21 December 2018

DIY Makeup Remover Wipes, and Eye Makeup Remover

An incredibly easy and effective recipe. Just mix everything together and then pour over! These will remove light eye makeup, but for heavier or waterproof ...

hey y'all welcome back so today we are

gonna be doing something that is I don't want to say long-awaited because that just sounds kind of dumb but long - asked for and that is makeup remover wipes now these are reusable um I don't have a recipe for disposable ones I'm sorry but what you simply do with these these are made with baby washcloths and you will just use this and then throw it in the wash and then once you've run out you just put them back in there so I'm really excited to share this because actually when I first decided to start my channel I was asking some people on my facebook what they would really like to see the most and they said toilet bowl cleaner which we already did and they said makeup remover wipes and then everybody I told you all about how Thanksgiving was for me and then the week of Thanksgiving I actually asked everyone I'm gonna do two videos back-to-back that way I can post them later in the week and they said they wanted to see make up remover wipes so I'm just now getting around to doing it I'm sorry I've even had people at church ask me what I'm gonna film this video I'm doing it now so uh one thing about these is that these are makeup remover

wipes they are not eye makeup remover wipes and so because of that I am going to share with you all my eye makeup remover it's like literally I know I say this all the time it is literally one of the easiest DIYs you will ever do it's very very simple to do because if you wear a lot of eye makeup like I do if you wear liquid eyeliner or if you wear waterproof mascara eye lashes things like that this is not gonna cut it or you're gonna end up using the whole white to remove your eye makeup and then you're not you're gonna have to waste another white just to get the makeup off your face and that seems kind of pointless so I'll show you how to whip up some eye makeup remover also something to remember is that these are makeup removers they are not facial cleanser what cleansing wipes oh it and that's any makeup remover wipe in general you do need to cleanse your face after you wash with these if you are wearing makeup or because all this does is simply remove the makeup it dissolves the makeup it does not actually cleanse the face so we're gonna go ahead and get right into this so I don't stay in here talking for ten

forevers so like I said you're gonna need baby washcloths and then this about ten there's exactly ten in here but it'll vary of course depending on what type of jar you use and the size and then you need a jar that is going to close so you can use something like this this has a little I can't remember what this is called but this little flip cap here with the seal that you can use you can also just use like an old pickle jar with a screw on lid that's fine too make sure that it has been washed in hot soapy water and then has been left to air dry completely do not use a dish towel to drive those spread contamination sometimes and you're just gonna let make sure it's dry you're also going to need water now I know y'all probably get tired of me saying it but you're going to need distilled water or you're going to need tap water that has been brought to a rolling boil for 10 minutes and then let's cool a little bit you're going to need your castile soap now I'm using lavender today as usual because this is going on your face you're going to want to go with tea tree baby mild or lavender because it is going to get near your eyes you're going

to need playing on witch hazel you do not have to buy the the expensive kind you can get the little cheap store brand kind and then you're going to need some type of oil now I'm using olive oil today you can use whatever kind of oil you want it really doesn't matter you just need something in there to help dissolve the makeup and so yes that's it okay so we're gonna go ahead and do this now for your water I've already measured out a 1/2 a cup right no three hmmm yeah see this is why I write stuff down y'all you're gonna need 3/4 of a cup of water and then we are literally going to just measure everything out and our liquid measure like this and then just dump it in that's all you do so to our 3/4 of a cup of water we are going to add how much I'm sorry a half a tablespoon of Casteel soup and remember you never add water to castile soap you add castile soap to water because it does not suds a lot but we don't want it making a big ol mess and see you can see a little bit better right there I'm sorry I have a very small kitchen as you this is the extent of my kitchen except for this little counter here and so it is difficult for me to get a good angle

where y'all can see what I'm doing but it's not too far away or not too close up or you know it's the struggle is real okay to that we're going to add a tablespoon of your oil like I said I am going to be using olive oil today and we're also going to be using this for our I makeup remover that will make it just a second and yet again I'm just going to swish my zoom in here okay now we're gonna add the witch hazel and the witch hazel we need 1/2 a cup of this so that makes we are gonna need the witch hazel as well for our eye makeup remover and I need a new bottle and then I'm just gonna use my little spatula here and I'm going to stir that up and say you can see we do have a little bit of suds seen here not a whole lot it's a funky color now because of the oil in it and then we're gonna take our jar now do not fold these because I find that when they're folded you kind of you get pockets that don't get the mixture on them so you're literally just going to stuff these in here like this and then you're just going to slowly I'm gonna hold this up see y'all can see you're going to slowly pour this over so that it saturates and what you can do is core

a little in and then take your spatula your spoon whatever you're using and push down to help make sure you're saturating everything and kind of do it in stages never fails y'all never fails okay now sometimes depending on your washcloths you will actually have some of this mixture left over whenever you're done using up the washcloths because sometimes they get really wet and so you can see we have stuff floating around in here which this will continue to absorb but sometimes like I said they will be a little too wet and so what you can do is take a washcloth out wring it out and then use it on your face and then if you still have liquid left in here after you have used up all the cloths just wash the cloths and throw them back in there with the liquid there's no problem with that as long as you are not cross contaminating this by putting the washcloth a dirty washcloth back in there you're keeping this closed you made sure everything was clean before you got started this will last you about three months or so because of the concentration of witch hazel in here we have water in here and water is a

breeding ground for bacteria don't get me wrong but the witch hazel because of the high alcohol content is gonna help kind of I don't want to say act as a preservative because that's not quite accurate but it will make it last longer so this will last you about three months this mixture itself not the wipes obviously cuz we've only got ten in here okay so now even easier than that is like I said this will not remove eye makeup now if you wear just a little bit of mascara maybe a little bit of highbrow a little bit of shadow then you can more than likely definitely use these on your eyes but I feel that these also because they are not a high concentration of oil and then they pull on the eye too much now remember the eyes around our the skin around our eyes is very very delicate and you should always go down and out never in and up when you're wiping them so when I take my makeup off at night in order to wash my face I always remove my eye makeup first and this is so so easy y'all you're gonna take a little bottle I have this cute little glass bottle here and I don't even have measurements for this this is just equal proportions

of your oil and your witch hazel and that is literally it and then you're just going to shake this up and use it and this will last indefinitely because the witch hazel like I said high alcohol content the oil will eventually go rancid but honestly especially if you're making a little bit smaller quantity which is something you need to get in the habit of if you are making your own products you will use this up before this goes rancid and you can see well there's a label there you can see that it has this separation yes my nails are ridiculous there they're coming off and I need up a new set on and I like to let them come off on their own anyway it'll look like this when you need to use it you just shake it and it looks like that pour it on a cotton round I like to wipe my brows off first then I take it and I kind of hold it over my eye and I go down and then I will wipe out like I said never wipe in and never wipe up pulls on the eye skin way too much once I've removed my eye makeup then I use one of these if I'm out of these I take that on another cotton round and I go over my face then I cleanse my face with

my facial cleanser that I shared with y'all a few weeks ago I will link that now the reason why you do this is because when you remove your makeup you are literally just dissolving the makeup you are not getting any of the extra dirt and oil that is already on your face so you need to do that second cleansing in fact when I was in beauty school and we learned how to do facials and that was literally the first thing we learned to do day one we learned facials and we learned that if the client wears makeup you do two cleanses now if you're not wearing makeup you can definitely take one of these and use it to wash your face and then that way you wouldn't you know especially if you're really tired for you're like me I have three kids you're probably exhausted you know so you can definitely take one of these and cleanse your face with it at night but if you're wearing makeup you still gotta cleanse it with cleanser all right so I hope y'all liked this video umm if you liked this video and would like to see more of these kind of like Beauty cosmetics kind of DIY to use go ahead and get that a thumbs up if you have any

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