22 February 2018

Dr Batra's Hair Oil ( Jojoba ) | Hair Care Tips | Reviews | SAVI

Dr Batras Hair oil (Jojoba) | Hair Care Tips | Savi Hello everyone, Thank you for stopping by. Here is a Review of this oil that I am using, it's helpful for me I hope ...

hello everybody this is me Sabina dies

first of all I would like to thank each and every one of you thank you so so so so so much I have reached my 120 subscribers yes it is because of you people that I have reached this number so thank you so much to be a part of my Wonderland yep thank you don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click that Bell icon to get notified whenever upload a new video you so it's been a while that I have not done a beauty hat because I don't find anything interesting and all but I have come across something so I would really like to share it with you because it has helped me somewhat oh I hope it helps you out also so without talking too much let's continue with the video and let's see what am I talking about yes this is what I was talking about I am using this dr parra hair oil which has jojoba in it jojoba flour okay it's I can call it a miracle hair oil because from the time I have been using this oil I have seen a loss difference in my hair as you can notice you can see my hair is more shinier and if you are part of 5 videos like HAP if you have seen my videos like like you're

following me from a very long time you may have noticed that my hair has grown really good like really good you can see by the amount of the oil I have not used that much of it it is just a little bit I think maybe eight to ten times I think I have maximum use this oil I'm not more than that but I am Telling You this all really made wonders really made wonders first of all it helped me from detangling all right it gave me a more volume it made my hair or more stronger and like comparing before like if I used to travel and oil you know I used to have a lot of hair fall and it's not that it's literally not there no hair fall no tangles no more things so this all is magic for me the best thing about this is that it has a mild appearance mild like you know literally if you are very tired and you are like you know you had a bad day of something just use few drops of this alright you just pour this earlier take your fingers all right like that like that and then you go and you massage your scalp in a circular motion they have written over your for two minutes but I tell you once you do this you would like you to keep on doing it

it's really relaxing really really really relaxing I purchased this oil from the pharmacy it cost me around 180 bucks but I checked it on Amazon and Amazon I am getting it for 133 rupees yeah so we are saving 47 rupees so if you are interested and you are planning to buy this and you cannot find it in any of your medical stores don't worry I will leave the link below in the info box so you can order it from Amazon because this is has become my new best friend it says that you can use the doctor bath raw shampoo after it but I don't use the shampoo I really don't use the shampoo of this I just use the oil I am a big fan of this oil I have not tried the shampoo because I am using sunset for a very very long time I use sunset shampoo from a very long time like I think when I was 3 years old I think I still this through this date I have not changed my shampoo I'm using subtle black this is also one part where you know you can keep your hair healthy in like nor not using different type of shampoos using different types of shampoos also damage your hair alright and you know you get a lot of hair fall and all and if you are

looking for your hair to get the volume lies to be thick then it is definitely depends on your haircut also so if you have a good good like you know good amount of hair and you go for a haircut supposing if you have a straight cut and you go for a step cut but obviously will you you will lose little sorry you will lose your volume that's because because they got a lot of hair and all and I have experienced this a lot so I have now said no no I am NOT styling my hair I'll just keep it straight and I love it this way I really love it you may have noticed I have red hair yes I do color my hair I do color my hair a lot I love to have the red hair because I don't like the natural brown color of it so I I cut also I do take care of it so this is the best option if you are into color in your hair you can use this I cannot promise you that it did wonder for me and it will do wonders for you also so if you are trying it for the first time just see if you get a smaller bottle rather than investing on this bigger one I can give you another tip in

like you know if you really want to take good care of your hair it is the best thing is I am searching where are my creams because I kept it far away from me so these are the three comb and a brush that I use on my hair this is a must use or wide tooth comb is really best or whenever you take a shower and you comb your hair please keep in mind don't comb your hair when it is wet because that is the time when it breaks a lot don't wrap your you bag knots rub yeah you cannot is sorry that's not the word don't wag your hair with the tower like Google that is a no-no please don't do that that's really bad I've seen ladies doing this this what is this it's hair don't torture them like that and when you comb your hair there is a trick to comb your hair to get a less detangles what you do is we normally comb like this don't go like that you take your hair from down you go upwards alright this helps in s detangling and your hair is not fought a lot right see this is what we do you'll do this do it like that this is how you do it so it is smooth like alright that's a lot of publicity of my son all right so this comb no 1001

I don't normally use it to comb my hair it is only when I need to do some styling or to part my hair Dada Moni I use this and the square brush this one this I use whenever like you know I feel like I am having a headache or something so I just like you know take my comb and I give this massage like this sorry not my comb my brush and if I want to style it or something like that you know I do that I am NOT a fan of blow drying so I have my hair to get dry air dry I am NOT a fan of the tools the hot tools I never do that I always if I want to style my hair I do heatless curls o heedless way I have waves sorry no waves because it does take time because we are not using heat it's naturally done so we have to do it if we are going out in the morning there we have to do it in the night yeah so this is what I use and drink or water don't forget water have a lot of water of good proteins each lot of proteins like vegetables fruits eggs you can have milk and take care of yourself when you're going in the Sun don't explore your hair it turns into get burned because of that also it becomes very rough so make a point here use a scarf

or a cap will be much better that is one plus point about this oil that it does not make your hair greasy not greasy no nothing it it looks like as if you have taken a shower your hair is wet it gives you a break look it doesn't look like as if you put oil on your hair and let you know the wine is dripping and on no no that is the best part of this this is not greasy oil so that was it above this video and if you are still watching thank you so much for listening me ballad so much alright and if you're not part of my ones allow you're a newcomer please don't forget to subscribe to this channel I make DIY lifestyles and I also share beauty hacks you can even follow me on twitter handle is Sabina - alright and on my Facebook and Instagram is sorry for Wunderland so come and be a part of this also I would really love it this is all for now I have done a lot of talking and before we go thank you so much for having 120 subscribers it means a lot I know it's a small number but it is a little funny so thank you so much and thank you so much for watching this video and I am just saying a lot of thank you yeah because I really mean it

I really mean it thank you thank you thank you thank you so much this is Ravina guys signing off a pie