06 May 2019

Discount Makeup Haul | Marshalls | TJ Maxx | Nordstrom Rack

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel ^_^ I recently discovered locations with amazing beauty & makeup finds and really wanted to show you guys what I got.

hi buddy welcome to my channel in

today's video I wanted to show you a couple of products that I got from TJ Maxx Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack I know tons of people have been talking about getting discounted makeup at all of these locations especially the high-end products so I went to a couple of locations and I wasn't able to find anything all of the products were just destroyed there wasn't really anything worth picking up but I was not until recently I walked into a couple of these stores and I saw that there were absolutely they were just really good finds and really really reasonable so I wanted to grab a couple of products and show you guys what I got I did go to Marshall TJ Maxx and norstrom racks so I'm going to be showing you different products from different stores I did open a couple of these products and I did use some of the stuff but a lot of them I didn't because I wanted to show you guys before digging my hands into it so the first store I wanted to talk about is Marshalls I found a couple of products the first one is not beauty related well it's not makeup related but there are they are these Nine West heels right here these are a really nice blush

pink and they were 29.99 I've been looking for a pink like this for a really long time so I was really glad that I found them iagnosed feels are just super comfortable and they're pretty much affordable for the most part I don't think I've ever spent $30 for a pair of Nine West heels so I was really excited when I saw these the next product I want to talk about are these nip and fab exfoliant the glycolic fix foamy paths they're 30 comes in here I got these for $5.99 I've been using these for a little bit now I'm actually running low I have been liking the way that this is been making my skin feel it's been exfoliating here really well my skin has been breaking out and this has actually been at helping calming down my breakouts and when I'm using really harsh products to kind of settle my skin it this has really been doing a good job exfoliating and not being too ha my skin if that makes any sense so I've been really really liking these I think I want to go and try to see if I can pick up another one or two of these just to have and I'm not sure if I said the price but these were $5.99 the next

product that I got was this laura geller Universal apricot a filter a fix baked correcting a setting powder this was $2.99 I just tried to open this on camera kind of made a mess everywhere but this is what it looks like it comes the powder has this little net here so it controls how much product comes out but I'm a little clumsy because I'm trying to show you guys what it looks like it is a really nice light peach shade I'm not too sure how this is going to be underneath my eye area because that was the whole purpose of getting this I'm looking for a lot of really nice brightening powders for underneath my eye area so for $2.99 I wanted to give this shot but I actually haven't heard anybody talk about this I don't even remember when they came out with this product like I said for $2.99 I'm not really gonna complain it's definitely worth giving a shot and it's from Laura Geller and the last product from Marshalls is this honest hace looka lipstick this is in the shade stripped and this was $7.99 they had tons of other shades but I've never tried any of her liquid lipsticks so I'm not sure about the formula and I'm a little picky

when it comes to liquid lipsticks I wanted to be long-lasting I wanted to be matte but I also wanted to be comfortable and just wear really nice plus I don't like liquid lipsticks that to make your lips are really dry at when you remove it so I wanted to give this one a shot I I thought the color was absolutely beautiful I love new lipsticks I love mix them together and I know this was a really popular shade or this probably still is a really popular shade so I figured why not give this one a go so the next price I'm going to show you are from TJ Maxx and the first two I've already been using the first one is this retinol overnight sleeping with dead sea minerals this was I believe five ninety-nine also I started using this because I was using a lot of medication because my face was breaking out but I'm not sure if this was also adding to me breaking out so I kind of pushed this aside for a little bit like I said I'm not sure if this is what's been making me break out but I'm gonna I'm gonna give it a shot again once my skin clears off and at least that way I can kind of track and just minimize the amount of skincare I'm putting onto my

skin so I can really know what's causing the issue but the smell is really good it feels really good and it hydrates it hydrates my skin super super well so the next product I want to talk about is this pure rosehip seed oil but this was also $5.99 and I've been using this for a little bit now it doesn't have the greatest smell I'm actually not a fan actually I hate the way it smells but it works really well I've been thinking the way it just absorbs into my skin usually I put this on at night before I go to bed I just put about two or three drops and enough of a coats my entire face so you don't need a lot of product at all and then if I'm not going anywhere during the daytime and I just want a little bit extra hydration I'll just put this on during the daytime too I also got this Pro a fusion Pro pigment eyeshadow palette this was $6.99 and the colors just looked so beautiful I know it's not picking up on camera the way it is in person but there are tons of shimmers a few little mats and oh it's just so pretty so I'll show you a couple of swatches see how pigmented everything is okay so those are squashed really nice

in this shape right here which is that one it's watching a little chalky but everything else looks extremely pigmented some of these swatches are going on a little little chalky like this darker shade right here went on a little chalky but I'll see what it looks like on my skin but for $6.99 I'm not going to complain it's worth giving it a shot a couple of those shadows did stain my fingertips so I need to make sure that I use a really good eye shadow base before applying onto my eyelids so the last part I want to talk about from TJ Maxx is this right here this is the anastacio blush trio in the shade peach you love and this was $10.99 eye for those of you who've been following and watching my channel for a while you know I'm not a blush girl at all but that's kind of changed I don't know recently I've really liking blush and I've been liking a lot of blush but more so not really pinky blushes but a lot of peachy tones I just think it looks really good on my skin tone so I've been gravitating towards anything that kind of looks peachy and just kind of big knowing a little a little little much with the blush blush is one of those products

that fades really fast so I don't mind going heavy-handed because by the time I am out the door and within an hour everything is kind of fading so this is what this tray looks like it is just absolutely beautiful and I was so happy that I found one that was not swatched so I only have two more products left to show you guys and these are both from Nordstrom racks and this first so they're both from Stila they are the so there's two different ones this larger one is the Stila glitter and glow highlighter illuminator and the smaller one just says glitter glow liquid eyeshadow but I'm pretty sure you can just use of both of these on your eyes or your face I feel like if you can use it on your eyes and you can pretty much use it on your face it should be safe so these were both the same price they were at 997 the smaller one is in the shade C siren it's just so pretty and there were it was really hard trying to find one but that wasn't swatch or even opened but this is what it looks like it has a really nice shift and it just looks like pink and blue and it's just so pretty I

think this just be absolutely beautiful on the lids and this one right here is in the shade fit in and I know this is a really popular shade and I think this is just gonna look so pretty and this is what Kate looks like so I've never tried any of stealers with what eyeshadows like this but a lot of people I have to said nothing about good things about it so I'm really excited to see how this goes I think out of all the products that I purchased I am most excited besides wearing the shoes I am more excited about the liquid lipstick from honest hacia which is that this right here and i don't think i swatched it for you guys so i'll do that also oh that's a really Oh so that's like shade right here I know it's gonna be really really hard to see it on camera it's literally blending into my skin hoping this is gonna look really nice with a darker lip liner the liquid lipsticks usually try down a little darker but I must I'm most excited to a trying the Stila eyeshadows the liquid lipstick and this blush trio right here so I hope you guys enjoyed this mini haul if you've gotten anything cool from TJ Maxx Marshalls nor some racks or if

there other places you think I should check out for discounted makeup please comment below and thank you so much for watching please like share comment and subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye you