21 December 2018

Doing my best friends makeup 🙈👭💋💄

Hey guys thanks for taking your time to watch my video i really appreciate it ❤ Go follow me on: snapchat: evylo3 Instagram: Evy.loves.you. Ir your Reading this i ...


hey YouTube Yisrael evident and I'm here with my best friend amber oh yeah so today's video is gonna be about me doing her makeup honey she's pretty the way she is Lucia misstated so first I'm not doing her foundation and also you know I don't [Music] [Music] [Music] so comment down below any questions you have for us what to look for days by the way this is why you don't know anything [Music] anyway how was my right oh yeah please calm down below [Music] oh I'm doing well I'm going to Big Bear all the 24 on this or X will be artistic Christmas Eve oh I don't know what I don't know good day Christmas Eve Christmas although I think Christmas day to you my yeah okay 22 the 25th of December are women she's going a baby for me too yeah we're not going oh sorry anyway [Music]

[Music] I am finish with the foundation oh by the way I got friends friends [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] the Graham [Music] [Music] innocent [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] all right guys comment down below if perplexing pegasus is the weird name does that some i want to make my view to travel for pepsi Pegasus or Amber's life [Music] [Music] so I first applied the glam to the whole life I did and then I'm applying in it's the innocent is it this one [Music]

[Applause] [Music] although [Music] so [Music] sorry okay so sadly this is the end of the video you know comment down below for more ideas on what we should do on this channel so she's gonna have our own channel I'll just so as I was saying as in the next video I'll do I'm gonna say the name of her channel so you guys could go subscribe to her so if I even get one cuz I'll be starting my video probably this Sunday my first Youtube channel um I don't even look different on this he's nothing if I do come out below please and maybe we should have done yeah that's kind of that's kind of to wait for that coming down below for more ideas as I said and give it a like and subscribe if you're new to this channel and yeah bye