05 May 2019

Doll-Inspired Makeup Look with Coloured Contacts

Hey DOLLS, Today's video is on this doll-inspired makeup look. I hope you enjoy and leave some suggestions below on what else you would like to see.


hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I am doing this doll inspired makeup look so let's jump straight into it and first going in with Mac's Paint Pot in laying low all over the eyelid to cancel out any discoloration and create the perfect base to work on using my gorgeous cosmetics essential shades eyeshadow palette I'm picking up true taupe and blending that through my upper crease as you can see I'm also dragging that shade out toward my temples to reshape the eyes and give it that elongated doll eye look this color applies and blend up so beautifully and the other colors in this palette are just as pigmented and have a great cool undertone which is perfect when creating depth dimension and shade gorgeous cosmetics were generous enough to provide me with a 50% of firmer occurred for you guys to use on their website the koi Dinoco works on both their Australian and international websites after dragging that shade out by bringing it back and connecting it to my lower lash line close enough off we serve as a guideline for the rest of the mixing truth hopefully fudge and

creating a cut crease with an angled liner brush as my eyes are slightly hooded I want to create a crease a little above my natural one to enhance that open dot I look be sure to start close to the bridge of your nose and wing it out toward your temples basically following the creature I created earlier next I'm applying Maybelline instant age rewind concealer in caramel all over with a flat concealer brush to really clean up and cut that crease shot and then I'm setting that with some translucent setting powder for my liner today I'm using Benefit Cosmetics roller liner in black which is a very pigmented matte black and emphasized my inner tear-duct by creating a sharp triangular point and then it created a basic wing by following the angle of my cut crease when created earlier going back to the gorgeous Cosmetics palette and picking up this beige shade cold smudge and cut it all over the lid to brighten and make those eyelids pop okay new drugstore favorite alert the needs can't stop or warren stock full coverage foundation in cinnamon is everything i am in love with everything

Zoe this product the amazing coverage the undertone and the longevity of the way throughout the day just in love it's always exciting when a drug so fine becomes a staple in your collection so you guys will be seeing more of this product on my channel in videos to come I'm mixing my mac prolongwear concealer in NC 42 and M C 45 to Center agent of my face alright so let's talk about my colored eye contact lenses these are crystal blue contacts from iris Beauty that absolutely studied and completely turned these and a couple of large when I first ordered them online I wasn't sure how blue would sit on my dark brown eyes but I was amazed at how vibrant and how much the colors stand out they were so comfortable to wear I actually have these on for over 12 hours a day and it did not feel like they were irritated my sensitive eyes at all so have a look at our SPG comm they have a wide range of colors and also use my curry down to 15 at checkout for 15% off your order taking my Mac give me some powder and lightly contouring where I want to create the shadows I'm not sculpting as such but I'm trying to create a more

rounded contour similar to how you would see it on a doll where the contour is not too strong but more soft and blown out and then I'm using my Mac NC 42 Studio Fix powder to set the concealed highlight zones on the center of my face going back to the essential shade palette I'm using a liner brush to create lash lines below my natural lash line almost to create the illusion of bigger doll like eyes as you can see I'm not connecting the ends to my natural eye corners but rather extending them out onto the skin and then picking up the jet shade from the palette which is like a charcoal block I'm creating three to five lower lash line hairs just dragging it out to have that gel light effect taking benefits roller eyebrow pencil I'm applying it to the waterline this is like a nice nude cream shade which is perfect if you don't want it to look so bright white taking this frosty white shade from makeup geek culture mishima i'm accentuating my inner tear ducts to really open those eyes up and then applying it under my winged liner to make those wings pop before applying my lashes I'm applying my benefit roller

lash mascara to the top and bottom lashes notice that I'm angry Masha's towards the side as opposed to straight down I did this to follow the direction of my drawn on lower lash hairs and then I applied my two slashes in brassiere the lips today I'm using my Mac Cooke lip liner I outlined my lips and lightly over line my top lip to create some balance and then using my still a liquid lipstick in purl up through the center it looks super bright at first but once blended and given time to dry it fits a little perfectly and for the final touch my Maybelline molten gold highlight lightly to the high points of my face and there you guys have it this is my take on a doll inspired makeup look which was so much fun to create as it was a little out of my comfort zone I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what else you'd like to see and I will see you guys in my next one stay blessed bye