08 June 2017

Dia Mirza's Secret Makeup Tips for Fresh Flawless Skin

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icon to never miss any updates of new videos from both my style hi I'm ba Mirza today I'm going to actually give you a sneak peek into something that I've never done before I'm going to show you how I do a dewy natural summer looks makeup and it's something that is my go-to I do it all the time and a lot of people know me for it and today you can learn how it's done [Music] so I'm going to start with keeping my hand off my face so that it's not coming in the way at all I have prepped my skin with primer it absorbs the foundation well I have with me here what is called a beauty sponge and my liquid foundation I don't use a pancake or fantastic so what I'm going to do is take the liquid base with a brush and literally very lightly apply it to the skin we don't have to want to conceal so we keep the coverage really really light so that it's not cakey the skin breathing as you can see I can already blending it into the neck a little bit I'm going to primarily use the Beauty Blender for the face so I picked up the residue foundation from my hand and now I will blend in the base onto the face the base

on the page I'm a boy and I didn't know it under eyes so as you can see we've got a very light breathing coverage here you're going to seal it with a translucent press primer powder so it feels the foundation in because we don't want the primer or the powder to make the base crack or heavy and if I see you can see the skin still breathing it's really light we'll follow this up with a little bit of contouring for that Oh cream stick contouring things that I'm applying with the brush to define the natural contours of my face there you go nicely blend it in your line cheeks have been contour jawline is in contour now little bit for the nose and the forehead now we blend this in with the beauty sponge again so that's we're not seeing any harsh lines done now for my favorite part the eyebrows so we're going to make the eyebrows seco we're using a brow clip there are three shades in this that I will use only one and I'm also using an angle brush which is slightly thicker than the normal angle brushes because I want to get like a thicker eyebrows there so there you go I can't into the natural outline of the

brow and then we can thicker and darker and they are so this is actually like the quickest fresh no makeup do we look up in do at home so the stick it's like a like a natural shine stick I'm going to use it to kind of just stab so my eye the lid of the eye is dabbing it on so it gives us a nice species view and some shine and then I'm going to use the same stick to add some on mine [Music] Morrow smile inside pull on the chin to give it that natural you know if you want you can step out just like this if you want to enhance the eyes a little more you can add some mascara to the lashes and a little bit of brown like a dark brown color just above the lash line to give the eyes and little more definition there you go the lash line has been enhanced maybe a little on the lower lashes I work a little better defined we're going to call the lashes a lot of people specific ghetto flash model as I used to in value when I was younger but now we will do some nice volume with mascara on it so the film estrada okay so the mascara is on and one eye nice

and thick so we're not gonna lose any false lashes or anything because the idea is to let the skin breathe now for a little bit of mascara on the lower lash line just like that okay so that's done this is like a screen shine that I'm going to use to apply the cheekbone we get a little bit of more shine and gluey look and then maybe we can use a little bit of it just below the eyebrow and we can use that little bit the inside corner of the eyes there you go now if you want to color your lips all you need to do is use that same cream that used for the blush but I'm going to use a slightly deeper cream then I did for the blush on to give the lips a nice peachy fresh look that's done and we can open hair and just before I step out because Mumbai is as greasy and humid as it can get I take a little bit of Studio Fix and I seal all the skin right on my under-eye [Music] so what needs to shine will shine and what doesn't and she will be shining will not shine this is my personal way

of doing like a dewy natural summer looks that I can wear when I go out to work or for a party or just about any date every day so I hope you guys enjoyed learning how to do fresh dewy summer makeup don't forget to subscribe to book my style share like and give us your comments I'd love to know what you thought about my summer Jubilee do we treat do we look [Music]