30 January 2019

Date Night Makeup Tutorial ft. Fenty Beauty/ Crayon Case

Products Used: Maybelline Master prime Smashbox photo finish ABH dipbrow pomade/ ABH brow definer (dark brown) Fenty Beauty Concealer (shade 330) ...


what's up YouTube so I'm gonna be filming a date night look we're gonna go ahead get started with the brows I definitely am wearing some clothes so to get started I'm gonna be using my Anastacio beverly hills dipbrow pomade in the color dark brown and I'm going to be using a Sephora angle brush to apply it I'll also be using the a BH brow definer as well so I'm gonna start by outlining the bottom of my brow with the pomade then I'll use about a finer to calm down the top then I'll go back in and outline the top of my brow to create my shape they're not pretty much just fill in the brow fade out the front and do the same to the other side [Music] [Music] [Music] now I'm gonna go in with my Ruby kisses concealer I'm gonna conceal the top and the bottom and then go in with the blending brush and just blend out the product [Music] [Music] [Music] next I'm gonna go in with my fancy concealer to prime my lid for my shadow

[Music] next I'm going to go into my hooded Beauty obsessions palette and use the lightest shade of brown as my transition color now I'm going into my Too Faced sweet peach palette and I'm gonna use the shade puree I'm going into my box of crayons palette and I'm gonna be using the shave round I'm going back in with the Ruby kisses concealer to create a base for my lid [Music] [Music] I'm going back into the obsessions palette and I'm going to use this cream color same palette now we'll go with the gold back into the Too Faced palette we're gonna go in with nectar now I'm using the eye liner from Kat Von D so to prime my face I'm just gonna spray the Smashbox on there and then I'm gonna be using the Maybelline master prime I'm using 50 foundation are we listing all of the shade numbers and names in the description box below [Music] [Laughter] now I'm going to go in and highlight with that same pretty concealer now I'm going to set all my highlighted areas

with the Sasha Buttercup setting powder [Music] while I'm letting that bake I'm going to contour with the sentiment stick in the shade espresso [Music] [Music] now I'm gonna remove all the excess powder I dropped my blush palette but I'm going in with the palette from ELF now I'm going to highlight with the honor roll highlighter from the crayon case now I'm going to set my face with the Smashbox photo-finish [Music] now I'm gonna smoke out my under eye with the color black from the crayon case and I'm gonna go back in with that nectar from my tear duct [Music] so to outline my lips I'm gonna use this dark shade from the Sephora collection and then for the middle I'm gonna go in with a matte red from Mac [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial all products will be listed in the description box please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and if you

want to see more videos like this please go ahead and comment in the comment section and thanks so much for watching [Music]