28 October 2014


Follow me on Instagram @patrickstarrr Follow me on Twitter @_patrickstarrr Follow me on Facebook @PatrickStarrr FINALLY a DRAG Transformation. You all ...

hey guys it's Patrick Starr well for now

I'm going to take my glue stick and I'm going to conceal my brows and cover my brows going towards the nose and getting the back edge of the brows and then going towards the ears so you want to coat it both ways flatten it with like a spatula or a metal spoon take off the excess you just want to keep this on the hair and a little bit around the skin do a couple layers and then set it with powder I did about three to four layers I do have stubborn thick hair on my brows and yeah you just want to powder it so it'll stay and be concealed do you want that bald or realness okay on your brows next we're gonna take the studio um what is it called Matt Smashbox match box for the finished parent and my full coverage foundation by Mac and a morphe brush and we are gonna take it on because I'm hunting today we are doing drag we want this to be full-coverage flawless and fun so I love kicking on foundation and then when you get to the brows you want to stipple it on the brows not too hard you don't want to disrupt the glue next I'm going to take a flat foundation brush and a full coverage foundation in the color NC 20 by Mac and I am highlighting my face the

high points of my face I want to make my face look Canty and then you just want to blend it out with the booty blends up that way you can get that nice highlighted effect and you want to set it with your airspun coati the Howard and if you guys didn't notice I don't use greens for my contour I skipped the eyebrow part by accident I take it with a flat top angle brush and I'm taking right now my painterly paint-pot and blending that eyeshadow base into the concealer and to set all my cream bases for my eye I'm just setting it with a Laura Mercier translucent powder that way my eyeshadows can blend smoothly next I'm just taking a random eyeshadow this one is just the deep damson and just sketching out my crease since I've never concealed my brows fully and then I make it fully I just decided to see what crease I desired and this is what I came up with next I'm taking taco for my brow highlight my sugar pill and then mochi by sugarpill and using this as my transition color because I made me a teal sequin top next I'm going to deepen close to the crease using a peacock a mix of peacock and

Neptune I believe this is these eyeshadows are by makeup geek and I'm taking that onto a pointed fluffy pencil brush next i'm going to take black track by mac and sketch out my cut crease and we are going to fierson this up and darken this up and I'm doing so by blending it with a peacock and Neptune by makeup with a stiffer brush and you want to add because it's easier to add then take away but we are doing drugs so let's add and then going back in with the mochi shadow and a fluffy brush moving on to the lid our new gigantic lid I'm taking taco and mochi and using that on each half of the either and a half and the outer half oh and the black track is more pliable than the Inglot eyeliner i'm Inglot island it tends to be a lot stiffer so but right now I am taking my lip as medics champagne wishes and soul sister I'm glitter and I'm mixing it onto a pallet and painting it on to the corresponding colors of my lid because we want glitter next I'm taking this shot by that Voss glitter and I am using that onto the mochi part because the other one wasn't as pigmented now for this part since we did use glitter on

the eye you want to take a liquid based liner instead of a gel because the gel is like a cream and then it curdles up with the glitter and then it collects and then it balls up and it just starts flaking off but with a liquid right now I'm using the Mac acrylic paint by Mac Pro it's a waterproof smudge proof body paint which I'm using as eyeliner I'm also cutting the crease here but this acrylic paint which I'm using as liner glides smoothly super smooth over the glitter with ease next I'm going to take my honesty I beverly hills dipbrow I believe this is a medium brown and you just want to have your brows closer to Jesus and I just took about five pairs of different lashes three Oh ones whispies and all these pairs and put them on my eye and next once we are going for that bigger eye look I am taking the blue shadows by makeup geek and a flat top angle brush and creating that new lash line underneath and to create a bigger eye effect of course we have to pop white right above that and I'm using the acrylic paint in white and this one is waterproof smudge proof and flood proof it is foolproof so I'm going to set that

using my taco eyeshadow by sugarpill and we're just gonna set that and fade that double wing as well on the outside it adds that really cute look this is the black acrylic paint and I'm taking that with a small angle brush and I'm just going to I'm sketch out my or line my new lash line speaking of lashes we are going to add some lashes and then we've got smoke it out using the makeup geek eyeshadow again and I'm using this with a fluffy pencil brush next i'm taking i'm gonna contour i'm taking my studio fix powder in the color NW 45 and using this as my transition contour color I'm gonna snatch my nose and then we're gonna cut the chief who I cut the crease but on the cheek using what is this cover effects in the color b65 this is like a doodoo brown it is really really dark and we are gonna go OD with this contour and just go in because I'm wearing big hair and sound we want to look real skinny next I'm taking nylon and I'm just putting that right down the bridge of my nose and blending it in with a Beauty Blender and then I'm highlighting with my pro

finish powder by Makeup Forever and I'm taking this hot pink blush and using that in between the contour and highlight and this blush is by makeup geek we are going in I know it does look a little scary but honey this is dread we are going in this is for stage and camera popped in my contacts and we're gonna take spiced liner and I'm I wanted like a more deep plum brownie nude lips so I didn't have that lip liner so I use eyeliner and this one is by Mac it's Teddy next I'm taking Lime Crime and coke catch and popping that in the center and I'm gonna cut the cheek now this is to simply give the illusion of a higher cheekbone I'm taking my banana powder I'm just popping that just just to make me look Ginty you want to take all this chub-chub away so we can look real cute real fierce and real real fishy if you don't know what fish is in the gay drag world ask your gay friend okay and speaking of fish we are gonna tape our head for that face lift and this is gonna act as my anchor for my wig and it is completely safe but don't worry and I am wearing five wigs two on the left two on the right and one on top and we're

gonna Bobby pinning it in and that's the look don't stop this is it you guys of the drag tutorial have a fierce Halloween have a fabulous Halloween and most of all have a safe Halloween can I get a right can I really ride can I get a comment and can I get a yes go ahead try this at home wake up flawless and let me know what you guys think follow me on all my social media links and I love you and I will see you guys in my next video