27 November 2018

dope2111! 'MAKEUP PRODUCTS' Under a Microscope( So Gross)

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hello everyone so after the overwhelming

response in my last video where I showed you guys my face with makeup and no makeup under a microscope I wanted to do more because I looked at a lot of stuff and there were so many things that looked really neat up close so today I wanted to show you guys what my makeup products look like under a microscope so I'll be showing you guys a highlighter a mascara lip gloss a ton of stuff so I hope you guys are ready for it let's begin here is my microscope once again I got this off of Amazon for $30 but the last time I checked it was only $20 it's totally worth it guys there is a zoom control the light and then the camera in here so the first product I'm gonna be looking at is a brow pomade because this is one makeup product I can't live without oh here guys this is what we see right now and here we go with the microscope oh my gosh what the heck that looks like mud wet mud I just wanna like slather it all over my face and get a mud facial right now and look at the sides the sides are really nice and smooth but like right there it just looks so muddy I feel like I should have expected that because of the color and

the texture but yeah guys that is really crazy next we're gonna look at this translucent setting powder from hourglass I haven't used this powder yet so there's a lot on that top which is perfect ooh that looks like fresh snow before it turns I see I grew up in Colorado so I saw a lot of snow actually I think it kind of looks like Parmesan yes that looks like Parmesan oh my gosh I want to sprinkle this in my spaghetti I think I like it a lot better under the microscope than real life because here it just looks like normal powder but under the microscope I see some shimmer and looks crystallized in my last video I showed you guys a Beauty Blender and a dirty brush but I forgot to show you guys a brow Schooley not sure if you guys heard but there was a news about a girl who used a dirty brow spoolie and she got a really bad infection so look at the spoolie it doesn't look that dirty right well let's go ahead and have a look oh my god that is so nasty there's like white stuff in there looks like dandruff it's definitely not dandruff because I have not brushed my hair with this it's probably just like

brow fibers just dust particles I am so grossed out right now sorry you guys you have to see this then I'm gonna be looking at this foundation this is actually one of my favorite high coverage foundation it's from Shoei and I feel like foundation is probably not gonna look that different but who knows right it looks like I'm wasting a lot of product in the microscope but there's only a little bit right there that tiny little hole that's where the foundation comes from oh it's just it just looks weird yeah I know it's not that interesting but if some of you guys were curious there it is after that we're gonna look at an eyeshadow palette this one is the very popular modern renaissance from Anastasia so let's look at the velvet fabric up here and then we'll look at the eyeshadows oh this looks like a really dirty carpet like a person that owns ten cats and the cats have been shedding non-stop for ten years personally I'm not a fan of velvet eyeshadow palette covers because it just gets dirty really quickly it's really hard to keep it clean okay so now let's look at the eyeshadows this eyeshadow

has some brown specks on them and it kind of reminds me of like a planet maybe like Mars or something oh the shimmery one oh this is gorgeous this is probably what the highlighter is gonna look like so here's the names in rose gold you can also see the edges of the pan this reminds me of dragon fruit dragon fruit is one of my favorite fruits so yeah guys you saw like a bunch of eyeshadows from the modern renaissance Hallet I've been dying to do a highlighter or an illuminator something that sparkles so I have this one or two caviar illuminator and when you open it you can see there's like little pearly balls so you just rub it and look at that so shiny okay I just ate hot cheetos that's why my fingers are kind of red but let me open this and let's have a look oh my goodness guys this is so fascinating look at how gorgeous those balls are oh I just wanna I just want to crush them or poke at them so bad wow this has to be my favorite so far guys they look even better than real pearls I thought I showed you guys my dirtiest Beautyblender but this one probably beats at all this is from fenty

Beauty I've used it so much that it's all like ripped right here I just want to see I just want to see what it looks like so let's go and put the camera right in it's filled with gunk it's probably foundations concealer powder oh my gosh I'm pushing it towards the camera and it makes it look like it's living after this video is over I'm definitely getting rid of the sponge that was so gross so now let's look at something that's not gonna disappoint a glitter palette and this is all from glitter injection so I think I'm just gonna have a look at some of my favorite ones here that looks like fish scales there's like purple green it's so pretty let's look at the one in the bottom this one is not as sparkly as that one for some reason I can't stop looking at these look at this blue one this kind of reminds me of that rainbow fish storybook where he's like the most beautiful fish in the ocean and then he gives like his little scales to other fishes so they can feel as you know beautiful as him okay so here's the pink and let's look at the copper and the bronze down here you think this is gonna

be the best one but then you go to the other one in your like mind blown okay this is gonna be my new hobby guys I'm just going look at glitter with my microscope so the second last thing I wanted to look at today is this lip gloss from M cosmetics they have amazing lip glosses guys if you haven't tried it you are totally missing out this one is Aurora pink I actually have it on my lips today well look at that applicator it's so wet it kind of looks like a cat's tongue oh look at the bristles it makes it feel like you're gonna get poked when you apply that on your lips but those are really gentle I think they're made with like plastic fibers last thing is not necessarily makeup it is something that you use to enhance your look and I think you guys will appreciate it so I have these colored contacts they're kind of dried up so this is supposed to make your eyes blue so you see some blue specks orange and then there's also like black little lines all around it little things that look like sugar those are dried up solution I definitely need to throw this out with my Beauty Blender so that is all of the makeup products and

cool stuff that I wanted to share with you guys I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as the last video make sure you guys subscribe hit that notification bell so yeah until next time bye bigger I always thought moles were really pretty but see me in action now so I'm just gonna grab one of that short hair [Music] [Applause] [Music]