08 April 2019

Dentist, makeup brushes, and iPod cases

hey guys it's Skylar I'm back with

another video um you guys are wondering why my mouth is being so weird it's because it's numbed up because I had my teeth filled won't want my tooth 190th filled hey Andre it's awful like like if I pinch my mouth I can't feel it I don't feel it at all so yeah I got tooth numbers already filled and wasn't really fun it's hard to breathe during those procedures yeah I'm looking at some pops for back my iPod right now I can't have my I want the iPhone they make purple ones I want a purple one cuz I love the color purple purple is a good color above I'm just looking at him and I'm looking at old hot pop rocks pop sockets I find them cool yeah and I was looking for before I was looking for why do you call it [Music] yeah like I cannot feel this side of my mouth at all I can't feel up to you wait up to cannot feel up to hear so I'm looking for all the cute iPod cases because I love iPod cases do you think I should make my own iPod cases how do you even make much really do youtube instant I wanna know teach me I

want to know mister just go away yeah during the / the dentist they're like you'll feel a little prick when they put the shot in no I did not feel a prick i straight-up felt like they hit a nerve or something like if I like they hit a bunch of nerves because it felt awful so yeah and if my smile is a bit off that's why I'm just obsessed with iPod cases like those are my dad [Music] yeah I can't feel anything I'm gonna look at even a bay they have some good ones oh that's cute but I want my iPhone XR looking at you mother I'm looking at you Mac hmm okay well you guys sorry if it's a bit boring oh wait I forgot to show you I got some brushes but can't I can open them this got one right here this is a concealer brush by wet-and-wild and then I also have another I have another brush it's an eyeliner angled brush guys like it cool yeah okay but I love you guys and I'll see you next video