03 May 2016

Dinair Airbrush Makeup Starter Pro Kit Review

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all right hi guys it's Rachel here today

to review this airbrush makeup system so I have a completely broken down and I'm going to show you all the parts and parts of it and turns on and everything and then afterwards I'm going to go to hack my face with is in the airbrush machine and half of it of my normal foundation so let's get started first of all you have your compressor here it is about how about six inches of length by four or five inches with I'll give you the exact measurements in the comments of course you have your on and off button here and you're a little adapter button right there it is a fairly small compressor so it's nothing too big they do send you the adapter so you just simply going to put that in there like so your air pump your air hose is going to hook up right here you get a long black cord as you can see here it is approximately five feet long maybe six feet long I have to get the extra measurements so you just simply hook your little hose up in there and so we're going to is the other end so here's your gun this part Hut's up to the other end of the house so when you have your little gun like this you're

just going to stick your sorry can't do it like that my hand there we go so you guys stick your hose on to the airbrush like that we'll get to this in just the compressor part of it in a minute I just wanted overlook the brush with you real quick so here is the brush piece the end piece right here is silicone of course you have to slip down on the top piece it's you're going to need to practice let me tell you that first of all you're definitely gonna need practice so don't think as soon as you take this out of the box you know how to use it even if you've used other ones so up here is your little jar where you're going to put your foundation at and we're gonna go over that in just a second like I said y'all gotta bear with me on this this is quite a bit so you put your foundation in there it does come with a little cap silicon cap that you can fit over there like that that makes it your aunt ice Phil so some raisin goes like this it's not going to spill everywhere you need a small amount this little trigger up here on the top is for how much you want to come out if you go all the way back

you're gonna get the most have you go forward it's gonna be less so less is for most is back in the front here I don't know if you can really see it inside the middle of that there is a little opening if you watch it you see how it opened that's where your foundation is gonna shoot out at your air is coming out also so your ears what's gonna move it so what I'm going to do a katana compressor um there's a little light right here in a little bead keep I suggest to keep those lined up that's what I do as you can tell it is a little bit on the louder side but nothing you can really do about that so it is on you can barely hear the air it's coming out but it is coming out I know you really can't see it but it's coming it's coming out I promise so when you get started what you want to do is up at the suggestion in the comments also on how to actually apply it you want to move your whole arm in circular motion rather than your wrist because your wrist I'll explain all that in a minute sorry I'm getting sidetracked so what's nice about this is that it comes with these little papers you have your distance paper this is a

great way for you to practice of course it has the top on how you want it and then go back and forth and they want you to work on paper really before you work on your faces you're not wearing and using all your foundation in step they do come with of course the DVD on how to put together and has your cleaning instructions cleaning is fairly easy nothing too special about that it does come with the a cleaner right here when you run out of that you can use rubbing alcohol isopropyl alcohol I've used it on other airbrushes I've had many years ago and it worked fine no issues in this particular set you do get three colors of course you have your vanilla which is really like any can't release the camera so bright you have a natural base and eight all of the beige um on these do not let me do one that I haven't used because I've used the vanilla cuz I'm so Pacey it comes with a cap like this do not peel that part off what you want to do is you want to take a needle and you want to puncture a little hole in that cap you just simply you know open up this take your needle and puncture a little hole in that this

will help control the amount a foundation coming out because you're not going to need very much going quickly over it it also has the moist and gooey moisturizer bottle that comes with it of course you have your travel cap to put it on the end when you are traveling just simply slide that on yeah and then this piece goes over that sorry there's just so much to go through on this they send you once again the foundation awareness exercise it's another paper exercise to do and then they give you a base that you can practice on a paper face it does come with a clear travel bag so you can pack everything in that travel bag sorry I'm trying to cut through this really fast it's already been six months on a video and you probably lost your attention at this place it does give you different little things overall I think it's great kit I'm going to go ahead and put do half my side and me dragging a makeup and then the half of the airbrush makeup so I will post pictures