12 April 2018

Dollar Tree DIY💧Essential Oils Storage System

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welcome back today I'm gonna be sharing

with you guys how I store my essential oils where I store them how I keep them organized tidy and the organization system that I have come up with that I think just works absolutely wonderful absolute best part is that these organizers that I use for my essential oils will not break the bank they cost a whole whopping $1.00 25 Canadian each from the Dollar Tree so I hope you guys enjoyed today's video and without anything further let's get this video started so all my essential oils are stored away in this cupboard right here and this is just part of my kitchen cupboard cabinet area where you want to store your essential oils is in a dark cool place okay so this is basically the setup that I work with all of these little acrylic plastic containers that I store my essential oils in it came from Dollar Tree they're just fantastic for storing your essential oils in they fit in perfectly and they tear up so I have labels on the top of all my essential oils I can see them easily I know where everything is I can group them together I kind of have like a method to my essential oils at least in my mind I do

so I have a couple different types of these acrylic containers this one has twelve compartments three six nine twelve and then the top row up here is completely open so there's no affections on the top which is fine it still works I prefer the ones that are sectioned all the way up because this is just kind of a little bit loose and it won't fit a fourth bottle now it will fit like a rollerball bottle to make it fit nice and tight but I mean it just depends what you're working with and how picky you are it still works the other type that I have which I prefer I wish I could have brought all this fine but my dollars have them at the time they've never gotten them back in so this one tears up for eight of sixteen individual sections and this is ideal in my opinion but like I said the other ones do work so that's how I keep everything organized essential oil wise and the tiers with these organizers are just at the perfect height to allow you to really get in there and see all your essential oils and what you have and what you're working with now moving on towards the front of the drawer I have two of these containers

here and they are just sectioned in to four and what I like these four is they fit the bigger essential oils like my benzoin resin which is a natural preservative and I just have a couple of these empty containers if I wanna make up my own synergy blend or something like that now this one here right now is empty and what I use this before I keep it great at the frontier is when I'm almost just say I'm out of okay I've used up my joy from Eden's garden love love love this blend by the way it is so good and I love and adore Eden's garden I've used that thing that I've used up to the front container which I keep here so when I've used up essential oils say I used my great favorite it goes to the front used up my lime goes to the front then when I make my list for my next order of essential oils I know everything in this container at the front I'm out of I need to reorder so it's just a system I've come up with it works really really well for me the only other thing that I keep in here is my ultrasonic essential oil diffuser it's always in towards the front I just really like this system these trays and organizers from the Dollar Tree are like

the perfect honestly the perfect organization system a way to keep your essential oils tidy and intact organized and it's very low-cost and inexpensive to do this like each of these trays were a dollar 25 because I'm talking Dollar Tree Canada I thought my drawer organized like this for almost a year now and I'm just thrilled with it I could highly recommend trying this organization system out for your essential oils if you're struggling with finding a way to keep them organized and you know I'm going to wrap today's essential oil video up I hope you guys enjoyed if you would like a more thorough essential oil video where and go through each individual oil that I have and we can sniff them talk about them you know whatever leave me comments down below let me know that that's something you'd be interested in I have two orders on the way one from Eden's garden and one from the other company that I ordered from all the time if you guys would be interested in me showing you unboxings of each of the essential oils that I purchase from most companies let me know that as well if you'd like to

see unboxings and I would be more than willing to record those for you guys I'm gonna end today's video here I hope you guys enjoyed me sharing with you how I store my essential oils if you did please go ahead and hit the thumbs up button for me it really helps me out if you're not already subscribed to my channel and you'd like to see more essential oil videos you enjoy clean living natural products and lush products then go ahead and hit subscribe so you can join me for more videos in the future thanks for hanging out today guys and I'll see you all next time