07 August 2018

Depotting My ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes!

In today's video I am depotting some ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes. These eyeshadow palettes by ColourPop are super easy to depot, because the pans are ...

welcome back to a quick video today I'm

just gonna share with you how I D pop my color pop eyeshadow palettes I don't know if you guys knew this but every single palette that color pop has produced thus far these pans are magnetic so you can pop them out pop them back in very easily you can put them in a Z palette which is what I'm gonna do today the highlighter palettes are the same all of their individual compacts are the same it's such a cool thing that I didn't even realize it was Tara baby Z and I will link her below she's the one that mentioned in one of her videos and I was so excited to find that out so I think today I am gonna be D potting this one this is the golden state of mind palette it came out maybe like fall early winter 2017 and it's a really beautiful palette really beautiful shadows I never use it for one thing it's because they're all metallic shimmery shadows and I just know that I can't create a complete look with it so I don't reach for it they're also kind of neutral but also as you can see it there is like an oil leak around here of whatever that is and that's pretty gross so it makes me not want to use this palette so I'm gonna deep pot this one

and then I think I'm also gonna deep on this one just because again I don't ever use it I might put this in my other Z palette so because these are the same size as the regular single pans from colour-pop so I might just intermix these with those I'm not sure exactly yet but let me show you the one that I already did so here is a completed depotted palette these are actually too let me show you the two so I took it these two the I think I love you in a double entendre they're both very similar neutral palettes the I think I love you is this one here and then double entendre is this one here I kept them in order because it's what I wanted to do but it fits two whole palettes in here which is really nice if you want to save some space and stuff like that it's nice or if you just like to have a lot of options so there's 24 shadows and here and there is actually room for four more right here but I didn't want to put like half of a palette in here I kind of want to keep my palettes together so that's why I didn't do that but another thing that you could do if you have a 15 pan palette like the all I see is magic palette from holiday 2017

and a 12 pan like the dream Street you could put both of those in there that would fit I thought about doing this because I actually feel like these pallets are pretty similar and I use them in conjunction from time to time but like I said I think I'm gonna do Golden State of Mind first but that would be really cool to put those two in there and then if you wanted a perfect fit because this one we'd still have one space if you did that if you have the perception palette by Shayla plus a 12 pen that would equal 28 so that would fill your palate up completely so that's just I don't know that's just what I was thinking of when I did this so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how I deep hot these very very easy any time you buy a Z palette it comes with a bunch of these magnetic like stickers they stick on one side and I just use these because they're super thin and a little you know sharp not sharp but you're just the right size to get right in here and then I just kind of pick an edge where it looks like there's some space and the cardboard does give a little bit so you can push against the cardboard and then I just push it down and pop it right out

and there's that and there's not too much damage on the cardboard I mean if you know that it's there you'll be able to see that you like scraped it a little bit but I mean I can pop it back in and I think it looks just fine like it's not it does it's not ruining the palette at all if you change your mind and you want to put them all back you easily can so I'm just gonna go ahead and do all of these and then these are just the colour-pop empty Z pellets that come that you can buy on the colour-pop website you all right there is the first pallet depotted looks so nice in there there's a lot of fall out these are really really powdery shadows they're really chunky so there's a lot of fun a lot of mess and then here's the empty one and then I can just store that I'm gonna keep it just because I want to but you wouldn't have to you could toss this and just keep all your pallet or your shadows in there the only thing is the names of the shadows are on the back that's another reason why it keeps them in order here so that if I do want to know the names of them I can and have

referenced that I wish there was a better way to do that I wish they were labeled on the back that would be awesome if they label them but they're not but that's okay all right let's quickly do this one then you all right so there is that one and this is actually like I said this is the size of most single eyeshadows so I could use this to put other singles in if I wanted to for travel or whatever so that's cool and here is the palette so I'm liking how this looks I might actually add a couple mattes over here just to make this more user friendly for me I could see myself using this more if there's more matte shades yeah all right so that is that I hope you guys enjoyed this and found this helpful or just fun to watch you didn't already know you could do this you're welcome thanks for watching guys I'll talk to you again very soon bye [Music]