21 December 2018

Dewy Eye Makeup Look

A simple, dewy eye makeup look that is super easy! Below are the product details: -Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette -Morphe Brushes - Jaclyn Hill Favorites -Dior ...


hi hi so I'm so excited right now I am using my green light that I got for Christmas John my boyfriend got it to me and I know it's like before Christmas but we're traveling and won't be here but I have a really really easy kind of like everyday look that I you know always go to sorry movies like right there Louise my god it's just crazy and he loves to bite but what I'm going to start off with first is the Jaclyn hill palette this is like seriously my favorite palette ever if you don't have this palette you need to seriously get it I'm going to just go in with my normal fluffy brush so I use the Jaclyn hill favorites by morphe these are just her like hand-picked favorite brushes that morphe has in their collection first gonna go in with going with this color right here this is definitely like any beautiful peach color i brush into their top off any excess and then I'm just gonna put this all over my lid and crease this is just going to be like a really good transition color in general so it's gonna be pretty light on me like you can't even really tell but we're just gonna keep applying and

building that up so I'm doing these windshield wiper motion to really blend out the product oh I can't do this I'm already gonna quit by okay so I'm just gonna continue that on the other lid and you don't have to be absolutely perfect with this you can be pretty messy we're just gonna obviously blend it out and if you haven't want like a lighter look then you can stop but I'm just gonna keep building until I get kind of the color that I want okay now I'm going to pick up another brush my brushes are not clean so don't judge I need to clean them okay next color that I'm going to go in with is this dark kind of peach color it's like a light brown basically I'm just gonna go in with that in the crease area excess and this is just going to give shape to our eyes we're just kind of going to deepen that [Music] and create dimension so sorry this is like in the way like I have no way of actually knowing where I'm putting this on my I if I don't look into this if you bunch have like our base look right here now I'm going to find my

favorite flat brush this is the M 4-3-3 this is my absolute favorite brush going to go in with this Brown right here this is a very like neutral Brown it is a little bit cool just a little bit it's not the Louie show and I'm just going to go in with this flat brush right here and I'm going to top off any excess pigment and I'm going to focus that on the outer portion of my eyelid I'm going to bring it slowly upwards to my crease and then I'm going to blend it out so now I'm gonna do the exact same thing on the other side I'm just gonna start on the bottom half of the lane and kind of work it upwards okay I'm gonna have to like completely refill this this is absurd so I'm gonna continue with that it's up slightly dark but it's like the perfect Brown I would definitely say I'm just going to continue to build that up and blend it outwards now oh my god stop I'm just going to continue to blend this out you can't blend out your eyeshadow then kids anyway you know man I am going to go with just like mixed up but I'm gonna go in with this beautiful like champagne pinky color this is what chocolate Hill would consider it's a perfect bride color and I agree it's

beautiful so I'm just gonna take it on my finger applying these kind of like glitter of no pigments eyeshadow use your finger it's good so I'm just going to apply this on my inner corner and on the linen and I'm going to slightly bring it upwards - that peach tone that we put on originally and that'll just bring everything together okay so we have that pretty much done pointing to smoke this kind of out oh it just brings it all together and makes it look super super cute so I am going to go back and with that original dark brown that I used I keep saying dark brown it's like a medium brown into this one right here and I am gonna get pretty much a good amount to top off any excess and I'm going to line my like lash line and I'm going to stop about 3/4 of the way into my inner corner so I'm going to do it on both eyes [Music] okay now that we're done with that I'm going to take that darker peach tone it's kind of like that light brown color right here and I'm going to what speak this pencil brush and I'm going to blend

that light brown out and I'm going to start from the outer corner and work my way inwards and kind of just using whatever slots on the brush to blend that out then I'm going to dip it in again take that same brown top off any excess and start in the inner corner and work my way back to the outer I'm just going to put just a little bit of highlighter on my brow bone I'm just using those two these two light colors right here I just kind of mix them and tap off any excess Zack's you think I'm going to put it in the inner corner and I'm just gonna pop it right there I'm not gonna bring in upwards I'm just going to put on some eyeliner I use the Tarte East eyeliner and black I guess it's like a liquid and a pencil like two and one I'm also going to go in with the bad gal bang by benefit this is just like their normal black mascara and then I'm also gonna go in with the L'Oreal Paris luminous carbon black so I go down with two I used to go in with three and that's kind of crazy so I will be right back okay so here is the final look I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you guys want like a full makeup tutorial

face makeup and that's what I'm speaking of let me know in the comments but I hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you guys next time