11 March 2018


In todays video I am destroying the 144 eyeshadow palette! I am destroying and mixing shadows and then repressing to make new ones! How does it end up?

I wish I had some goggles because we are

about to do science hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I am gonna be destroying the makeup revolution 144 ultimate eyeshadow palette collection 2018 I previously did a full review on this palette so if you want to see the full review and my opinions on this one I will be leaving a link down below so you can watch that first so you can see oh I am gonna be doing this it was actually a comment from one of my subscribers that she had the same palette that I did and she felt like she was very unhappy with the quality of the shadows as well so what she did was she combined a bunch of different shadows and improved the quality and I thought that was a genius idea because in this palette you receive away too many of the same shades so my idea is that I'm gonna combine all the like shades that you just don't need that many of and a lot of the darker shades to see if I can improve the quality of them because I mean I am really unhappy with this palette I am NOT reaching for it I'm not gonna use it I I had a lot of opinions about it so just make sure you check out that video and you see the full details about it so if I can improve the quality

of these shadows by destroying and then repressing that is what I'm gonna be doing today and perhaps I'm gonna be taking a few shadows that are not similar and combining them to see what kind of magical creation we could make so this is not gonna be your average destroying video it is destroying with a purpose we are gonna try to improve this palette to see if I can make it more pigmented be able to work better and all of that so let's jump right into it [Music] and here is our first mixer I'm going to set this aside and we'll do the mixing all together at once now with those mixture set aside I am gonna do a slightly darker shimmer [Music] all right with these sheets I am gonna leave this of the second pan I'm gonna set this on the side as well now the next one's in which I want to combined are these darker shades I feel like on their own they are so just kind of like me so I'm gonna combine all of those and they are all so gosh doing similar [Music] and then here we have the third mixture which is basically like a very dark dark

brown or almost a black color all right let's move it on to our fourth mixture and let's make it a fun colored one you guys may be screaming at me through the screen but I'm gonna be taking the blue the pink the orange and the purple in this super white shade up here and we're gonna combine it all and see the shade we get so this is going to be the mystery shade [Music] and here we have the forth mixture I do still have quite a few more pans that I am able to make new shadows with so I'm gonna keep it going now let's take all of these blue ones [Music] the thick mixture [Music] and there we have the cream / white / a little bit of tan in there a mixture that's mixture number six next I'm gonna move on to the transition shade in a way [Music] and here's what I'm thinking is gonna be a cool transition shade mixture I mean I honestly have no idea if this is even gonna work but I'm having a lot of fun making it and here we have the 8th mixture alright next couple mixtures I

am gonna try to make it to 12 I'm gonna take some of the plum shades that are really shimmery [Music] ix mixture now I'm thinking I'm just gonna go ahead and take some mixtures of shimmery shades because there's so many random ones [Music] now here we have the tenth mixture let's do another shimmery mixture I think I'll probably have enough to do at least two more different shimmery mixtures the eleventh mixture all right so I've quite a few more colors left but I think I'm just gonna do one more so I have 12 hands of eyeshadow and I'm gonna do these more green shades and see what kind of a combo we can get [Music] and here we have it the twelfth mixture last minute I decided to take the very lightest blue and two turquoise or seafoam kind of green shades and decide to mix those so this will be the thirteenth shade it'll be slightly smaller but I thought it'd be a cool mixture now here is what we have left of this palette some of these colors I really enjoy on their own like this

shade and the top row those ones have a completely different consistency in the formula and I really like them so I'm gonna leave those alone and then there was some random ones left over that in case this works out I can always mix them together but they are so similar to the previous ones I've already mixed so I thought it'd be a little bit too much repeating shadow so I'm just gonna leave those there for now and I'm gonna start the mixing process of all of the shadows to try to create the new ones so I'm going to start the mixing process and I'm gonna start off with the lightest shimmery shade I can't exactly remember which ones I did at which point what number I labeled them but so I'm just gonna start mixing this I'm gonna take just the tiniest amount of rubbing alcohol and pour that in with a mixture and then taking my spatula and starting to mix this around I may need to add more rubbing alcohol but I can keep doing that in small amounts so that way I don't pour in too much so here we have a I shadow pan that I have repurposed and I've cleaned and it is ready for me to put it in some more eye shadow so to press this shadow I'm gonna

take one of the exact same eye shadow pans I'm gonna lay a piece of paper underneath and I'm gonna press the two together oh man that was like bleeding and here I have it the first eyeshadow pan I'm grabbing a new mixture [Music] and here we have ice shadow pan number two and here we are on to making it the third pan [Music] [Music] extra [Music] and here is the last ice shadow I'm now kind of thoroughly wash my hands and I'm gonna leave this for about 24 to 48 hours just so they can solidify and all of it dries up so I will be back in one to two days and I am back it has been more than 48 hours it's actually been about five days I want to say this palette was so massive I just simply could not do them all and I didn't have enough pans to be able to mix every single one of the shadows so I'm gonna be leaving it as is for now there was a few shadows in which I wanted to leave alone because I really liked the quality of those ones so I'm gonna try to D pot

those and save them the other ones I'll see if I end up mixing together later but I was thinking that the video is gonna be so long if I ended up doing all of these and I had to figure out the whole pan situation since I did not have any more so let's get into what the new palette looks like which actually perfect things from boxycharm this month was a Z palette from Oprah well I guess it's not called a Z palette it's just an empty palette Z palette is a brand so here is the customized palette after it has been mixed pressed and dried I'm gonna show you guys so watches of course but let's get a little bit closer here is what the palette looks like close up there are 13 shadows that I was able to mix together and they are all kind of different there was so many shimmery shades that the majority ended up being mainly shimmery shades there are some Mac so here you guys can see is what the custom palette looks like so watched out I started with the first row and went left to right and went a row by row and to be 100% honest I mean that snob the head at all I mean the only one I'm kind of learning me about is of course this like

cranberry shade that one is not really that pigmented and it does feel a little bit drier I mean it could definitely be in my pressing technique I have never mixed and pressed shadows before so I'm in no way shape or form saying that I am a professional in doing this this was pure experimentation but honestly the result I am really happy with I have been testing it out a few different days and I honestly am kind of impressed especially when it came to the darker shade I actually applied this yesterday I tried applying the darker shades before with that just the normal palette you know trying to combine all the dark shades since there were so many and some were just so subpar and it honestly applied really nicely and I was like woah woah woah so if you guys have this palette and you are kind of unhappy as well with the quality of the shadows give it a shot try mixing together a few you do not have to do all and go crazy like I did try mixing together one and see if you like it and go from there to see if you can improve the quality of your shadows as well if you happen to do this I would love it if you tagged me on instagram

and my handle is Vanessa underscore Lopes 55 I would love to see your guys's custom creations if you are gonna be doing this yourself but this was such a fun kind of science project science experiment in a way since we did mix the colors we press them and all that I like to think of it as science II make up science if you will if you guys enjoyed this video please don't forget to give it a like comment down below share the video subscribe I would really appreciate it it really helps me out I post to beauty related videos twice a week so I will see you guys in my next video alright guys