26 November 2018

Drugstore Festive Glam Makeup Tutorial | Soph X Revolution Palette

Hi Everyone! Hope you all are well. Can I say the 'C' word? Today I've my first festive tutorial of the year. This week I'm focusing on drugstore products for the ...


hey everyone so the first thing I'm doing as always is taking a primer and I've just squeezed little on my finger I'm using the warmth of my finger now to mount that product into the skin just to ensure that our shadows go on nice and smoothly and last all day I'm taking the self x revolution powder today and they really like this palette because it's got a fantastic range of shades and it the quality is brilliant I'm super cheap so I'm starting out by using the shade peaches and a fluffy blending brush and I'm tapping a little dye on the other throat of the eye and then I'm sweeping the shadow across into the crease and this shadow is a slight bit of shimmer to it but because I'm applying such a light layer it actually isn't noticeable I just want something in the crease to help the other shadows blend that a little bit more seamlessly now I'm using a small bullet shaped brush to run this shadow down along the lower lash line and as you can see literally one swipe did the job so I'm just picking back up my fluffy blending brush and a tiny bit more of that shadow and I'm running around the edges of the entire look and really focusing on rounding out those

edges next then I'm taking the shade pumpkin on a slightly smaller blending brush and I'm using a smaller blending brush because I don't want to blend this shadow out as much as the previous shade and the bristles on this brush are more compact compared to the last brush next I'm taking some of the shade danger and I love this collar it's a Gooden for this time of year I'm beginning with a light hand and I'm working it on the outer portion of the eye first before taking it across into the crease then I'm switching to my bullet-shaped brush once again I'm smoking some of that same shadow down along the lower lash line making sure to connect it up on that outer edge then I'm going back in with that red once again and really blowing out those edges although you can't see our two previous shades it doesn't mean applying them was pointless I wouldn't have gotten as nice of a blend with that deep red if I hadn't have used them so does the look is a bit more dimension now I'm going in with the shade cuppa tea and a fluffy blending brush I'm smoking this very lightly around the edges just so you can see a hint of that light warmth

and shade next I'm going to cut the crease and to do that I'm using the collection lasting perfection concealer one of my favorites then the shape of the applicator itself actually makes putting the crease that bit easier to do I'm literally no swiping it across the eye and it's doing the work for me now I'm using a c-shape synthetic brush just to clean up those edges under blend out excess concealer I'm using the warmth of my finger now just to matte that concealer into the skin and by tapping over the edge of that red it's just going to help the to fade nicely into one another next I'm picking up some of this metallic cranberry shade on a flat C shaped brush I'm piling it down right next to the edge that concealer then I'm taking a mix of these two golden shades I'm overlapping them with the red and also applying it slightly on a bit of that free lid space as well then I'm going back in with the metallic red and I'm just layering off this shadow to really fuse it in with the goals for the remaining part of the lid then I'm taking this matte Weiss called penguin and I'm applying a very light layer to

the lid so now on to the black the black really transforms this look all together so I'm beginning by taking nightmare in a small pencil brush and I'm applying it from the lashline up into the crease and rounding that shadow into a C shape because we caught the crease earlier I'm switching to a small flat brush to apply the black to that part of the look because the brush is just that bit more precise than my pencil brush and then I'm just connecting that black up to the black that I've already applied once I've laid down the black right at that edge though with my small brush I can go back in with the pencil brush and build up that black and start to blend it out so I'm using circular motions little circular motions with my pencil brush firstly to diffuse the black then I'm switching to another pencil brush with some red shadow on it this time and I'm reeling it along the edge of that black to help fade it out to really make sure that everything is diffused nicely I'm going back in with my fluffy blending brush this time at no product honors and I'm running it around the edges this may seem really excessive but it really makes such a difference to the look

moving down to the lower lash line now and picking off my small flat brush and I'm pressing that black eye shadow into lashes I want this area to be pitch black which is why I'm using this type of a brush then I can go in with my pencil brush and apply a little more underneath and then smoke out at the edges and I do this process a couple of times until I'm happy with the intensity of the shadow and the softness of the edges further waterline I'm taking my no cosmetics intense look I pencil when I'm running the pencil back and forth and then to set that pencil in place to make sure that it lasts all day long I'm going back in with some laughs black eye shadow patting it over the top of that pencil with my flat brush free lashes I'm taking these ones by kiss they actually haven't left my office since I got them I love the fact know that they've added some really dramatic lashes to their line they're just fantastic to finish off the look then the last shadow I'm taking is fairy lights I'm just patting this around the tear duct of the eye to add a nice pop to that area and then I'm going to take some mascara and I'm using this blend my

own lashes in with the false ones but then that's it so I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and finished helpful if you did let me know by liking commenting and subscribing if you haven't already and I'll see you soon