28 March 2017

Dark Skin Detailed Glam Baddie Makeup + Makeup Tips For Beginners!

Dark Skin Detailed Glam Baddie Makeup + Makeup Tips For Beginners! Sorry about the abrupt ending babes! I'll be sure to do a Part 2 Focusing on what I ...

jumping right into the tutorial the

first thing I did what's filling my brows going to line them underneath where the consumer this is super optional so I'm going to be using a flat definer brush from BH Cosmetics to line underneath my brow so what I like to do is take the brush and flatten it out with my two fingers and this gives me way more control over the product I always use the back of my hand to control my product and just keep it right there so I can dab back into it without having to push more product out or whatever I just put some on the back of my hand so I'm just going to take a tad bit on the brush and I flatten it out one more time before I sit in just to make sure that it was really thin now lining under your eyes can be a bit tricky if you're not used to this sort of thing so you can um always use your face to bow down on that's why before you start your makeup you want to always make sure that your hands are clean and your face is clean because um you are touching all over your face so when I put that line under my brow I was very very light handed I think that is the key to makeup so I'm just going to blend this down okay so now that

that's done I'm not really going to fold the top of my brows until I get my foundation and that's when I'll define the top to make sure it looks really really nice I'm just going to push her here and if you want to without putting any product on the brush that you use to define your brows just wipe off any excess and use that to blend out the front of your brows just running over top of the hair to make that area just a little lighter than the rest of your brow I'm going to start off by applying some tape on the outer corners of my eye and that's going to really help with that crisp line and even my winged liner so you may have already seen this tip but if I'm the first person giving it to you I am very happy to be so you're just going to look for the edge of your eye right there and you can put it a little before but you want to make sure it's underneath and don't take your lashes to help especially the little teeny ones on the on your bottom lash line because you could grab those and I'll just tape it down now I would suggest if um this is your first time trying this trick to make sure that you get a clear tape and not one of the

transparent tape the heads like a if I could light maybe like is clear but it's like that's not going to stick to your eye as good as the clear tape if you want to make sure that your tape pieces are laying in the same direction so you don't have like one slouched eye one arm straight higher whatever you want to make sure that both of them have that same line going on so the first thing that I'm actually going to apply to my eyes is a base and a primer so for my base I'm going to use an oldie but goodie the NYX jumbo pencil in milk and for primer I'm going to use the NYX waterproof lip primer which I've been loving lately put a little bit of the waterproof it on the back of my hand as well and apply the two at the same time I take my ring finger and that's how I apply it I dab a little bit of the base and put it on my whole eyelid and up to my crease and the reason I do this is because my finger is really warm and it helps melt it in like you can really so the product melting we're padding it is so doing both eyes after like helps to ensure that your eyeshadow application is very even and symmetrical for beginners so I would suggest doing both

of your eyes at the same time and taking it step by step so I'm doing more of a bronze almost like glittery eye for this very glammed up look so for transition shades I'm going to be using more oranges Burgundy's and Browns in order to transition into my brow bone so the first cut I'm going to use is actually going to be an orange so I'm just taking a tapered blending brush and I'm dabbing that orange in there and you can blow off or tap off your excess product if you want to and build very very slowly that's going to make your eyeshadow look even better so right when my eyes naturally crease that which is here I'm going to take the orange above that and I'm sorry if the lighting is changing the Sun is actually coming up as I'm recording this is darker outside so it's a lighting changes I apologize about that this if you can see it but I have a lot of control over the brush I'm just not letting the brush go anywhere because your eye is such a small area look at how the size of this brush and look at the size of my eye if I was to just don't ones would be everywhere so you

really have to take your time and still be light handed but have control over the brush so this is how you know you're being right handed when that pinky is you know you that's how you know you'll be right handed in it but it's a little goodie and it's this burgundy shade I want to say it's called celery sorry it looks like I don't we just gonna leave it alone okay and now I'm going to go back into the orange just to make it stand out more because I cut the burgundy right under right over top so when you're blending you can lose a few shades so it's never a sin to go back in to a shade that you use before to make sure it's going to pop in the end and I'll put that right under where my eye starts transitioning to concealer from under my brow I'm going to put that right under there the next thing I'm going to do is take this red mark but already I art lead line and lash and this is like a two in one product it has like a glitter and mica I guess a liquid eye shadow so I'm going to put a little bit of pretty brown color I'm going to put a little bit of their liquid eyes shadow on the back of my hand

you know guys the back of my so now I'm going to take this on black brush I'm not sure where I got it from I know it's from one of those cheaper brush that sets sets that you can get from a drug store or department store you know like random places that sell brushes that's just time to do so I'm going to smash it together like I do when I can feel my under my brows and I'm going to place this um cream or liquid eyeshadow right over top of my base a light handedness is really what you're going to need with carving if you put the brush to your eye and try to carve out your crease and you select it it doesn't have enough lift or not moving it's smooth enough be a lot more right-handed you barely want to touch the product over your eyes when you're trying to give that that smooth cut crease right there we're not really going for a cut crease but it'll turn into when I guess and to really get that line to carve out you really want to be as smooth as butter when you're going over top of it so we are with bad and so what I'm going to do is take the other side of that same on duo and it's glitter and what I'm going to do is take

it and apply it all over the lid day school and then over top of that I'm going to take a Mac pigment in that same on flat brush and the color card to set know in the color copper I'm so crazy in the color copper and I'm going to lay that down based and if you want to you can dab a little bit more of the glitter on top of you want it to spin out start to deepen up the look I'm going to take a darker color and apply it right in that outer V but not really making a V because the tapers are here so just make it a slash so for this I'm going to use a small paper brush which is a little bit smaller than a regular taper brush and it lets you get into the area without disturbing too much of what you've already applied so I'm going to take the color dark chocolate from Too Faced just going to blend out that dark chocolate I put on and anything else that may not be blended using my pinky as an anchor I'm using small circular motion bat and look at that now I'm noting this look a lot better than this yes angled brush is not like tapered or whatever you want to call it I'm going

to dip that into the next double to left I'm going to dip that into the NYX jumbo pencil and run that right under my lash line a small paper blending and really try to push it on or pack it one the foundation I'm mixing to LA girl foundation in the colors rich cocoa and dark chocolate you guys seeing me used to so much channel before and I really really like this foundation and then I'm going to take that stippling brush and I'm going to blend it out I'll check definitely does look better than I do because I couldn't really apply it to my own web dinner pipe I'm going to take that same flat definer brush and I'm just going to dip it into to the foundation I put on the back of my hand using my compact mirror to see I'm going to do that now keep in mind that foundation is a lot looser than concealer so you want to be very careful because you won't have as much control over the foundation as you had over the la girl concealer so definitely anchor your hand when applying this product put your pinky somewhere on your face try not to put your whole hand like before because you've already applied your

foundation you want to even coat so just put your pinky somewhere to give you some stability for your hand won't shake as much want to take my expert face brush by Real Techniques and I'm going to tack that under my eyes some blend my concealer I don't want to disturb too much what I want even coat of concealer like the stippling brush I think we'll just swirl it around I want to Pat it in now I'm going to take my damp Beauty Blender fibro techniques and I'm going to make sure that everything is bring it out by patting this all over my face and I'm going to try to remove any excess rounded