27 July 2018

DIY My Little Pony Miniatures - Zippered Purse, Beauty Products, & More

Hey guys! Today, I'm making DIY My Little Pony miniatures, specifically for Fluttershy including a zippered purse, water bottle, beauty products, a laptop, a bunny ...

okay guys today I'm making my little

pony Fluttershy inspired miniatures so a purse some mini beauty supplies a laptop notebooks and more and I'm almost out of My Little Pony characters so if there are other characters or themes or animals you guys would like to see please let me know in the comments section as always thank you all for sharing your crafts with me I love hearing about the things you made and kits do be sure and ask a parent for help before starting this crafts first up I make tiny lotions out of thick craft glue a perler bead to the bottom squeeze the top and paint with glitter nail polish adding stickers or detail next step and make easy tap sticks using a q-tip more perler beads and more glitter nail polish then make easy nail polishes using Pony and further beads next I paint toothpicks for easy pencils and for the fuzzy notebooks I glue two pieces of cardstock together trim then fold over the sharp edges of pipe cleaners and glue in place I fold paper accordion style and glue to the middle adding craft foam or stickers for detail and for an easy pillow I add a sticker to a large pom-pom next I print the laptop on glossy photo paper

and you can find the printable on my website rainbow jingles worldcom score and fold then glue to crack them and for the bunny soap dispenser i glue two beads add a paper belly press on ears [Music] I blew a q-tip and craft foam for the top then add a face shine with nail polish I'll make a water bottle from a glue stick then make the top like when two pieces of craft foam together for the zippered purse hydro craft foam between packaging material head out a section for the zipper on the craft trim by separate a bit and glue bit by bit [Music] Tom handles [Music] and HR you are so totally fit to go well guys I should have been to this video thanks guys [Music]