27 November 2018

Day to Night Makeup │VIDEO │Kroger

Get that daytime natural glow look with products found at Kroger. Then transform your look to a dramatic night look with these tips! Subscribe to Kroger's ...

hey guys Winnie here and today I'm gonna

be showing you how to create this easy natural daytime look with beauty products I picked up from my local Kroger store which you can also find at any of your local Kroger family of stores as well and then I'm gonna show you how to transform your natural look into a night look with just a few steps we're gonna start by priming the face with this L'Oreal infallible glow lock illuminating primer that will help your complexion look like it has a natural healthy glow for the brows I'm using Maybelline tattoo studio brow gel and I like to take a small brow brush to apply this precisely first I'll shape my brows with the gel and then I will fill it in and brush it out the way I like it I'll go ahead and speed this part up because the brows always take me the longest when I'm getting ready okay now that the brows are done we're going to move on to the face and apply our foundation I'm using L'Oreal infallible Pro matte because I like how long wearing it is and it has a Demi matte finish to it so it looks very natural and skin-like while keeping you shine free throughout the day so I'm just going to Dahdah on with my finger and

blend it evenly with a damp Beauty sponge next I'm taking this Maybelline master contour palette in light/medium and I'm actually using the contour shade for my eyes this is my little trick for a quick and natural eye look I'm going to blend the shade all over my lid and you can even stop here if you want but I'm also taking the ELF rose gold sunset eyeshadow palette and I'm picking up the light tan shade which is just a little bit darker than the contour shade that I just used and I'm going to blend this on my lids I like to add a little bit of shimmer for a dimension on my eyes so I'm gonna use the Maybelline master chrome highlight in molten rose gold and I'm just gonna pick it up with my finger and pop it right in the center of my lid and Pat it out to blend and to conceal I'm using the Lani's retouch any rate light lifting concealer under my eyes and areas of my face where I want a little bit more of a natural highlight and then just blend it out with a damp Beauty sponge just to make sure the concealer doesn't move or crease I'm gonna set it in place with the Maybelline press powder and a big fluffy brush and I'm just

going to lightly dust over the areas where I had the concealer and then I'm gonna go back to that contour palette and I'm gonna take some of the blush to give my cheeks a little bit more color I need to even out my eyeshadow and finish off the eye look so I'm gonna go back to the light tan shadow that we used before in the elf palette and I'm gonna blend it along my lower lash line finally I'm just going to coat my lashes with this Maybelline total temptation mascara and you want to make sure you're using one that gives your lashes a lot of volume especially with a very simple eye look lastly to finish off this natural daytime look I'm gonna use this L'Oreal infallible lip paint and nude star which is a really pretty neutral rosy nude and it gives your lips a nice shine it's perfect for every day and there you go this completes the look this look is super simple very soft and perfect for everyday I love an easy natural look but I'm gonna show you how to step it up a notch transforming your day look for the night keeping with the same makeup as your face we're going to go right into the eyes and use the same eyeshadow palette but this time I'm gonna take the

deeper red Brown shade to define the outer V and the crease of my lid and I'm just gonna blend that in then to add some dimension again I'm picking up this shimmery red shade with my finger to Pat that into the center of my lids and I'm just going to make sure it's blended in with the other reddish-brown I'm using the darkest Brown in the palette and I'm gonna take a small brush to tightline my eyes just by pushing the pigment in as close to the base of my lashes and this will create the look of liner on my eyes and I'm gonna repeat that on the bottom half of my lower lash line and already you can see how much more it defines my eyes now for my favorite part which is optional but I think it makes such a difference a simple pair of voluminous is this gonna really take your look to the next level these are by kiss in this style flirty and they are very natural and fluffy and soft looking but they add so much drama look at the difference on both of my eyes so I'm gonna do one side of my face for now so we can compare the day and night look next to each other but going back to the face I'm going to contour with the same contour palette from before to sculpt out my cheeks a

little for highlight I'm using this elf shimmer highlighting powder and Starlight glow and it's so pretty I'm gonna put that right on top of my cheeks and the high points of my face and last but not least are the lips and I'm going for a matte lip so I'm gonna use this L'Oreal infallible Pro matte gloss in statement nude which is a nice terracotta shade so here is the finished night look right next to the day look and I use mostly the same products I used before but just a few additions and I wanted to make this easy for the more natural girl so that you can use your everyday products to amp up your look when you need it and again you can find everything that I used in this video at your local Kroger family of stores I hope you enjoyed it thank you guys so much for watching I will see you next time bye