06 June 2019




[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm running free have to see wow I'm just kidding but so today I put on a little bit of foundation before I did my eye shadow only because I don't like how my skin looks on camera without foundation because it's really red so we're gonna try this out and when I'm editing I'm gonna see how I like the footage oh and how my skin looks but today we're gonna be going in with the dose of color palette and we're also gonna be going in with Jacqueline Hale palette but we're only using one color out of her palette only because well this was the look I'm going for and I think it's kind of spicy in my opinion I'm gonna pause this real quick and I'm gonna go and change the settings on the camera because it's a little bit too light for me and I like it to be a little bit on the darker settings just so you guys can actually see the colors and it picks up better so be right back okay it's no much better my eye looks

really crazy right now I haven't done my brow bone on this side yet because I'm not really sure what I want to do with my problem yet but we're just gonna get right into this tutorial I'm just prepping my eye and I'm gonna put some setting powder under my eye so nothing falls on to a little bit more I feel like it's not tacky enough so that's why I'm adding and today yo girl did a wank I happen to believe so long I'm surprised that I got it down the first time because I usually don't but yeah so I'm gonna be going in with this little dose of color palette and it's the sassy sienna and I'm gonna be picking up with this color and adding it to my transmission and of course we're going in with the more Pete and 4-3-3 brush let me add my powder before it gets then right here so yeah I'm going in with a more feet and four through three brush and let's just get to pack oh now that that color is all up with my crease I'm going to be picking up the same color and using the morphe m41 brush I'm just gonna blend it out honestly guys this look puts me in a good mood I don't know if it's the

colors or what but I like I feel like it's like a summery look because it's like summery colors so now that the color is all over the lid I'm gonna go back in with my morphe enema 4-3-3 brush and I'm gonna be picking up the second peach color and I'm just gonna darken up this peach look at how bright it is neon peach color and now that that it's all over my lid I'm going to go in with a marquis enema or for one brush and blending it out with the same color Oliver [Music] and now I'm just gonna get a big fluffy brush and I'm gonna be going in it's like a morphe brush but doesn't have a number on it and I'm just gonna kind of diffuse the top of the high just to look a little bit more blended because I feel like it's like it looks like it's kind of slapped on there but once the highlights on the eye on everything it's going to look so much better I didn't do it on this side so I'm gonna go in and do it on this side also we'll see how that looks so much better it's not pasted on there so now we're going to go in with the wing before I do my bottom lash line and of course I've got my

inner corner so I'm going to wipe that off with the white we're gonna be going in with the Sephora liner this is in doesn't say the color but it's black in this liner let me tell you if you want a dark matte liner CQ or whatever this one is completely different fujita we do it wrong they don't match [Music] [Music] okay this wing got a lot bigger than my original account okay I'm just gonna leave it alone because if I touch it even more it's just gonna be bigger and bigger there but now that I'm done struggling we are going in first I'm going to wipe my eye you can see how red my face is compared to the foundation like who gave me this skin I'm not okay with this I need to take this up with my dad and I'm just gonna conceal a little bit right there with our bikes this wing is actually being a negative Nelly okay so wing you either get it together or I'm going to erase you so much better I look so crazy so now we're gonna be going in with these jackals and he'll palette and I'm gonna

be picking up first I'm gonna put down this tea lush color and I'm gonna put this color over it to kind of brighten it up and then I'm not we're gonna go in that was a mixed glitter to make it all let's go ahead and do that and I'm gonna be picking up my dose of color brush and I'm gonna be using this scent first and then to put the war shimmery color on top I'm going to be using the pointy end [Music] all right and then now I'm gonna go in with the darker peach color so the last page color that we use and I'm just going to pack that into the middle so it's kind of like an upside down to Hawaii and then I'm going to be going in my blue and I'm gonna go in with my next letter in the color [Music] [Music] and wallah is a look it looks really crazy okay a bone and inner corner highlight really quick before I go and do my eyeliner and lashes and I'm just gonna wipe this off because I just been doing my foundation all over again literally I have glitter everywhere so that's fantastic right now let me see what kind of

highlight should I do today we're gonna be going in with my wet and why I'm so literally so now I'm really gonna go off camera do my liner my mascara and my lashes and we will be back [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]