20 December 2018

Day 7: love it or leave it: morphe liquid lipstick | TheMakeUpJunkie

Hey makeup junkies! In today's episode of love it or leave it, I'll be discussing my thoughts on the matte liquid lipstick from Morphe. Will I love it? Leave it?

hey makeup junkies what's up and welcome

to day seven of the 12 days of beauty and another episode of love it or leave it where I tell you guys what is hot and what is not in the subject of today's love it or leave it is this guy right here this is the matte liquid lipstick from morphe so if you guys want to hear my thoughts about this lipstick then just keep on watching and if you are new here and you've never seen in my face before what is up y'all how are you guys doing my name is Kat Taylor and here on YouTube I am known as being makeup junkie and welcome to my channel so let's go ahead and dive right into this video shall we alright you guys so I've got all of the information right here on my phone this is the matte liquid lipstick from morphe and i am wearing this on my lips right now this shape is called a virgin and this is some pretty cute packaging if you ask me I love this little top of it the shape and then it just has a simple doe foot applicator and for those of you who would like to know this lipstick is actually made in the US which is great and you get 4.5 milliliters or 0.15 fluid ounces in this so let me go ahead and read to you guys

the description so I'm wearing the shade of virgin right now and this is a rosy nude and let's go ahead and read all about this stuff and get to the ingredients so this lipstick comes in 18 sheets and they are described as kiss proof so there's always two sides to every lip story this long-wearing kiss proof lipstick goes on liquid smooth and dries down to a velvety matte finish and just like that go on in mouth off in supersaturated color all day every day so this dries down really quick and it's not extremely drying and it stays on really really well I wore this shade to my first day at work and it really lasts a long time holy cow because I do a lot of talking at work like you guys think I do a lot of talking here mm-hmm so really like this and once again I am wearing the shade virgin it's a rosy nude and I just love me some nudes so if you like nudes I would definitely check this out this lipstick is before I forget this lipstick retails for $10 each that's you've got a little high there but not too bad and it's very um I thin it's not heavy on the lips it's very

lightweight I feel like I'm wearing absolutely nothing on my lips which is awesome I hate heavy feeling lipstick it drives me crazy and I can feel it on my lips and I feel like my lips are like getting the life sucked out of them you know you ever have one of those lipsticks that just sucks the life out of your lips well this is not one of them so I'm going to go ahead and read the ingredients all right so we have mica in here let's see there is a dimethicone in here so if you are allergic to silicon based products or you don't like a silicon or silicon based products and your makeup products that stay away from this lipstick there's silica in here so yeah if you have an allergy or sensitivity choose silicon or it's byproducts stay away from this lipstick it has cucumber extract it's got chem Emilia something something for our extract it has aloe leaf extract in here which is nice for the lips it's very nourishing and those are all oh it has okay so it's got phenoxyethanol in here which is just a preservative to keep the product fresh while it's sitting on the shelf there is

is there yeah there's red 7 and me here red 7 as researched and learned from other beauty gurus it is in the US approved - for your lips not your eyes so take with that what you will just putting it out there and yeah so I actually ended up picking this up at my local Wharf a story I actually found out that I do have one that is fairly close to me which i think is super cool because then I can actually see everything in person I am that person who does like to pick up things and see things with my own eyes I think it's so much easier than shopping online but these are available as well on the morphe website if you prefer to shop online but like I said I really like these because they're like picking it up in store because I can actually see and feel and touch and try on so if you have a more if you store near you they have little testers and you can just dip the little plastic wand in there and put it on and it's a really nice formula so like I said this is a thin formula so you're going to want to apply this in layers not that it's not pigmented you just want to apply it in layers so I have like a layer and a half right now

and it's fairly opaque just with that and it does have your standard doe foot applicator it's really easy to blend out I seriously just take my fingers even and blend this out I didn't even need to use a brush really easy to work with lightweight less very very long in my experience so far so this lipstick gets a thumbs up for me and I hope you guys who are curious out there go ahead and go test it out if you can or pick it up and I hope you guys enjoyed this little rundown of the liquid lipstick from morphe please give this video a big thumbs up if you did and don't forget to smash that subscribe button before you go so you can watch new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday and see you can finish the 12 days of beauty and I will see you guys next time stay tuned guys bye guys