11 March 2019


Watch as I haul brand name items from Dirt Cheap. Dirt cheap is a major discount store that can be found in 8 southern states! I found many Target items that ...


and welcome back to my channel today I have another dirt cheap haul for y'all and I'm so excited to share it because I really hit the jackpot this time I think my local dirt cheap had just put out stuff for spring and summer I know I told y'all before that it is really hit or miss and today's trip was a major hit I got lots of swimsuit they had a good selection of Easter stuff Easter basket stuff like that I didn't really have a use for any of that they had some really great stuff so if you have a dirt cheap in your area you need to go check that out ASAP I did not know until this week that dirt cheap has an app I think it's dirt cheap deals or something like that but if you got your App Store and type in dirty you will see it I think the icon is red with the dirt cheap chicken that's on their logo another little background on dirt cheap if you didn't watch my last dirt cheap haul there are about a hundred stores spread over eight southern states I am in Mississippi I live kind of close to two locations not one in my town that I live in but I do have access to one so if you download the app it will tell you the locations and you can see if you have one near you

but I have found so much home decor and cute clothing and just all kinds of different stuff a dirty but I actually did not get anything from my home this time they had so many like beauty products um spring and summer clothing and shoes and that's where I spent all of my time this trip just gonna jump right in because I have a rather large bag of items to share with you all because I did find so many things that cannot pass up first I found the cards and they had like three tables full of just bins of cards and I know I tell y'all all the time to get your cards that Dollar Tree because they are a dollar but all of these cards are 50 Cent's this one is like a really nice wedding card still like in the clear wrapper like the really nice cards at home are I got a wedding card for 50 cents and then I also found a couple of cards for like anniversary because my anniversary is coming up so all of the cards for 50 cents and they had a lot of great like cards for weddings baby showers anniversaries it just depends on what time of year but they had a lot of those type cards at my dirt-cheap love

chapstick I keep a tube-like everywhere on my nightstand in my office and my car and my purse I have chapstick everywhere these are marked 99 they were half-price so I paid three dollars for two tubes of Burt's Bees and I just ran in Dollar General to get a few things that we needed yesterday someone tape of the original Burt's Bees was like three dollars so I got two packs for three dollars a dirt cheap next I got this really pretty color it's called chop me up it's like a really pretty blue color from China Glaze they had just tubs of China Glaze OPI um fake nails a lot of makeup items and they were all half off as well so it's marked 750 and I paid 375 and this is a color on the a box of my favorite impress press-on nails I'm actually making a video soon of all my favorite drugstore products and this is one of them I've been wearing this type of nail for close to a year now and I absolutely love them they are always what I wear and I had never gotten this matte Mavi color um they are the price tag is $7.99 and they were half off so this was $4 the color is called so unexpected yet 30

solid nails and six accent nails so you get enough nails in here to do a full set twice with a few left over so for four dollars I can do my nails twice with these I talked to you all in my last dirt cheap hole that dirt cheap is just a super discount store that other stores send their unsold products to so what I've mostly seen that dirt cheap is target and every year around this time they get tons of Target swimsuits and they are 350 a piece which is amazing and there's nothing wrong with them they are mismatched and like you might find a top in your size that's in like this hot pink color but then you can't find the bottoms but I usually have like a pair of bottoms at home already that will match the top or you could buy the top and then get bottoms later online or something so it's great I found quite a few swimsuits I think I went when they put them out I'm just gonna jump right in and show you some of the swimwear that I got and it was 350 a piece so some of these tops I did find bottoms to match so if I show you top and bottom it was $7.00 for the complete swimsuit and then there are

some tops and bottoms that I got that were just 350 for that piece and I just went ahead and bought them because I knew I had a top or bottom at home to match them but my husband and I leave for the beach and about a month and a half I just wanted some new swimsuits for that and then we are going again in July and have another trip in July where we will probably be out of water park and out of pool so I just thought I would go ahead and literally get swimsuits the whole summer at such a good price all of these swimsuits are Target brand some of them I still saw in stores and like August and September so they're not like super old either like I saw a top at dirt cheap that I purchased at Target last summer for full price and I was so mad that they had it for 350 at dirt cheap now but anyway so this is the first one that I found and it is the really nice bra like structured top and I mean you can see they had like a little price sticker or something right here but I'll be able to get that off but um it ties around my neck and has the back closure and I already have bottoms from Target from last summer that are this pretty light

pink color and I think they'll go perfect with this top so that was 350 next I got this structured top and it's like a really pretty highlighter pink color and I already have bottoms this color I also have a cute pair of like animal print leopard bottoms that I thought would be really cute with this and it ties around my neck and has the back closure I really like these black like crow shei looking bottoms they kind of look lacy almost and they tie on the sides and black is just one of those swimsuit colors that I tend to gravitate toward I have like so many tops that have black print like in them and then I just would pair them with black bottoms instead of buying the complete swimsuit so whenever I see a nice pair of black bottoms I just picked them up because I know they will be worn with some tops I already have I absolutely love these swimsuits that tie around my neck I have a white one super similar to this that I got at Target a couple of summers ago but I went ahead and got this yellow I just thought it was so pretty it looks like crocheted almost and it ties around the neck and ties around the back and I

actually found yellow bottoms I was super excited that's kind of why I venture toward tops I have black in them because I already know I have black bottoms and when I saw this yellow I was like oh I love that and like I don't have a yellow swimsuit but I don't think it would go with any bottoms I have and I just like really lucked up on finding this pair of yellow bottoms but they tie on the side and there of course from Target so I got this complete swimsuit from Target for $7 and my last swimsuit is also a set I just saw I just love this color and the style of these bottoms it's like a kind of a hot pink but red has a red tint to it so these are the bottoms and I found this top to go with them once again it's the bra type top ties around the neck has this closure in the back and it's just like a really pretty like bright reddish pinkish color I don't know but so I got this complete swimsuit for seven dollars now I got seven pieces of swimwear and it was like $24 for all the swimsuits that's like the price of one swimsuit or just one swimsuit top depending on where you're shopping because swimsuits can be really

expensive I was super excited over the swimsuits like when I walked in I was so excited like so excited but then I got to the shoes and I got so excited all over again I know y'all have noticed the white booty and boot trend I actually have two pairs of white boots that I wear all the time I just absolutely love that look for any time of year but when I saw these shoes I just had to see it is this pair of like mule slides from Target I'm in love with them they are white they have the trendy studs and they are pointed you just slide your foot into them you can wear them with flares and it'll look like white boots you can wear them with skinny jeans you can wear them with dresses shorts these will carry you all the way through summer and I just had a fit over them they were $10 and they looked so nice and trendy and I don't I did not price check these at Target but they are a Target brand and I'm sure they were like 20 something dollars if not more so when I saw this pair of shoes for $10 absolutely had to get them super happy with my swimsuits that's really what I went in there to get my friend ELISA lives in Alabama

and she told me like a few days ago that she had found a lot of great structured nice swimsuit tops at her local dirt-cheap so I just happen to be driving past my dirt-cheap and went in and hit the jackpot on swimsuits which is really all I could ask for and then when I found these shoes I got so excited over those but I just wanted to share this stuff with y'all as soon as possible so that y'all could go in your local dirt cheap and stock up on these swimsuits because it's amazing but download the app or google it and just see if you have one in your area something new that my dirt sheep did this time is give me a loyalty card they've never done that before but you get a stamp for every ten dollars that you spend and it says receive ten stamps and redeem for an additional 10% off your next purchase it also says that you can mail in this card it has the address of the corporate dirt-cheap office which is in Hattiesburg Mississippi and um if you fill this up and mail it to them you are entered for a chance to win a cruise or other great prizes so that's awesome I hope that you enjoyed

this video give it a thumbs up if you want to see more dirt cheap poles thank you all so much for watching and I will see you next time