14 October 2018

Doing my eyeshadow tutorial on my cousin !!!!

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No hi guys it's me come back um you look

so sure sorry because this is my cousin and her name is Carrie yeah Jesse YouTube channel to you be linked in the description down below so today I'm going to be showing my i shouldn'ta torial i'm gonna be look at the camera not yet but I'm gonna be doing it on my cousin cuz I already done my him okay so the first thing I do is this blending I get this blending brush and I get this color right here so I'm just gonna take some of that and I'm gonna put it in the crease of highs okay then I take this like a bronzy color and I just put that and have the bottom of a lid open to get in the morning for me it takes like 15 minutes because of my eyelashes I need to do because I go my eyelashes done so yeah why don't you do let's count how many times we'll do that so then I put it high went down from here then I get this smoky no coke I'm sorry this cocoa color right there and I just put it on the lid I'm married so that's why it's like sound weird okay then I use this really dark smoke color shoot me I don't know I'm just showing my routine

I don't really do that out you just [Music] I know I might be well I'm not too young for makeup but like I'm not like so that's how we look so far is we nearly much cooler so yeah I'm only 12 then I used the back oh and I wear black and then I use this brush for the black that then I do some glitter I use this glitter right here you can barely see it but it's really then I do the same to that guy and that's actually it that was quick close your eyes and that's oh I didn't think that and that's just how my eye shadow looks yeah oh and do you want to go oh yeah and guys I might be doing a giveaway soon just subscribe like this video and comment down below I hope you guys enjoyed bye