07 May 2019

Doing make-up while being blind folded(ghost?)


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah she's gonna do my makeup first I'll be doing her makeup and we're just gonna see so I won't be giving her options so she's gonna be doing my foundation first they might have a cover cuz I feel like I'm yeah you are okay so it's either gonna be this one this one this one and they're some of them are Michael or some of them I'm not oh I know it is I saw it where it's like it was like in the stories in the fire it was or your TV okay do you put it here you do whatever you want you for my face you can put it on here did it go [Music] she's I don't know okay face face was this is your nose okay so tell me think so this is how you doing so this is how you're doing I don't really know how to do makeup so that's great I don't know what I'm doing I just feel like I just do my mascara and that's it and it go my brows and they go okay then alright okay no it was too confident well what do you do like okay then you

do concealer after yes ma'am is this your concealer yes you don't have this thick no it is a stick percent mini stick okay tell me if I'm opening right because I don't want to spill it so it's this way and you know where to put it right under your eyes uh-huh and that's it and your drawing whatever oh it's already open give me the sponge still right so hard okay so this is what she did with the foundation I thought you're not that bad but no like to me it's actually not that bad don't I'm not this is my eye so I can't say anything hey yes okay yes pretty good so good okay and then where else are you darling uh-huh okay okay honey so now you're gonna blend it in my sustainer I can't like I know okay I did it I do I can't see nothing okay I probably go okay if you guys can hear my siblings my dad I'm sorry they're in the backyard doing stuff I don't know just kidding okay then I think I'm done I don't I don't think I've been sitting good no it's good good actually now the hard part is my eyebrows no for

good do your eyebrows ollie no I cannot do okay okay so yeah so she's gonna be doing my eyebrows this with spring this pray I'm supposed to spray your eyebrows no you supposed to spray the brush yes okay are your eyebrows there's the best thing you gotta go you got it okay don't even have done I mean talk to you I can't really see oh my gosh even that bad especially because honestly I says I don't know my readership would think did I draw this with thee oh oh oh yeah I wasn't a concealer mixed together hmm yeah oh okay good okay then okay [Music] there you go truth yes oh my god mascara is gonna be using for my eyeshadow oh yeah but I just really thought my brother was no I did not alright I'm gonna do this little one girl yeah be like a gold one a nickel I don't know these are not gold how do you know I know he's gone no I think this one might be this one might be go okay whooping wait let me rip them up so she wanted

this one okay he go okay hit the highway no kidding you tell me that you don't nice play this and your else Oh your nose yes so you put my mascara my eyebrows so now am i trying to do hers I guess umm yes so this is with Nona Pig okay come close can they see you um yes but they could kind of see it yeah they can see me I don't let me see if they can so this is what I'm a partner face okay yeah okay come here I'm gonna put in like lotion girl look like a cloud that's embarassing you have to blue my face all right there okay now I'm ready for next you're not gonna blend it in oh well I already playing it with my fingers no you know what actually what do they say they say you know what actually okay come here why are you keep backing up because you're scaring me okay just know that I'm a pro yes I can tell okay you know um last time the other night you put in my mouth lick all my gosh this is embarrassing Nelly we're only gonna post yours no yes [Music]

yes you're right after you see me you're gonna be like Europe in your pants laughter because this is embarrassing and you don't get myself in Aqaba nothing you can do that's to see me so it's fine easier that's why I love don't tell me I won't be quiet oh my god don't let me block the camera I'm gonna put it put up put up put up no wait I don't think so cuz I can't really see I don't think you're bulky like em around them I just blend it with your fingers in yeah you don't need no okay what's that I shadow then who's that a gentle thing I wanted a glittery one this is my scary guys I'm you're gonna be showing them I'm a pro yes all this one no I think you should do another no you ready though it's clear it is no I really don't okay okay so I want this one Brown you know that's rank I don't I need to come here yeah no perfect okay what to James Charles number two I you did a better job thank you thank you so comment down below which one do you think is better obvious miss James Charles or miss Natalie married / flashback hey sisters