21 December 2018

doing my make-up while talking about my opinions on jojo siwa and gun control

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so hello assholes on here thank you

today I'm gonna be talking about my opinion while I do my makeup which I'm doing nothing I'm filming this on my shitty laptop camera so the thing I'm gonna talk to you about today is Jojo Seba gun control and of course the ins performer makeup because I feel like that's important also I'll link it in the description my references for some of the topics that I'll be talking about if you want more information or just to double check my statements and correct me if I'm wrong or like that yeah I feel fancy makeup okay so I saw this person in a very video it was France here called Jung Hyung Daniels or Jean Damus if you want to be English I don't even know I don't know exactly what she does I tried googling and nothing showed up with the exact definition I saw one of my friends present on an Instagram story so I went to the post clicked on the link in the description scrolled till I found the video post again tapped on it and finally go into the article I actually really enjoyed the video and I love the head she's spoken French and the subtitles synced accurate I don't know I'm really dark

I was quite inspired by the whole thing so I did my makeup even though I hope today is because I believe that she is a great role model for young children and much rather my children watch her content and stuff like prankster and sexual and people like Jake and Logan Paul how much can also be found really easily and is not as expensive as most youtuber merch and I'm not too sure what it's like in America but I know that in Australia she's got a lot of things that came out and I see those things it's kind of affordable I'm actually really glad she exists and sure she has her receding hairline but I've much rather my kid had that than be for me a dead body so yeah she's only had some controversy that I called penny controversy because it's just people kind of pointing out things that aren't really that bad in my opinion like I think everyone does a bad thing every now and then like if it's something like filming a dead body then of course it's a big controversy but the things that she's done I found just teddy reasons I'd love her ironically [Music]

[Music] this is Australia Australia had its worst mass shooting ever on April 28 1996 just 12 days later Australia announce its BiPAP prison I can't read deal on sweeping gun control measures the government brought that over 1 million guns destroyed them Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since be like Australia now I have a couple things to say about this image first I'd like to talk about the Port Arthur massacre the one that they're talking about 35 people were killed and 24 were injured it was not the worst mass shooting in Australian history as they were plenty beforehand that were about killing Australian Aboriginals though it was the worst mass shooting to happen in the past 50 years at that time from the 1940s till the day that happened there had been 13 gun related massacres each with 10 people dead and that 10 but most of them had a lot of injuries now I do believe that this post is supposed to be towards the US gun control it's pretty obvious now I would just like to say a couple of words towards this whole gun control debate I believe that the main reason America

enforced stricter gun-control is because there's already too many guns in the US the USA earns about approximately 40% of the world's guns that's more than the top 25 countries with guns like the most developed countries combined so that is a whole lot of guns it also would be very expensive to do what Australia did with its guns as Australia had less guns and a bit more money to spend on that then America did and America still does I don't think America should improve that gun laws but they should do it in their financial boundaries as the US government already is 21 point six trillion dollars in debt the u.s. can barely even afford proper health care let alone the whole thing where they smash guns yes they could change the law but how is that going to affect the already estimated three three hundred and ninety three million guns I know that gun control isn't just about the shootings it's also about the suicide like more than half of all suicides in the US I've done related which shows a very low chance of survival afterwards I think I read I think I was watching a Vox video and how they'll never like only 7 percent of people that attempt

suicide and survived it end up dying of suicide right now okay cool not really I was a cool fun fact not cool yeah they're dying and I believe America has a gun problem and I also believe that America cannot control it I don't have a solution but I do hope that people that US model that may can figure it out I I haven't I didn't even complete high school I'm never gonna get my school okay so I'm just editing and I realized that I forgot to record an outro so um yeah bye