09 April 2019

Doing My Makeup In Alphabetical Order | Challenge

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hello everyone welcome back to my

channel today's video is going to be a challenge you're doing my makeup in alphabetical order so if you don't know what this sort of challenge is you basically just take your makeup routine and put it in alphabetical order so yeah instead of doing primer first I'm doing baking so I'm just gonna take my dermablend translucent powder and put some into the bits and usually I bake under my eyes my nose and a bit of my chin and forehead just swear wherever I put concealer basically taking some on beauty sponge this feels so wrong you you why did I think this was going to be a good idea someone please tell me that taped up um it looks crusty okay so that's that it's just seeing making my pores look ten times bigger than what they already are what even is this next is blush for me and I've seen people use the blushes but I don't have liquid blush because why would I ever think that I made that for myself don't you

take the NATO blush outlook so I'm just gonna check that shade there I really see there we go that shade and probably a little bit of that shade to make it a bit I don't know that's just so my theory is I'm going to put like this on a lot so when I put the foundation on it's going to show up a little bit I don't think that's going to work I'm just gonna wipe this bag off because it's annoying me you okay that's like stuck to a dry ass patch on my face yo for money am i doing - bronzing and same thing with the liquid blush people have liquid blood it people have a liquid with bronzer which I don't have because I use the same products all the time so I'm just gonna take the media branding palette which if you want about it I'm just gonna take probably like that shade that's the darkest so hopefully it will come through foundation and I don't know what I'm doing you this is so bad

I'm just gonna take a bit on my forehead like I usually do just to give a little bit of color and warmth to my head I don't I feel like it's not blending properly either like when you've got like your primary foundation and you set it with powder it makes it easier to blend out stuff I don't like moving on next is concealer I'm going to take my color pop and I feel to conceal it in the shade like 10 and I'm just gonna put that my under eyes and wherever I put powder already so yeah just basically my under eyes my forehead nose and chin I've learned that out with my sponge that has got it all over it still that is not blending Jamestown Sikkim he's a possible - being a domestic huh I'm not doing what the is that oh my god the concealer is sitting in my paws just sitting there why did I do this that is so bad then I'm just going to put some of my undereyes you you so I'm just gonna take that up onto my

eyelids as well because I sort of used fashion advice usually start it's not working because all the product is like dried to the powder okay that's as good as that's gonna get it isn't bloody good at all so so next is eyebrows and I usually use a pomade then a Joel brow mascara so em comes before P so to do brow mascara first it's taking the Maybelline brow drama sculpting brow mascara in the shade dark brown you then next is brow pomade soapy and I'm using my Anastasia dip brow in the shade chocolate I'm just gonna take that on an English brush and fill in my brows you you know what that's so bad look what the brown mascara on that it's like dried so I can't get anything in there and it was like just hard that will do it's already gonna be a mess okay so I'm colorful eyeshadows and I sort of made my own palette so that's what I'm going to be using Oh so I'm just going to go into this shade right here in the middle to put that in my crease it kind of just looks like I've got

punched in the eye what a mood you so I'm just gonna go all out there and put this bright blue on my lid just for the sake of it oh my god Rock tomorrow you can have a nice a nice little Frankie I really you you know what this is about look what I did I've ruined it now take let's try it here and put it on the lid you I'm just gonna take this show yeah on my lid a little bit in in the corner for a bit of our next is foundation and I'm going to take the Revlon Colorstay in the shades 209 and 220 natural beige you okay I think that is going to be a blended as it will get this is a highlight and I have a liquid highlight it's brand-new I haven't used it before so I'm excited to see what it's like and is a peel cosmetic highlighter drops in the shade [Music] gold

and it's going to blend that with my you on to lips the lips today I'm going to take the next liquid suede cream lipstick in the shade self spoken you next is Miss so I'm just gonna use the Maybelline falsies volume Express you you RUP to pee in the alphabet P so what does that mean primer so I'm gonna take the l'oreal infallible mattifying primer so I Pat it on my face and hopefully it make things worse I guess just took every cough oh my god it has taken all of my foundation off it is cheating I don't know it didn't do anything this is a mess so another prime is done it's time to move on to setting powder setting powder today I'm going to be using the fit me powder pressed powder in the shade 220 and last but not least is setting spray and I'm going to be using the master fix from Maybelline this is the challenge complete do I need to say anything about it it's just horrible why did I think

this was a good idea why did I think blue eyeshadow was a good idea we will never know like ever if you like this video please give it a big massive thumbs up but let me know in the comments down below what other videos you would like to see please don't forget to subscribe and also don't forget to hit the notification bell to be notified when I upload a video all my social media links will be in the description box down below and yeah thanks for watching bye I think in the next world [Music]