23 September 2018


DESIXKATY HEYYYY Babes :) welcome back to my channel today I'm doing a First Impression & Review on the New DESI X KATY DOSE OF COLORS ...

hey everyone is Rachelle and Simba

welcome back to my channel so I'm back with another video for you guys and today you guys I'm doing a first impressions review style video so today I'm gonna be doing a review and first impression on the new dose of color desi and Kati collaboration and this is their second collaboration with dose of colors so I just want to say congratulations to both desi and Katy the first collection came out last year I really really love that collection and today I got to play with the second collection so I'll let you guys know how I feel about all the products that I'm using today throughout the video and also at the end of the video I'll give you my final reviews and thoughts on this entire collection so yeah let's just jump right into the video all right so just to speed things up a bit I already applied my foundation my concealer my powder even put my brows on already and you guys if you've been watching my videos for a while you know this is like this is weird for me okay like I feel so weird right now because usually I do my eyes and then I do my foundation and concealer and all that stuff so I feel so naked with nothing on

my eyes that I have a full base on my face anyways let me just stop rambling and just get on with it so today I'm gonna be playing with the desi and Katy collaboration with a dose of colors but yeah this is their second collaboration with a dose of colors and I literally just got the PR package like a couple days ago in the mail so I have to jump on here and play with it so this is what it looks like you guys I haven't even really gone through it is yet but I can't wait to play with this stuff so I'm gonna be swatching the eyeshadow colors for you guys and I'm also gonna be creating a I'll look as well with the eyeshadow palette and then I'm gonna apply it on all the lipstick and the lip glosses from this collection as well so this is what the eyeshadow palette looks like the first part they did with dose of color was a smaller eyeshadow palette I believe it had for our shadows I hope I'm not wrong and this eyeshadow palette has 10 eyes shadow colors so you're getting a lot more options here oh I really like the colors it's so pretty like look at that blue here like that blue is the same play with me oh it's so pretty and I shoulda

pilot there is a five-match shades and five shimmer which I'm all here for that I love when a pilot has like a good amount of mattes and a good amount of shimmer and from the looks of the pilot I can create like so many different looks with this politic so I'm just gonna quickly swatch the eye shadow just so you guys can see what they look like so we're gonna start off with this blue right here and this one is I believe this one is a moment what's the name of it oh look at that that is so pigmented so that's what the blue looks like you guys and for me I feel like any eye shot I can swatch really really good it's all about how it works when you were using your brushes and when you're applying it because I just feel like any eyeshadow can swatch really good so that's just I don't get too excited about swatches to be honest with you it's all about how it blends on my eyes and then this one is dirty money so it's like a greenish gold eye shadow oh so pretty gorgeous game over so this is pretty much what the shimmers look like when they are swatch on my skin and I'm gonna swatch the matte ones as well just so you guys can see what they look

like and that's all the matte shades swatch so the first I should I'm going to use is the eye shadow necessary and I'm just going to pop that into my crease I really like the eyeshadows name because I do feel like a shadow like this is necessary for tea I should have palette so this is gonna be my transition shade and I'm just going to pop that right in the crease and so far the eyeshadow is blending really good so because I'm not used to doing my eye shadow after my foundation I'm like a little bit worried about fallout it's because my base is like perfect right now and I don't want to get fallout all over my face so I'm gonna kind of pull that up into my brow as well oh my gosh you guys I completely forgot to mention that I do have a base all over my eyelid so this is just gonna help the eyeshadow to stick better and it's gonna also help the eyeshadow to look more pigmented on my eyelid as well I'm using a concealer as my eyeshadow base I always use concealers this one is the Born This Way to face concealer I love this one as my eyeshadow base the next action I'm using is the eye shadow

chains and this one I hope I'm saying that correctly chains and it's a chocolatey brown eyeshadow ah I love it and I'm just going to pop that into the crease as well oh my gosh it is so so so pigmented like really pigmented so you guys even though this eye shadow is a darker shade it's blending out really really easy and usually I find that dark matte eyeshadows oh my gosh they are usually a struggle to blend but this one is blending really good I really like it like I like it a lot actually in the brush that I'm using is a 2 to 7 a zoeva blending brush it's a lot similar to the Mac 217 blending brush as well okay so now I'm gonna grab this warm brown shade it has a red tone to it this one is churro I'm literally trying to use all the matte eyeshadows on my eyelids like I'm really trying to use all of them and I'm just gonna grab this a big fluffy blending brush but I'm not gonna put too much eyeshadow on it because these eyeshadows are really pigmented and I'm just going to pop that right at the inner portion all right so far I'm loving the mattes like I'm really really loving them they look so good they blend so easy and I don't even know what color

I want to put on my lid today like I'm so tempted to use this blue right here I don't really wanna use the green because I recently did a look with green this one is so pretty ain't no what you guys I'm just gonna do the bowl I'm just gonna go for it and I'm gonna use the blue eye shadow yes it is absolutely gorgeous it's so pretty oh my gosh it is gorgeous but I just be able to fall out there I'm just gonna wet my brush a little just to help the eyeshadow a little more pigmented I mean it looks really pigmented already but I just want to prevent any kind of fall outs because this is shimmer and I don't wanna get any fallout and have to redo my foundation oh it's so pretty oh my gosh and it looks even better when it's wet oh my gosh this is absolutely gorgeous and I put the bluish purple and you guys I'm literally just sweeping this onto my eyelid and I don't even have to Pat it to make it a little more pigmented like it just looks really really pigmented in your eyes I'm gonna go back into the chocolate brown shade at Keens and I'm just gonna place this at the outer corner just to darken things up a bit

and I'm just using a pencil brush to do so and I'm just gonna pull out that brown eye shadow as well and I'm just gonna go in with some NYC liquid liner and I don't know if I'm going to create a wing today I don't think I'm gonna do a wing I'm just gonna create a thick line on the top lashline like hey guys I completely forgot to blend that eye shadow the blue eye shadow so I'm just blending that into the brown of it and I'm using a clean brush to do so okay so I'm gonna move on to lashes and apply the Lily lashes in Hollywood these are 3d mink eyelashes I don't think I've used these ones before [Music] I completed this eye off-camera I am living for this entire I look right now like I really really love this look I love how the eyeshadows blend like I'm getting my life right now just so you know but let me go ahead and complete this I because I look weird right now so I'm gonna grab the eyeshadow chains the dark chocolatey Brown and I'm just going to run it along my bottom lash line I'm using this Little J age 42 brush from morphe Jaclyn hill collection this is more of a lid brush I think it's a

highlight brush but I love using it on my bottom lash line and I'm just going to run that along the bottom [Music] I'm gonna go in with a pencil brush just to smoke it out because she's looking a little harsh right now I'm just gonna wipe the eyeshadow off my brush and then I'm gonna grab this gold eye shadow right here and I'm just gonna place it at the inner corner I grab the eye shadow game over I think this eyeshadow would be perfect for a smokey eye look all over the lid as well but I'm gonna apply this along my bottom lash line I could not use this palette and not use this eyeshadow because she's gorgeous and I'm just running that along my bottom lash line as well I'm just gonna go in with that pencil brush and just blend that out as well and to line my waterline I'm gonna use the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil so this is in the shade LSD which is literally almost the same shade as the eye shadow I have on my bottom lash line I didn't want to go in with black so I'm just gonna use this one [Music] pulling a little bit more of that bowl

onto the bottom lashline as well well I love this look and I'm gonna apply a ton of mascara onto my bottom lashes just to give them a little drama a little length cuz you know my lashes are short and stumpy on the bottom so I need all the mascara I can get right now now that the eyes are completed I'm gonna go ahead and finish off my face so I'm gonna go in with some bronzer because I need some bronzer on this face and I'm gonna use my mac mineralize skinfinish in dark deep and my Mac 134 brush okay so with this collection there are two highlighters in the collection so there is way go and chasing the Sun so the Fuego highlighter is from the original collaboration that they did with those of colors I actually really really love this highlighter it's a really nice champagne in gold and I live for my champagne and gold highlighters and I'm just gonna swatch it so you guys can see the difference gorgeous so this one is chasing the Sun and it looks a lot more golden bronze it looks a lot darker than wagos so I'm gonna swatch that as well sorry so this is the chase in the Sun highlighter which is more of a bronzey

kind of highlighter I think this one would be perfect perfect for a deeper skin tone as well I'm gonna try this one because I already know what fuller looks like so I'm gonna try to on the highest point of my cheekbones and see how this looks I'm excited to try the highlighter I'm gonna take the morphe Jaclyn hill this is the jh9 brush I think this is the highlighter brush I hope it's the highlighter brush because this is what I've been using is apply my highlighter so I'm just gonna apply that oh yes oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys it's so gorgeous blinding be honest with you I thought it was gonna look a little bit darker on my skin but it is just absolutely perfect what the shade is just so perfect like I really really love it I'm gonna be using this like every single day like I'm gonna be bathing in this highlighter so you guys this is what it looks like on its own I think it's absolutely gorgeous and love love of the shade so the eyes are completed the face is completed now we're gonna move on to the lips so they are still in the boxes I haven't even looked at them as yet I've actually looked at one of

the lipsticks and I tried it on and obsessed obsessed obsessed so I think I'm gonna do a gloss first so with the desi and Katy collection there is two lipsticks two lip gloss and two liquid lipsticks so this lip gloss is the most it's like a sparkly silvery type of lip gloss it actually reminds me of the newest Rihanna lip gloss but let's see how it looks on the lip oh it's so pretty it has a little hint of pink and purple in it like very iridescent it's really really nice and it feels really great on the lips as well I really like this on its own but I know it would look really nice on top of the lipstick as well or with my lip slime but it's actually really gorgeous on its own as well what do you guys think about it okay so this one is over the top which is from the first collection that they did with dose of color I'm really glad they brought this back because I really love this one it's a favorite of mine this is my original one like it looks raggedy tie for anyone so I'm actually really glad that they brought this one back I really really love this one I love the gold like it's really nice and it looks perfect on its

own as well you don't even need to line your list or nothing but it looks really good yeah this one is my favorite so out of the two lip gloss this is like definitely my favorite like I freaking love this one on its own like it works so well with this I'll look as well like I love it okay so we have two liquid lipstick in this collection I'm gonna go ahead and try on a moth story first oh it's pretty okay so I really really like this one a lot however if I was gonna wear this out I would definitely line my lips with like something like mark or like a nice brown lip pencil with this because on its own I just I can't pull this off on its own I don't feel like I can but it's really really gorgeous I really like it and I really like the formulation of the dose of colors liquid lipsticks as well so I'm just gonna go in with my Mac quark lip pencil just to see how it looks when I line my lips so this is what it looks like with the lips line and yes honey I'm feeling it I really really love this and I'm gonna go in with my main Oh mmm I love this one you guys this is so gorgeous like even on its own like I actually really like this one a lot it

has a little bit more Brown in it so I really like it so this is what it looks like with the lips not line I think it's absolutely gorgeous I'm gonna go ahead and just line my lips and I'm using the same map quark yeah this is honestly this is I'm sorry you guys I keep looking at the monitor but this is giving me life like I really really love this I really love this collection like desi and Kati you guys see the damn thing okay like you seriously did like this collection is poppin seriously so I'm gonna go with the lipstick the first one I'm gonna try is after Mac so I've already tried this one on before and I really like it I think it's so perfect for fall it's a really nice red tone Brown it's so gorgeous so with this one I don't even need to line my lips you guys and this one will look amazing on your skin tone as well so this is what it looks like with the lips not lined I really love the color I don't really like it so much with the eye look but I really love this color a lot this is something I could see myself wearing a lot actually so I'm gonna go in with the final lipstick this one is

Hagar all hair I mean it's just hey girl it's not Hey Girl hey and I can already tell that I freaking love love love this one like it's so gorgeous I definitely would need to line my lips though definitely so this is what it looks like without a lip liner I know I look crazy right now but I know when I line the lips it's gonna look really really good I this is pretty much what it looks like with the lip liner and I am so here for this entire look so this is a completed look I went back in with the liquid lipstick my main and I added a little bit of the over-the-top lip gloss on to life and yes I am feeling this entire look I love love this collection you guys I feel like this collection is absolutely amazing I love the first collection but this one is like actually so much better like I love love love this eyeshadow palette like it is absolutely gorgeous see myself using this eyeshadow palette quite a lot creating a lot of looks a lot of soft glam a lot of more dramatic looks but I really love it the eyeshadows blend really amazing hi Simba you just have to be a part of the video so yeah I really love the collection I

love the liquid lipsticks I love the flosses I think the shades are perfect and I just feel like the shades can work on so many different skin tones as well yeah desi and Katy I think they did a really good job with this collection like this collection is probably one of my favorite collapse this year's so far I think I'll definitely be creating more looks with the products that I use today I really love it like I'm getting my entire life never thought I'd like blue eyeshadow seriously and I feel so yeah I really hope you guys enjoy this video please give me a big thumbs up if you do comment down below let me know if you guys are gonna see more first impressions and review videos as well and I'll definitely do them for you guys so yeah I'll see you guys in another video very soon we love you guys so much bye why does my voice change when I'm talking to the cat