19 December 2018

Drug Store Makeup Tutorial!!!!!

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed my first YouTube video! I'm so excited to be on YouTube now and yeah I hope you subscribe I'll be posting multiple videos weekly ...

hey guys it's Hannah and today I'm going

to be doing a drugstore makeup tutorial and I will have all the names of the products that I'm using down in the description box along with the prices so let's begin and today I'm filming on my iPhone I do have a camera but I do not have a computer that I can download my videos to because the computer I have is for school and it doesn't have enough space so we're trying it on my iPhone we're gonna use iMovie to edit it and we're gonna see how it goes so let's get started okay for primer today I'm using the essence Fresh Fit awake primer looks like this I'm going to squirt it onto my sponge I got these sponges at t.j.maxx they came in like this little kit like this little set I think it was like five dollars for like eight or nine sponges like I kid you not I was so surprised I was no girl what five dollars for eight sponges Oh bitch you tell me and your girl loves a good steal on makeup okay no this is the first time I've really ever used this and it's it doesn't smell bad I like to smell things because I don't like anything that smells weird to be on my face no and it feels kind of oily which

probably isn't good because my skin is really oily to begin with but anyway on to the next thing I'm using the Maybelline fit me matte poreless foundation in the shade 105 fair ivory I'm gonna be taking that same sponge again let me just pull my hair back I have a huge forehead as you can see so don't mind me hey so let's get some foundation on this little sponge I'm almost out of this one so I actually bought a backup because I love this even though I have like five hundred other foundations I could use choose this one sure yeah and I actually put it off my eyelids too and I still prime my eyelids but I start to blend it out and then I take my brush this is the creme Shop brush and I take it and I blend in the rest of my makeup because I don't like using sponges to blend it in coz one I feel like it doesn't look like that doesn't look good but it just doesn't work for me like it doesn't blend it in all the way and I know I should probably blend a little more with the sponge like you know take more time but like a girl I don't have 15 minutes to spend on foundation next we're using another Mabel oh just just

kidding this is the L'Oreal Paris infallible Pro glow concealer in the shade 101 classic ivory I haven't used this much actually so this is not a first impressions but kind of so we're gonna take this and blend this in with our sponge Oh looks bad I spun around hopefully you can see me okay and I'm not too far away it's kind of hard to tell if I mean I don't even know if I'm in focus coz I'm feeling with my iPhone and I can't see the back of it wonderful now to set our under eyes I'm going with the Rimmel London stay matte mattifying loose powder in the shade zero zero one transparent it looks like this and it comes with this handy dandy loo sponge or Apple I don't know I don't know what I'm trying to say so I pour it into the cap tap into it put it under my eyes and it's all over my nose and now we page this is actually my first youtube video I will be uploading so I apologize if it's not that good but I'm trying my best now we are going to Gondor I'm using the profusion studio contour palette I got this at t.j.maxx for $2 so I don't really know if it's drugstore or not so I apologize but I didn't really have any

drugstore like contour like I have bronzers but like I really like this one so I decided to use this one and I'm going with my BH Cosmetics brush in the number 4 it looks like this and I'll be taking this color right here they don't have names so I apologize and going in my cheekbones and up ok little hairs on my foot ok onto my forehead that's actually really pretty I've used this color before but sometimes I go with the darker one even though my skin tone is really really light I just really liked how it looks when it's the darker one it gives you more of an intense look so yeah now I'm going to take my BH Cosmetics and number one it looks like this and I'm going to brush away the powder under eyes are glowing ok now I'm going to do my brows I'm using the essence how to make brow Wow and I'm going in with the darkest shade called love brunettes because this just looks the best on my eyebrows I don't know I don't know okay we're actually gonna use this little brush in here so I realized the batch I picked up was for my eyeliner so that works and I feel from the beginning

I go up and over a little on my face there well that's very dark in the beginning it's okay we'll just make it darker on the end okay one and my eyebrows are not sisters they're frickin cousins like this one looks great all the time looks great this one no but this doesn't look too too bad I just wish this one looked more like my last one now for eyeshadow I'm going to use the L'Oreal Paris la palette nude one and I apologize there's a lot of paint on this palette because I painted my room and like buy paint I mean I threw paint everywhere so yeah okay get this little stupid brush here to start let's see I'm going to go in with this shade here which is called number three bat shaped hair I'm taking my cream shop a little brush that looks like this it doesn't have a number I apologize so we're gonna put this down over our lid to start I've only used this palette one time I've had it for like a year now and I don't really remember how it works but I thought I would do an everyday kind of drugstore makeup look because I'm not trying to do anything crazy because I don't really have a lot of good drugstore palettes

that are more bright and colorful yet so like if you got any that you want to recommend and let me know cuz I'd love to try them okay now we are going to go in with this shade right here which is number six I'm just gonna put that in the outer corner okay and we got to obviously blend that out oh this isn't looking too bad I apologize if you can hear my heat in my house like it's the events are blowing out the heat right now and it's really freaking me out now for our inner I'm gonna go a little glittery it's not to worry we're going in with number seven and put it the beginning and just Pat it on it's lighter and has a little bit of shimmer to it so I think it just makes it look really nice for something lighter on the inside like that I need to there we go I'm just going back in with that darker tone I had and making it a little bigger okay now before I do eyeliner and stuff I'm gonna do my highlight because I do eyeliner in lashes off camera because it takes me 500 bajillion years oh yeah we are going in with the wind web mega glow illuminating palette in the shade 320

catwalk pink it looks like this and I'm taking this beautiful unicorn brush that I also got at t.j.maxx it came in a kit with like four other brushes I think it was like six dollars anywho I brushed it and do all the colors and start applying to my face it's a subtle glow it's not like a crazy glow because like I said I'm going with the more like everyday subtle look now and once you apply my eyeliner off-camera so I'll be right back okay so this is when the eyeliner and lashes look like I forgot to tell you what kind of eyeliner I used I used the elf like gel I guess you call gel eyeliner in the shade black and then for my eyelashes I use the ardell demi whispies that look like this I bought the semi CVS I think they were like nine or ten dollars I might be completely wrong and I forgot to tell you my mascara I use the okay you can't pick it up essence lash princess it looks like this and now the final step I'm using the Maybelline master fix by face studio we're boosting setting spray so let's set the face I have to tell you I hate how the smells I freaking hate it it's disgusting I just don't like it but it does a job I just don't like it smell

so anyway that is the end of my video I hope it's not too bad quality I apologize if it is I apologize if you can't hear me I'm working on the computer situation but subscribe hit the notification bell leave me comments down below of new makeup you think I should try or what you thought and yeah thanks for watching bye