19 February 2018

Disney Princess Vanity Makeup & Music Set

I LOVE this Disney Princess Table Top Vanity. I'm sure you will too! Welcome to 1 of our 3 YouTube channels. SKYLARSCLUB IS 100% CLEAN! We open TOYS ...

hi everybody its - Pascal - everyone you

opening a princess be enemy set and well kid and like it I've been wanting this for life a lot I know last time I went to Toys R Us you wanted it and then we went back to get it a while later and they were all out of it so let's turn it around and we'll show everybody what it looks like on the front so this is what's really cool let's show them how it looks on the front of the box okay so check that out so come on around here so you can talk that about we can't see you but we want to see you okay so who's this who's that who's that and it comes with eleven beauty accessories Wow and it will put it together and then you can put it on top of here and we'll have to get something in your bedroom to put it on do we have anything up there you have your kitchen up there we need to get you like a little dresser up there to put it on or something this is not a little vanity table alright so you ready to get started on this all right well let me help you out alright so let me see I'm gonna take everything out of here I'm going to candle over so we don't knock that over

I'll take everything out and I'll set it out here all right you're excited so there's not a whole bunch of stuff in there not bad all right I'm gonna put this right here okay let me help you out alright you don't need help you don't need help you're just zip it right through this okay we'll put that on there so we don't scratch the table mom you get upset at us here batteries wait turn it on now try it does it come with batteries probably not alright kiddo I got some batteries I know you're excited I'm excited for you so let's go ahead and do this and we'll see how many takes it I don't know if it takes triple-a or double-a what's your honey okay let's go don't go too far ahead there's this so three double A batteries scoochie I'll get it for you you are crazy I love it there you go so now it's on and wool let's hit one of them I like it not bad at all all right so let's turn that off really no I want to turn it off real quick oh here you you take him out what I'll do is I'll get it all set for you you're so yourself under oh my gosh you remind me of me when I was little I

would like a new GI Joe or a new alright this is pretty neat okay so what I'm gonna feel like all over the place you're making me go faster than I want to go but I got it because I know you're excited you got me all going crazy here alright this goes this this parts on top how about leave that part in the video - you know what why not because hold on item wait wait wait wait scootch I want to make sure we do it right where's that go here we go let's put this up here you're gonna be all crazy you know it there we go there goes that right there what is it a sticker where does it go honey we should look at the directions first okay let me see that okay let's put it right here hold on before you think any more stickers out I know daddies are like anybody wants to probably like whatever do it but I don't want you to ruin the stickers okay oh yeah this little instruction manual there's that okay so it shows stickers there and there there there there there what about that long one that you just had where does that one go okay so so far we're looking good let's turn this little this way so they can see and what

to stop going these yeah what goes in them that's a big step it's Gucci I'm it's a new toy what are you crazy I'll wait all your little accessories - okay let's take a wool look then we wait scooch hold on let's look first let's make sure we put in the right spot I know you're excited all right so here they go C&D C&D I think they go on the front here is there - yes - cool they don't show them in the picture on the picture on the box they don't think I think they go right here but they don't show them there you know maybe they're new that goes there and what are these Oh [Music] we just flew through this folks that's all we did they gotta go somewhere on here maybe underneath here ah I think I'm underneath here to hold it from falling okay so we got to take everything out see we went way too fast and then folks look at it you gotta lay this like this there we go see those okay and then you tighten them there we go mrs. I'm in a rush because I thought that was kind of wildly like this seems a little wobbly yeah you did do it how do you threw me for a loop there I'm

like okay what is going on here how does this thing work Hey there we go now it's nice and solid now put all your stuff back in there oh [Music] my gosh scoot you're crazy now I gotta figure out these stickers you got me I'm sweating like it seriously I'm sweaty because you had me in such a rush trying to get this together those go in there a little look at the little rings for your wrists and then what else then where's this go no this goes here oh wait this goes over here these go here whose listen you're supposed to know all this stuff I'm the guy here I'm not supposed to know all this so earrings yeah and then the little barrette alright the stickers we're gonna figure out right now okay I got this I'm telling you I got this sticker goes right here yeah okay let me put this on right here nice and yes hold on one of the times good so let me put it in there but let me put it in there in the center I don't want to mess it up hold on kiddo you're just like Collin over there what do you get something new what we put it in there all you got to

do is go nice and slow and I know it's very tricky because once you put this down you want to make sure that it's stuck in there good you know what I'm gonna have to lay it down I'm trying so hard not to do this as fast as I can because we got a crazy little impatient girl here wait alright hold on let me start that I gotta I've gotta do the ten minute limit alright so there's that we got the sticker here sticker here ha my gosh scooch it I gotta put the stickers out of the front yet you are driving me crazy little girl and then these go in the front I would have to think it goes like this this and then ooh I think I did it wait hold on hold on Jordy you already got me all nervous and in a rush yes you did I wanted to take my time and do this but you're excited but I know that I bet you college excited to play with this all right there we go look at it there is that on there hey you ready now I can do the other one okay that's gonna go there that's people like that there it is all right folks we did it what wait oh there it is all right here we go I'm gonna hit the

songs real quick so they hear the different songs all right that's a good one okay now let's let's do this one and those are this one wow this is great I like it alright well listen go ahead and go ahead and fix yourself up and let's take a look and see how it works there you go yes I'm like I'm seriously I'm all sweating right now because I was trying to hurry up while the cameras rolling and we had this you got me a sweaty mess but we're good everything's together as fast as we could the music works everything's set what do you got show us what you have now go through each one and show us what's that oh so that's lipstick then what's the other thing is that a tiara okay and then what's in the thing next to it what are those little bar X little clips for your hair okay and then what's in the circle yeah oh okay and then what's in that big circle huh pretty cool and then what else and then what's in there what's theirs yep okay but you have really Ernie so you don't need so that's pretty neat excellent well scootch that is really cool are you really happy with that well that's gonna be hours worth of playing all right

we'll tell everybody what you normally say might get a big thumbs up [Music]