14 October 2018

Dark Sunset Eyeshadow Make Up Tutorial

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- I should go man and I'm back with I'm

not there videos okay so I'm gonna start off by priming my face with my a la wonder skin primer and I'm just gonna put it on my face and continue so I'm gonna go in with my nyx concealer and put it on the eye on my eyelids okay so I can get the colors to like be brighter and for me to be able to you know just getting brighter okay so now I'm gonna take my flat brush and pat down the concealer so it could blend and not be lumpy or anything so the concealer is like a little bit thick and creamy and you know it starts to get irritating like I was blending this for a long time I had to stop the video so now I'm going in with my beauty concepts um a little palette like it has like bronze and highlighting and stuff in me and I'm just gonna set my eye lids with the just like literally white powder I'm just gonna set my eyelids so they don't like like patchy okay so yeah so now I'm gonna go my morphe 35n palette okay and i could not get that open to save my life and so i don't know what color i'm using yet trying to desktop the palette I'm gonna go in with that y'all see that like brownish shade that I was putting

it and we going with that color and use that from my transition color y'all when I saw this I was like okay this is purple and you know I didn't want to stop so I was just like let me see how this goes like let's take it somewhere [Music] so now I'm gonna go with this like yellowish orange shade actually orange ready shade and just put it like below where my crease is at and just like put it on the hole I would [Music] so now I'm gonna go in with this pink blush that I found at shop miss a and I'm just gonna put it on my eye like this pink is right like so bright like it's really bright and I'm just gonna put it the edge of my eye and blend it in and then go up towards the front and learn that it you [Music] [Music] ok so now I'm going to took that morphe palette and use that dark stained purple that I used earlier and then do the other eye [Music] I'm gonna take this another excavator

that I've got I don't mean I forgot she put it in the corner of my eye and then I'm gonna also take that and let's go their primary input in the corner of my eye okay I cannot get out it's like so hard and a bunch of it came out when I finally got it out okay so now I'm gonna take this mini flat brush and then come in the corner I am like just try to carve it I'm not bringing all the way out I just went in that tiny little corner so yeah just let it didn't like inside so now I'm gonna take the glue tear off a piece and put it on the inner corners and I'm gonna do this to both eyes [Music] so now I'm going to put these mink eyelashes that I got from Amazon and yeah [Music] I'm trying to go as affordable as I can get today this is my god amazing you can fit me today this is like clearly almost my skin tone like literally so I'm gonna be used to mention it and yeah it's something that importantly I'm gonna be using it today just to see how good it is I mean I've used it before but like

you know I never liked seeing if it'll mean lastly the whole day okay so today I'm doing anything to see blossom because I did in one hour came back home to get office so let's see it says okay so it's foundation it's kind of like kind of patchy I didn't see it like being patchy [Music] it feels a little bit now I'm going to conceal my face and use the la girl Pro concealer I'm just gonna put up in the peaks of my face and then after I do that I'm going to blend them out and now I'm just gonna face right now like this is like I'm not really messing with it but I'm just gonna try to like you know set my face and see some light this controller doesn't crease okay okay I set my face in and use powder on my face off-camera so yeah and then I use setting spray but like that video was the ends that's it for this video thank you guys so much for watching and I hope you had a good time and see you later in my next video [Music]