14 January 2019

DEMO in PUBLIC ft. Precious Skin Care Cosmetics First Impression + UNBOXING

My first Impression and Unboxing of Precious Skin Care Cosmetics with Vlogger Friend Cyn Brown from our LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINES watch in HD! pls ...

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new fun of us in order hi guys I can hear what the black Westerners do today in and we talk oh I'm going to meet with mom Cindy so our life and the Philippines blogger densha I am going to place the link on the description box bearish and alone channel because I am so happy for her she's having her own skin care and makeup a skin care and makeup line so today but we make a make a say try Korean products nila and be excited for the unboxing and the review for that okay so I'm still waiting for her and by the way guys Maranatha yawa veto you know in a man Harmon hormones hormones for demonstration day so in a glove us and your mom my friend spawn and I'm gonna illa ears Ian love my WI sake like old man my favorite is the etude house you will stick guys you know I call you maybe lean a poly modifier I'm gonna color number 75 at I own number 75 at Laguna young pinkish pinkish not happenin Kubelik my man guys you know person you see qui oh my god oh yeah amazing logic on it No [Laughter] the girl I know Brianna with our excited

guys van Baalen pooja where am I you guys are minimal elements versatility cosmetic [Music] okay so you nothing on you a zero look at the potato commits in political activity always carry Milan Sabbath morning miracle miracle cream a shot a young lip balm what he gonna sub you Tim oh no God does separations can collate the excesses of the lead in Philippine diba mom raw material from Japan that of a ninja oh so like mom solution up in Sonoma experiences guys none Beto Silla guys and they're gonna give us Marlene alabone and this one is a secretary for angel wings [Laughter] [Applause] Thank You Joseph is dead thank you so much I'm going to try you known amongst a lot my mama videos for number three a tripod turn a tricot a legacy luck one week or two weeks that I'm going to let you know guys come on do you an aluminum and I'm super understood as my opinions so Obama knew you married a common boxing but the answer to your video not opera director

a China and then regarding some on this review above a new yeah okay so she began time so let's give a shout out palak I simply change I love you guys you're going you're you need to check out her channel as well I'm going to place all the links in the description box shuttle again the Moon Moon Luna pressure skin cosmetics and you need to check all their products fourteen products sugars civility no and you need to support local products Reba support Nova guys mr. McClure a young brown a no bra dark brown precious brows homemade on hand and they have the color and a colorful top metal polish on content you guys is aloe vera she butter in vitamin D so I'm super excited Sabini at the Cindy shop out again Curtis in this opinion waterproof becau and I'm so happy Maronna waterproofness anna karenina pentavalent images that I started climbing [Music] you guys you know Claude you guys everyday [Music] but the Lila finish Anthony think I saw Charlotte brown Shapiro Indiana masala

you know me I'm not really into monobrow foamy sparrow menu minimum oh yeah Thomas define simple daily life love it guys and selenium comedian super I'm super excited to try this on my eyebrows come on and I know Ashanti applied our device my life like if you like your simple new machinery thank you so much guys say hi to the block from Caracas and PLA guys comment but rim why do you like it that many colors music with me - Eric was a miracle so Maren before I'm super excited to try this one maybe this will be the the first night I'm going to use their whole line Maren salon soap lotion nechako guys Cassey Maren Silom brow pomade and I've been excited that me gustan Mustafa eat try is this yeah Maren Zilla magic cream Maren Dylan three-in-one bentonite clay mass which witzy with extra gloss a collagen and apple cider and myrrh and insula precious skincare insta globe body lotion with SPF a tea Wow and they have soaps as well setting the gnome

Aaron Schock aah a alpha hydroxy acid with lotta are both in and collagen whitening booster soap and towels and calamansi in one's organic soap Maren bin Salam miracle toner guys well super excited to try this one and dieter hoeneß shock Maren Salonga no technology on hit abasa yeah and I'm feeling a boost aphorism on lip products in LA Marin salon lip Thien Tinh the new wrong and then I packaged a yeah yeah and Merida slung paint me lip balm and Marin bin Salam lip scrub amazing I really love to try their products that should be your name blessed be the name of the Lord blessed be your name amazing we have dark brow pomade amazing guys it's a empanadas not excited for you euhh a serum nila a Chaka you magic cream in a banana thilaga so tonight this will be the first night that I will be using this product but before that let me just try there and licked in maganda ba o super Nanak Oaxaca sorry guys no trichome I know young lip stains the mango flavor accidentally na lang bian que anda taco Parramatta Ilana mentioned Conan thanks asar so guys I'm gonna polenin coolin young person orange reddish that

was uncool nice ellipse you nominator try nothing so far mock the fire phone on soap Neela serum Neela and magic cream tonight a baba bhot Gousha and it will mark for my first day for my magic cream so guys thank you so much for watching this whole vlog and i'm hope that you're still going to like this video and be excited for my upcoming reviews of this product and you know me enesta like a home a great view so hopefully you're going to abandon you and thing you do no more abuse a magic cream because I'm super excited with magic cream and serum and duh super love it but so I'll see you soon in our next video bye bye saranghae