27 February 2018

Drug Store Makeup Haul in Germany! All European Makeup Brands

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welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm gonna be doing a drugstore makeup ah but in today's makeup ah it's all gonna be European and brand so I went to the store this liquor store is called I pretty much picked up a bunch of different makeup from the drugstore section or what to me look like the drugstore section according to the prices either brands that are from the UK from Germany um pretty much made somewhere over here in Europe so if you guys aren't interested in what the drugstore makeup looks like over here then please keep watching alright so the first brand or the first things I want to start off with is the brand sleek cosmetics which I'm sure a lot of you guys had heard of it I've heard of it before even when I was in the state this is actually the specific highlight that became like really popular and sold out because of Jacqueline Hill and I had actually already bought one which was this one and I didn't really like this one as much as I thought I was going to like it only because these three colors these three colors the whitest one hour cream highlights and this one is the

only one that is a powder highlight and this one is too dark for me to really wear it I really got it because of the white highlight and I didn't notice in the store that they were all cream except for the dark one so it was kind of a fail for me so when I went this time around I bought this one because this one is only one cream and all of the other ones are powder what the outer packaging it looks like this one has a gold outer packaging it's reflective and this is what the highlights look like some of the swatches it's probably kind of hard to tell but I'm gonna go ahead and insert a picture right here and I was wearing this highlight yesterday and it's so weaponized it so be mean it's a really really nice highlight I really loved it it's so next up I want to go ahead and talk about these lashes because they look so amazing guys like when I saw them I was like there's no way I'm not walking out with both of these since they only had two styles and they just look so good like let me show you guys this are from the brand you see labelled I guess that's what it's called and these are made in Austria and they're foaming

lashes so that's really good to know these were ten and euros each so technically twelve dollars and about 33 cents it's what these costs which it is a little pricey for like drugstore lashes but I've never seen drugstore lashes that look like this I mean I have I would be lying on the drugstore lashes I look like these would be any of the I lower ones and that's kind of what you'll be paying for I lower lashes a little less because I get the vaguest name ones and those are like seven dollars so it's a little bit more expensive that I would usually pay for drugstore lashes but they look really high-quality and they look really nice I was really tempted to wear them but I decided to wait to show you guys them in the original packaging and you guys can see how cute they are so up next I have this eyeshadow palette and this is from the brand at love it's just lob this is what they look like so as you can tell it has some shimmer some metals and some matte shades when I saw this in the store I thought it was a really good palette for like everyday palette just to reach for and I thought it would be really good to like make

some tutorials with it and their brand lob and this palette it's just to give you guys an idea of how much like drugstore makeup cost here this palette was 14 at 95 euros it is 1782 in u.s. dollars so that is definitely more like high-end prize it looks high and it feels high-end so maybe it was a more high-end drugstore brand or maybe it's just like high-end brand but it was definitely in the drugstore section and the packaging so pretty that it just really gravitated towards it I'm a sucker for some good packaging and this is some really cute packaging I got a few things from this one specific brand just because everything from this brand caught my eye and it just made me want to buy the things so the brand I'm talking about is called miss Linda and I'm gonna go ahead and talk about this eyeshadow palette first so when I saw this eyeshadow palette I definitely felt like I've seen something that liked it before and I'm sure you guys will too this is it what it looks like and to me this looks like an eyeshadow palette by the balm just like the layout and even like their outer packaging and like

their little logo and stuff kind of looks like the balm cosmetics eye I thought this palette was really cute and I'm actually wearing this palette on my eyes right now I achieved this look just using these three colors right here so I would say it's a pretty nice palette they blend out really nicely but they're not crazy - crazy pigmented definitely build up although did this look I've been wearing it for a few hours and it doesn't look really like faded out or anything like that other two things I got from this brand which I'm telling you guys it looks like the balm cosmetics was this highlight and this one is called glow for it strobing powder and this one is called it this is a bronzer and it's called Beach please and the color I got was the lightest color on that they had and this is what it looks like so it's a little bit warmer and then I would lean it towards for a contour this is a highlight that I got and to be honest guys this highlight reminds me a lot of the mary-lou manizer it's like that same almost like white gold shade it's not as a be mean it but it looks so pretty for like a natural everyday glow even if you like really

pack it on you could get it like that be moon highlight so that's what I got from that brand was that eye shadow palette the bronzer and the highlighter was 5 euros and 95 cents and the eyeshadow palette was 12 euros and 95 cents the highlight was 5 year-olds and 95 cents so this brand is definitely more drugstore prices and I feel like for the prices of the items that you are pretty good but the packaging is adorable like I said I am a sucker for packaging so he definitely got me on that and they work pretty good they blend good I'm wearing that today I like how my makeup looks today so definitely really love these so far and then the other thing I got from that brand was this black waterline eyeliner it's just your basic black eyeliner I do notice it's my just a little bit into my inner corner when I do my waterline with it but I haven't came across an eyeliner that doesn't do that alright so the next brand I'm gonna be talking about they do sell this old tuck in the u.s. in the drugstore section and I've actually used some of their makeup before and their makeup is made in Italy so this is Catrice the brand Catrice so the two

items that I got from Catrice was this prime and fine a pore refining anti-shine base silky matte finish long-lasting oil-free this is what it looks like and then the other thing that I got from them is this personal lip glaze every much looks like a holographic lip gloss and it shines off like purple green it's really pretty and Odessa so I decided to get it and I haven't tried it mmm that sounds good how does it look guys I don't have a mirror oh it's kinda cute these are the two things that I got from them and I'll keep you guys updated on how I feel about the primer and the gloss for me I can't go wrong with the gloss but this gloss is like not sticky at all they had so many different glosses I'm gonna go back and grab a bunch cuz I really like it so the next friend I decided to buy things from is a brand Manhattan and this brand is made in the UK as well so what I bought is this endless state eye primer and this wake up concealer I wanted today and I blended out super easily I want to it was dropped it I want to go ahead and keep it trying it

just because so far I can't really judge it off just one day but it didn't really crease under my eyes or anything crazy like that so I do like that I haven't tried the eyeshadow primer so I'll definitely be trying that soon and then you guys know I'm thinking of actually doing like a video including me using all this a new makeup a lot of it I haven't tried and a lot of it I've only tried it once so it would still be nice for you guys to see like some of my first impressions about it this one was 295 for the concealer which is really cheap and for the primer it was 495 so this friend was a pretty good drugstore brand in the prices definitely more on the lower side so I'm really excited to continue trying the concealer the eyeshadow primer claims to be an eyeshadow intensifier crease and smudge proof so definitely put it to a test very soon from this next brand it is called hypoallergenic and I only bought one thing and that was this foundation so this is what the outer packaging of the foundation looks like and this is what the actual foundation it looks like right here I've used this foundation twice already I used that yesterday and

the day before and the color I got is light beige this is actually their lightest shade so it was kind of weird because I am definitely not the lightest that it gets so what to tell you guys about this foundation this foundation is set claims to be a man and soft foundation and I really like this foundation so far it's the foundation the only foundation I've used that doesn't crease like crazy on my smile lines because I have braces so my mouth kind of goes out a little and then I freaking talk a lot so my mouth creases no matter what foundation I'm wearing but today it doesn't look as bad as other foundation so I'm really digging it it can definitely be built up to a full coverage I pretty much use three to four pumps which I know sounds like a lot but the pumps are not that big but I can see myself going through this pretty quick I do think it is a pretty matte soft matte foundation because I haven't really gotten oily these past two days or too oily and I really like it guys it's I really like it so far I don't have anything back to say so this is from the brand hypoallergenic

what really made me want to buy this foundation is that this is all the claims I'm about to read in two days light oil-free and says that does not weigh down the skin and it does not clog the pores allowing it to keep a natural look without the mask effect on the face the product is fragrance free tested under supervision of dermatologists and very well tolerated by sensitive skin conceals redness and other skin imperfections significally improves the look of skin reduces the appearance of pores give the skin powdery finish and healthy-looking tone it leaves a feeling of moisture and comfort recommended for all skin types um I didn't really see that where it dries down to a powdery finish I think it just dries down to a natural finish not sure if that's what they mean but I do like the finish of it it's matte but it's not drying I wouldn't say it completely covers imperfections because I have this monster right here and nothing can cover that as far as it's like the color match for me I feel like I wish it was a little bit more yellow tone but with some concealer it's so easy to fix so I think it looks pretty good keep in mind

I've been wearing this makeup for like four hours now so it's not fresh but I feel like it looks really good for being for hours and alright guys we're almost done okay next things I got are more like tools so they're not really makeup anymore where I'm actually completely done with the makeup thing I want to talk about is this I got by the makeup factory then I got it is because it looks like my favorite brush the more feet and 4-3-3 or mac 217 I think it is from the makeup company and they're also from here from Germany and this is what the brush looks like like I said it really similar to the Mac 217 and it like the morphe m43 3 which is there are my favorite brushes to use in my crease to just like blend out i'm at this brush was 15 euros and at 95 cents but i got a discount on it i think i got on so so I got it for 11 heroes so excited to try it because if he was really really nice I'm a reason when I moved here my Sigma cleaning mat was left behind and I was in Arizona when the movers went so I had no control over what was actually packed but that really sucked because Sigma had sent that to me

and it worked upon to clean my brushes so I was really sad that Dad got in left behind so I just bought this little cheap it's like a little mat it's super small onto clean brushes and this one this one it's 2 euros and 49 cents so it was pretty cheap I didn't really need anything too fancy I just need something to clean my brushes on because my hands get so dry when I brush her like on my palm of my hand so yeah that's just what I thought so the last thing I got I've always wanted to try a bath balm so I got this little bath bomb and look at how cute it is like a little cupcake it's so adorable I had to get it and this little bath bomb was at 399 euros so not too bad I'm not really sure how much bath bombs it usually cost so I just got this one but yeah that pretty much wraps up this a video I hope you guys enjoyed it and are excited to see me try all these new brands and a new makeup products that I've never used before thank you guys so much for watching and if you watch the whole thing you are awesome I love you you guys did like this video for your to give me a big ol thumbs up

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