to it now if I don't use a pore filler on a certain day I usually won't go for a blush with a sheen to it like this one I'll go for a matte blush but any other day this is I love the glow that it gives I start with cream highlight so this is a Maybelline master strobing liquid and this is in light and it's a little bit of a it's a really frosty pink light light pink but it's a little bit light for my again right now with a little bit of a tan that I have going on but I do love it and on the skin it looks so similar to the cover FX custom enhancer drops in the shade celestial it's a really good dupe for that one another favorite I have is this makeup revolution vivid baked highlighter and this is in peach light and it has this really beautiful

like duochrome effect to it I love using this to highlight the inner corner of my eyes it's just so beautiful my favorite drugstore highlight is in actually one of my next picks for eyeshadow and it is the Carli bybel palette and this shade right here I absolutely love it it's not a blinding highlighted to the gods type of highlighter but it is really really beautiful on the skin moving on to eyes as I just said the Carli bybel palette is one of my favorite drugstore palettes now I am a morphe fan I love morphe shadows I use them every day I either use morphe or more high-end eyeshadows I don't find very many shadows from the drugstore or more affordable shadows that I like personally but this Carli bybel palette is one that I do like and you can find this in the drugstore section at Ulta it's by BH Cosmetics and I think it's really really great for maybe a beginner palette if somebody that's just getting into makeup it's really great I have a hard time getting a full look out of it because I just wish there was a little bit of a deeper shade in here for deepening the outer corner and things like that so I don't usually get a full look out of it but I

do think it's a really great palette for especially beginners or just to add to your collection another favorite from the drugstore section of Ulta is this makeup revolution it is the neutral versus neutrals palette and this one is real great and you can definitely get a full look out of this guy this red right here is kind of a duochrome and it is just beautiful there's some nice dark color there's some nice cream-colored Matt um the shimmers in here are really great consistency they're so creamy and it's just it's a really great palette the mats are good too but the shimmers are what really makes this palette for me so I have two drugstore mascaras that are my favorite one is of course the L'Oreal voluminous Lashkar dice and the other is this essence splash princess now I'm just going to go ahead and say this the lash princess from essence is my favorite I prefer it to the lash paradise in fact and the reason behind that is they are both nice and black and they really give your lashes a lot of Darkness for meshing in with false lashes and I find that you can really build your lashes up

really beautifully with both of them they give you a lot of volume and length but the difference to me is the wand the lash paradise wand is so much fatter and the lash princess wand is much more thin and tapered and it just works so well for me to really get in there and especially my bottom lashes I have never used the lash paradise with on my bottom lashes without smudging it and having to go in and clean it up later but the essence one is absolutely perfect for the bottom lashes and it does the job on the top lashes as well so I love them both but I have to say that the essence one is my number one favorite okay now let's talk about brows okay so these are the Loreal brow stylist shape and fill and the brow stylist definer and they are absolutely fantastic now this is basically the Anastasia brow definer and this is the brow Wiz it they are so similar I can't tell you this one has more of the triangular shape and this one is the tiny little end and they both are fantastic they go on so well they brush into your brows super easily they stay all day they don't smudge they are fantastic and then for a tinted brow

mascara I really love this essence make me brow it has little fibers in it and I like it because it's a brown but it's a cool tone Brown it is not a warm tone Brown which is hard to find and it is really great I use this one and the benefit gimme brow and is it called gimme brow I think so yeah gimme brow and I find that I like this one just as much it's got it's got a nice little teeny tiny one so it's really easy to get up in there and for a clear brow gel from the drugstore I really like to just use this Maybelline great lash in the clear one it really brushes them up keep them there all day it's really it's really good stuff and it's like four bucks so you can't beat it King lashes from the drugstore I my absolute favorite are the kiss lash couture lashes and their kind of faux mink lashes and I love every single one of the styles I don't have any of the boxes because they're all used so they're all this is the style gala and they are really nice like really fluffy beautiful mink guest lashes that really bring the drama and then these are the style midnight which are very similar to

the gala ones but they're a little bit shorter and a little bit less dramatic but still really like fluffy and beautiful favorite style is called little black dress and they are perfect for every day they're not too crazy and full but they're just they're perfect I wear them on for everyday looks and I love men a favorite lash glue this is the duo just clear brush on lash glue and I love this this is the only lash glue that I use I have tried every lash glue there is and I really like this one because you can get a nice thin application of it and it's not too hard to get off but yet it stays all day so I never have a problem with my lashes poppin off but I don't have to rip out all of my natural lashes at the end of the day to get them up now this is my absolute favorite this is the essence lip liner and I feel like this is a dupe for the Mac lip liner because it is very drying I guess it's not dry but it's not super creamy it doesn't glide on super smoothly it is you know you have to put a little bit more work into getting it on but it is a lot more precise that way and it does stay way longer I mean that

sucker stays on all day and this is the shade in the nude and it is beautiful it goes perfectly under any nude lipstick right for my favorite drugstore liquid lip I have to say I am a huge fan of the wet and wild liquid catsuit some rebel rose is one of my favorite shades also for summer right now I'm loving this one called flame of the game and they're so good they remind me of the jeffree star liquid lipstick and I know that they are supposed to be a dupe and I do believe that they really are I mean Jeffrey stars a little bit less dry and a little more long-lasting but these are really great especially for the price I also really love the NYX londre the lip lingerie this is in the shade corset and it is such a great nude it looks a little not so new probably right here but it is a really great brown or toned nude these are so soft they feel so good on your lips they don't last I don't think as long as the wet and wild liquid cat suits but they are really really great favorite gloss from the drugstore is the NYX butter gloss now I think these have the perfect name because they are so buttery and they're not sticky and they do last a really long time over

liquid lipsticks I like them because I do think they have enough pigmentation where you can just wear them by themselves if you just want like a glossy lip but they're not overly pigmented where you're going to completely lose the color of your lipstick underneath if you choose to put it over a lipstick now last but not least for lips I will say that this wet and wild pout until it's a gel lip balm and I really love this it doesn't have a ton of pigmentation either but it does have a little bit it'll give your lips a little bit of color smell good and it feels so good on the lips I really like that ok so last but not least we have settings phrase now settings breather so important we all know especially well not especially they're always important but in the summertime oh girl you can't go outside without a setting spray now I really love this elf mist and set it works really well but I feel like I went through it so fast but for the price it is really good now this is not the mattifying one this is just the regular one and I thought it melted in the powder and they my makeup look so good I

really enjoyed this but my number one favorite setting spray is the Milani make it last and you can tell I don't even try to keep the lids on my setting for it claims to give you 16 hours of wear and I believe that that is true I put this on after I've set my face I spray this on and it even in 105 degree heat which we had a couple days ago this sucker sticks and it keeps my makeup on I'm not I'm sweating but I'm not sweating my makeup off I don't know how it happens it's a miracle to subs it's great and it smells so good I really really really really recommend getting that was it for my absolute drugstore favorite I really hope that you got something out of this and that maybe you've been thinking about trying a product that now you can go maybe find it at the drugstore and save a couple dollars I think there are really great things in every category at the drugstore you just so times have to work through the bad ones to find the gems and I feel like I've really done that over the years I have gone through a lot of drugstore makeup and I have found so much that does not work for me but all you need is one

thing that does work for you and your set so I hope this helps you guys out or gave you some ideas or maybe give you a little list to try and thank you so much for watching I am definitely trying to improve every video for right now I think I'm going to be trying to do two video of the week one will be a tutorial and one will be more of a review sit down talk about products style like this one so I hope that you guys like it my video should be improving every single one as I go on learning about the lighting and the filming and the editing and everything so they should be getting better and better so thank you so much for watching please come back for the next one and I really appreciate it thanks guys bye