14 January 2019

Daily Makeup || in just 5 min|| Basic Products in budget

Hey my dears, Welcome to my channel. today I am sharing Daily makeup tutorial with some basic products. . products used: ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

because Thai hope everyone is doing great supposed my village of raava so Oscar video camera makeup tutorial or makeup tutorial abs on to Kohath he daily well routine case ups and money you make up tutorial banana and very essential products that I have used that's it I haven't used other things like blush or bronzer okay a highlighter oh very a book could show that the many possible use many yeah or a palooka liquid examples of makeup look jobs Amelie where maybe character such thing yet you will look very glam plus up rookie face be a makeup say something you feel a Giga so let's get started with today's tutorial or other appropriate over a person I got the please don't forget to hit that like button and also subscribe to my channel go down below this video you will find a red button please hit on that red button then oppas kiss I'd make bail I can be making it please press that buy like and as well so that you will not miss any of my videos of the vacation so let's not waste time let's get into the video and see the tutorial let's get started [Music]