08 February 2016

DIY NO SEW Make up Bags

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hey guys today my niece and I are going

to show you how we made two really cute makeup bags and they are know so so all you're going to do is take some fabric whatever size you want it and you're going to make it double that size lengthwise and then we're just going to take a zipper and hot glue on one of the short sides to the zipper so this is pretty much more explanatory by just watching it but I'll try to explain to you so then you're going to take the zipper open it up and then bring the other right side to the zipper and the thing with hot glue is you always want to press firmly once you have glued it so that it seeps into all the fabrics and if you've ever watched any of my no sew projects I always talk about how the fabric needs to be porous for this to work really well another trick is to iron it after you have made the seam so that it reheats up the hot glue and it just makes sure it all seeps in really well so then we're going to close it off cut off the zipper open up the zipper and turn the bag right side out you can leave the bag just like this if you like the flat square um we're gonna hot glue down the zippers but we're gonna

decorate it first and then you can decide if you want to do the corners in the end because this will also work so you're going to take freezer paper cut out a design and use fabric Mod Podge to just saturate all the open areas of the design the freezer paper has to be freezer paper though a wax paper does not do this it will not adhere to the fabric so we're just going to dump on some fine glitter I'm using Martha Stewart glitter and then I'm just going to take some more Mod Podge and really just saturate all that up peel it off while it's wet so once that dries you can decide if you want to do the corners by just turning them in and hot gluing them that will create kind of a base to the bag this bag is a lot more difficult so if you're ready for it go ahead and try it we're just going to cut a long rectangle just a rectangle to me and not a triangle so we're going to just cut one of those fold it in half and then we're going to cut that in half you can clip and tear or you can just cut it in half then we're going to do the same exact thing we did with the other bag but this piece is two different pieces because we're going to make a separate

bottom to the bag this is a slouchy puckered larger bag so the bottom will fit a lot more stuff and the top is kind of tighter so once that's open we're just gonna do a little ironing and hot gluing those seams down so they don't come back up and once that is all done we're going to hot glue that closed so that it's a tube so just do the short sides you don't want to do the bottom though because we are going to create a bottom of the bag with a much larger piece of fabric I didn't do any measuring you just kind of eyeball how big you want your bag if you have a specific thing you're trying to put into your bag you will want to make sure it's that wide so we're going to turn the top over and the bottom is going to have to become the same size as the top just on the top portion so we're going to create these puckers by folding it over and putting a dab of hot glue in all the little creases so it's just more self-explanatory to watch so once it's the same size you're going to turn the top right side out and the bottoms right side in oh actually you're gonna turn them both you're going to turn the top right sides in and the bottom right

sides out like I'm showing you here and then you are going to stick it inside and really just kind of open it up so that it all matches up and we're going to tack the sides together with hot glue where the seams are so you always match up the seams first so that way you're working evenly all the way around so on one side and then the other side and then I like to do the four corners basically and then lay it out and hot glue it all together with one theme and press firmly this part I'm not sure if I would iron it but you could you go to wanted to but it might mess the puckers up so then we're going to turn the corners in so that it's not so triangular and pop some hot glue in there and press firmly so that stays closed and then it becomes a very cute slouchy makeup bag and it's that simple